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Photo TR: Robb's Trip Around The World!

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^ There doesn't seem to be much DDR here. In fact, there aren't that many video game places at all! I have just done a 45 minute walk around the area my hotel is in, and it seems to be mostly shopping and dining. A few late night 'clubs' but nowhere near the activity that Tokyo has with all it's arcades, casino's, pachinko, karoke, etc.


Does anyone know if there is a "Shinjuku of Hong Kong" or does something like that not exist here?


Anyway, I have a few photos from my walk around town, hopefully you won't think Hong Kong is a total dump from these photos!


Yay! I finally found a restaurant with real food displays! Oh wait...it was for a Japanese restaurant!


Hong Kong is putting Parque Espana to same as the escalator capital of the world!


No matter where you go in the world, you can't escape the evil empire......centre.


I really want to find out what the "Big Spenders" really get here! Can I use my pussy card? ;)


Unlike Tokyo, I didn't find many arcades. Here's one that had maybe 10 games in it. But no DDR or Drum Game. =(


This is an amazing picture. And if it weren't for Louis Black I would never have noticed this kind of evil. Yes, that *IS* a 7-11 ACROSS THE STREET from a 7-11!!!!


Ok, forgot about closed mall powered coasters, I'm off to find the Club New Paris!


This quaint area is where lovers go to make out. If Elissa were here, I'd push her in the fountain!!! :D


Look Elissa! More McDonalds!


More of those damn red and white taxis!


If you walk into that club you get teleported to China.


This place thinks it's Christmas all year round.


The water front area is called "Avenue Of The Stars" because it has those light up thingys in the ground. Kind of reminds me of Epcot!


Hey Elissa...sandwiches...mmmm...yummy, yummy sandwiches....when are you going to make me a nice, wet sandwich? Or better yet, not wet, nothing on it...totally NUDE!!!!


My hotel is part of something called the "New World Center." Did Columbus discover this place too?

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This quaint area is where lovers go to make out. If Elissa were here, I'd push her in the fountain!!!


You romantic you... 8)



Yes, that *IS* a 7-11 ACROSS THE STREET from a 7-11!!!!


So the universe starts in Hong Kong and ends in Texas? Interesting...


Hong Kong is putting Parque Espana to same as the escalator capital of the world!


But none of them are electric light escalators, are they?


- Stuart "On a posting spree" Newsom

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BTW, I just wanted to note that I have been getting the BEST fried rice I've EVER had here! And there was no pork cheek or fried beak in it either. (At least as much as I could tell.)


One more thing I noticed when walking around the electronics district....A lack of cats....hmmm.......


--Robb "I suppose this is probably a pretty good place to get Chinese food?" Alvey

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lol... Oh man that powered coaster would have been pretty cool to try... But the pig heads... The chicken heads were the best... In the US they freak out when one turns up in their chicken leg baskets... What do you bet it would be considered a bonus there...


Seriously though isn't Hong Kong known as a giant shopping centre? I mean I really wouldn't have expected many arcades somehow...

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^ If you've been to any of the asian countries you'd know what I mean. The Chinese seem to be more reserved than the Japanese, but I'm still surprised that there isn't more 'night life' not just arcades. That's what I meant.


--Robb "Maybe I just haven't found it yet." Alvey

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Wow, that are really great pictures of Hong Kong! Much better then the last ones.

I like the "Club new Paris" picture. Have you found that club? I know you are alone there and Elissa is at home, but is that the right way?

Oh, and again I have these bad thoughts!




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Wow, I went to NJ for a few days, and this thread grew by about ten pages!


Hong Kong looks interesting. I loved that shopping area, I'm sure there were all sorts of random and bizarre things for sale there. And is there a corner of the world not infected by McDonalds?!?



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The Dragon Centre looks like a cool place to check out.

Love the trip reports and random photos! This photo made me laugh cause what the heck is this guy doing? I've seen some chinese do some weird stuff at the local casino so it makes me wonder if this guy had a headache or was praying to whatever he was holding to his head or what?


The new caption game- WTF is this guy doing? lmao!

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Thanks everyone! Today is pretty much a "work day" but tonight I'm going to head out of the hotel and go the opposite way than I did last night, so I'm sure I'll have some interesting stuff much later, but other than that, it will be kind of a slow picture day.


For those of you who might have missed them, there are a TON of new photos on the last 3-4 pages!



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Great report! As someone who spent 2 months on Osaka, I can relate to just walking around to get your bearings but also find some of the comforts of home.


I have friends working at Hong Kong Disneyland. Hopefully you will be able to check it out or at least stick your camera through the front gate for some pics!



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Since I'm on a break in between my meetings I figured I post a couple of pics to show you all that the weather is actually GOOD today!


Too bad I'm stuck inside doing meetings. Grrr.....


Watch tomorrow the weather will be crappy again.


Here I am in my hotel room wearing my "work uniform" so to speak.


Wow! Blue skies!

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^ Which ones are they again?


Bank of China(the fancy lighted one, you can see it in the background of one of your pictures about the lights in the ground)



Hing Kong and Shanghai Bank



Two International Finance Center is pretty fancy, as well. You can probably see it from your window since it's the 5th tallest building in the world.



Rock "Me loves some skyscrapers... probably too much."

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