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Photo TR: Robb's Trip Around The World!

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The left one, nice.


The right one, must be in Florida somewhere.


And, no, I won't have any nightmares, Wayne, because after seeing that picture on the right, now I can't even get to sleep!



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Ok, time to get this back on topic!


Here are more Hong Kong photos!


Today I went to go explore the "Dragon Centre." This is a place that sits in the heart of Hong Kong's electronic's district Sham Shui Po which is about 5 stops on the red train line from my hotel.


This is a bizarre shopping complex with a HUGE redemption arcade at the top and a Zamperla powered coaster that apparently hasn't operated in quite some time. But I figured I'd go check it out anyway, being that it wouldn't even be a credit if it was running, so I didn't care if it was closed.


I'm going to do a seperate trip report for the coaster and the Dragon Centre just because this place was so weird. So here's the coaster photos first!


So that's if for the 'closed coaster update.' Check it out, one last time, how high the damn thing is. Next I'll do more 'random Hong Kong' photos!


And if you blink quickly, you now see yet ANOTHER picture of track. Ooooh....exciting!


Here is a picture of track.


It's so pretty...I just want to reach out an touch it!


Check out that helix of death!


And yes, that IS over an ice skating rink! Anyone else think it's NOT the best idea to put a coaster over an ice skating rink???


Better hope the ride is closed otherwise it's going to hurt quite a bit when you slap into that plastic wall!


This kind of gives you an idea of how high up this coaster is.


This guy looks pretty upset about that!


Apparently this coaster hasn't operated in a while. So I guess to 'ensure public safety' means it doesn't open? =)


Even if the coaster had been opened it still wouldn't be a credit for me.


Well, not really, because the Sky Train is a powered coaster.


"Yay! A Credit!"


And when you look up, low and behold, there's a coaster WAY up there!


It's hard to capture it in photos, but there were big escalators, mini escalators, ones that went to the top, ones that went just one floor. It was crazy.


This place also has Escalator Madness! There are Escalators EVERYWHERE!!!!


This place is just one huge circular shopping center. (and yes, as you can see it IS Elissa friendly!)


The "Dragon Centre" is where all the dragons live, apparently.

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I was looking foward to a Vekoma, or another arrow, or better yet, a togo



well, there is a bright side, your not in pain right now



Very cool pics, what a beautiful city.



I wish albuquerque had escelators like that

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Man, I guess malls really can't keep their coasters intact. What a huge surprise that is? I'm just shocked...:lol:


But this powered coaster seems to be where Disney got it's idea for Test Track. I mean, you've got a cold room, helix of death, even a car wash...well...maybe just the plastic sheeting for the car wash. But I do wonder how noisy this coaster is though. I mean, would the powered...uh...ness make it louder or softer?If it's got a B&M style roar, the noise would be insane in that ice rink. Of course, it'd be roaring in English and Chinese...


BTW: One of the best TRs ever Robb. Love the flow. Going from complete randomness to free soft porn to parks to fat people to parks again. Webby material, for sure.


- Stuart "Remove the mall coasters and add the free soft porn" Newsom

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^^ That part of the city looks pretty, yes. Wait until you see some of the following photos!


These photos are kind of like my random 'trip through Hong Kong.' There's not much to report in advance, so I'll just post the pics and write more detailed descriptions.....


And just like Japan, there are random people sleeping everywhere.


Yay! They had the "Drum Game" here!!!


I'd much rather be staying at the "Pleasure Castle" than the Intercontinental! ;)


Video games EVERYWHERE!


On the top floor of the Dragon Centre where the coaster was, there were TONS of redemption games (and TONS of little kids!!!)


It reminded me more of visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles.


Here is Hong Kong's electronics district. I now see what people mean by "It's not as clean as Tokyo." While it wasn't really 'bad', there were just several parts that weren't as nice.


Apparently that large foam mountain thing at Ocean Park was like this year's new attraction!


