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Photo TR: Robb's Trip Around The World!

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great update. I really like the "Octopussy card" thing! You must not open your wallet and looking for money, only put your wallet on the pad, it sounds like it is very easy!

For me it looks a little bit like your Japan pictures from the last years trip!

The Disney poster looks nice. I hope there is a chance for you to go to Disneyland for some pictures, before you are leaving! I cant wait to see more Disney stuff!

It looks like you have a amazing view from your room! Please show us more pictures from Hong Kong.


--Sören "mmhhhh, Pocky! We also have this here in Germany, but it is called: Micado" Schomburg

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(note: Photos from Thorpe Park were just posted on page 15)


Ocean Park, Hong Kong.


This TR is probably going to be a bit shorter because I wasn't there for very long for two reasons: 1. It was POURING rain on and off, 2. It got dark, 3. There wasn't that much to do there. (I know, I know, I said only TWO reasons...sheesh!)


Overall, the park was REALLY odd. Picture if you will two seperate parks on two different sides of an island both operating independantly from each other. One park is a really nice "Sea World" type park with 'cute' characters and a nice atmosphere, and the other park is a crap hole filed with random amusement park rides, bad operations, and rude employee. One day, these two parks decide to merge and connect each other by a really nice skyway ride that overlooks Hong Kong.


Now, I have NO IDEA if this is what actually took place, but this is what the park "feels" like.


When I first got in the gates, I was like "Wow, this place is really nice!' All the buildings were nicely decorated, there were cute characters and it really reminded me of a Sea World.


I boarded the skyway (which takes like 20-30 minutes to get to the other side) and I arrive at a place that is not so pleasant.


They run the coasters one train empty/one full, the rides are rough and painfull, the selection of flat rides is un-memorable. Basically, I got the two credits and that was that. There was nothing else of interest at all. The rides side of the park was so poorly run, I just wanted to leave.


It was a shame beacause from first impressions I really thought this would be a surprise! The closest "Japan Park" I could compare it to would be Tokyo Summerland. Except Summerland's ride portion was *MUCH* nicer!


They have two coasters here. I fairly boring Vekoma mine train with the BEST view from a coaster in the world. And a REALLY rough and painful Arrow multi-looper. I mean REALLY rough and painfull. It was so rough I had to ride it twice because it turned the video camera off during the first ride!!! GRRRR. This was NOT a coaster I wanted to have to re-ride.


The employees were very rude and BARKED at everyone where to sit. And it wasn't just a language thing because they were all speaking English and everyone just overall seemed to be in a 'bad mood.'


So I got the two credits and took off. I would have been nice to explore the "Sea World" side of the park, and if we end up coming back here when HKDL opens, we'll have to do that.


Ok, onto the photos!


But no "Drum Game." =( Although I did see the "swing your arms" game!!!


I did see a lot of these cool vending machines we saw in Japan.


Here's the station! I wish I could use my pussy card to get rid of this ride!


This Arrow coater was total crap. Wow, I can't even think of anything nice to say.... Uh...hmmm... "This coaster would make some GREAT scrap metal!!!"


No idea what giant 'globe' thing is.


Here is the Vekoma mine train. Terrible coaster, but WOW, what a view!!!!


You know that it's not a good sign when you come over the hill and see Arrow! =)


This is a BIG island and the two parks are on totally opposite sides!


And yet another view of some water and junk.


Here is the view looking back on Hong Kong.


Here I am on the skyway!


Check out the station to the skyway! This was really impressive!


Yes, that is "Mr. Squid!"


Here is the skyway! Check out the amount of cars they have going!


I had to get me some foam!!!!


They had this odd "Foam Volcano" on the Sea World side of the park.


This is an "Elissa friendly" park!


And here is the security guard who took that photo!!! =)


Here I am at Ocean Park! The security guard was nice enough to take my photo.

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Oh, more pictures. GREAT!

The second part of the Ocean Park looks really bad! Nevertheless, I hope you had a little fun there, except the "Foam Volcano"! The only thing I can say, you got your credits, and thats it! However, the picture with the "Foam Volcano" looks really disgusting!



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LOL... Who knew that the Chinese were so far ahead in the mind control foam research... I'm sorry but that just looks psychotic...


Seriously though foam volcano... Thats reason enough to visit. I want one of those in the US... Although they would probably be afraid of some kid eating it and like getting a stomach upset or something.

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Robb, did you get any dirt pictures for the park's Roller Soaker? thats under construction.


Also, RCDB says that mine train is made by Zamperla, not Vekoma.

No, didn't get pictures. Never saw the thing or any mention of it anywhere at the park.


Also, I'm not 100% sure if it is a Vekoma or a Zamperla. I know Mark reads this board so maybe he'll shed some light if it's one of his or not!



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OMG thats the crazy dual lift hill Arrow I saw a video of someplace. I gotta say that the video made it look like hell. The camera was moving around so much it blurred terribly with the compression. Still I got the feeling it was probably kinda fun when it first opened... Ah the ravages of time...

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He didn't get very wet, so we should have ridden


The only reason he didn't get very wet was 'cause he had a poncho, if we went on it without we would've been soaked....right through to the bone. Tidal Wave is just one of those rides....were despite the park saying you will get wet on all their water rides, they actually mean it on Tidal Wave.


From Dominator you can get an idea of what Nemesis' layout is.


Detonator....Dominator is a good 3000+ miles west of Thorpe Park

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I remember seeing a POV of that Dragon coaster, I remember it being extremely rough (and I mean EXTREMELY!1). Can anybody find it?


I'm not sure if it is the one, but World's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills has some footage of it.


Also, I though the Chinese government censored Internet access. I'm surprised they let you access TPR from the public kiosk.

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^Ditto on that.


But, wow!!! What views.... that looks absolutely amazing! Personally, I would have just been impressed to ride that Skyway and see those views, but, then again, I go see the shows at theme parks, so obviously that's where Robb and I differ..... lol!


Sorry the coasters sucked, but the scenery looked amazing!



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Ok, yeah Hong Kong is technically part of China but they handle most of their own business. So its basically like Puerto Rico, Guam or the Virgin Islands.

"Hong Kong enjoys a high degree of autonomy within the People's Rebublic of China. Hong Kong continues to have its own legal system, currency, customs, immigration authorities, and its own rule of the road, with traffic continuing to drive on the left. Only national defence and diplomatic relations are responsibilities of the central government in Beijing."

That came from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Kong

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Wow! I'm loving this report - such an adventure! The skyway looks AMAZING..and the rest of the park.. meh! I've read a few articles where Ocean Park is going to try to clean up and boost their rep to compete with HKDL .. perhaps it will be a better place a few years from now. The train to HKDL officially opens on Aug 1st but will have soft openings before that. They should have all the gardens open near the entrance and down near the marina (mebee). When you are there try and picture the esplanade at DL with a future area for a second gate and a downtown disney area - it is set up remarkably like that already! It is ready to be expanded quickly!

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Also, I though the Chinese government censored Internet access. I'm surprised they let you access TPR from the public kiosk.

Why exactly would TPR be censored?


--Robb "Must be all that hardcore ACEr pr0n we offer." Alvey

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