If you want to add value to your pussy, go to this machine. (Check previous updates for the pussy explanation!)


Elissa's going to be REALLY bummed that she can't spit while riding the train!


When you see this logo it means one of two things. Either A. "V" is making a comeback on TV, or B. There's an MTR or subway station nearby!


Here's the lobby restaurant of the place. Nice view.


So today I did all my setup for my meetings tomorrow and I had the rest of the day free. I left the hotel around 4pm....

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More photos....


Time to head back to the hotel and see the lights of Hong Kong....I should have more photos tomorrow!


BTW, here's what the Hong Kong version of Wonka Depp looks like.


....maybe it's best if I skip lunch and buy some topless clocks instead.


...the pig heads looked a bit undercooked, so I passed on those also....


...uhhh....I decided to pass on the chicken and duck heads....


Back out in the streets I decided to take a walk around and see if I can find anything 'unique' for lunch....


Here was one selling nothing but Nightmare Before Xmas stuff.


Here's a vacant one to see what I mean. It was kind of like a swap meet, but they were all permanent locations, and they were TINY!


Some of the floors has these weird little 'closet sized' shops. There were rows and rows of the small, 6 foot by 6 foot little places filled with all kinds of random crap.


Cool! Test Track!


In Japan they have cool displays out front with plastic versions of all the food. In Hong Kong, just pictures.


Here's the 'nasty American food' floor. Hardee's....wow...I'm really sorry Hong Kong!


Then they had these shops where EVERYTHING is "Pick n Mix." I know they have these places in the US too, but I've never seen them with this volume of stuff!


They had one of those cool places to eat where the food comes floating by you. This would never work with an American place because the first guy would just take everything that came by!


It seemed as though there was a redemption place on almost every floor. Not a lot of video games, but TONS of redemption.


The core of the Dragon Centre were tons of shops, I mean TONS. From little kiosks in the hallways to department stores there were all kinds! The place must have been at least 10 stories!

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nice, but yeah, not as nice, you've crushed my dream of Hong Kong as some beautiful metropolis



eh oh well, fun pics. man that place looked kinda crowded



I would have gotten the pigs head, Yum!

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See, I told you it's where they got the idea for Test Track!


Even more wonderful to me, store selling nothing but Nightmare Before Xmas stuff = a little piece of heaven on earth. But, of course, in America that store would be called 热题目. (Thank you Google language tools! )


I second the motion of passing the chicken and duck heads. They didn't look all too appetizing. But, you shouldn't have passed on the pigs heads. I mean, you've been offered pork cheek before..but you turned it down then too. I guess it really depends on which type of cheek you're offered...


Final point, I don't think Elissa would be all too pleased if you came home with a topless clock. I could be wrong though...but it's not something I'd try...no matter how tempting...


- Stuart "Nightmare Before Christmas owns a little bit of my soul, but I'm still not an annoying 'goth' type person" Newsom

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:shock: Pic heads??? That is so disgusting! Hong Kong looks very overloaded and dirty! That is so sad. First I thought it is a little bit like Tokyo, but it isn´t! However, I hope you really enjoy your days there! Maybe you have some time to go to Disneyland for some pictures, that would be cool!


Anyway, all in all great pictures! thanks for that update! I hope we will see more in the next days.



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^ It's really not a dirty place! There are only a couple of photos of the bad stuff. Please also look at all the photos I have of Hong Kong looking nice and clean! Sure it's not as nice as Tokyo was, but it's not a dump either! Look at the area my hotel is in, or those subway areas, etc, etc...


--Robb "There are more nice photos than bad ones" Alvey

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^Hmm, the electric district looks not so clean and overloaded. Maybe not everything is so. There are some places that looks nice, but all in all it looks not so nice as Tokyo. However, that is my view of your pictures!


--Sören "Sorry that you are angry about my last post. Maybe my english is not good enough, to say what I mean!" Schomburg

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