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Robb Alvey on In the Loop Live!

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Tonight Robb Alvey will be joining us on In the Loop live to talk about the latest DVD's from TPR. We will also be talking about:


SFMM new coaster


Back to the Future Ride coming to your living room!


Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle is Re-Opened


Portions of Aquatica Evacuated


And what we think the big BGE announcement may be.


Also the big In the Loop Xmess giveaway starts tonight. So have your phones ready as we tell you how you can be a lucky winner on every show through the month of December.


To listen live to In the Loop Live you can go to the link below at 7:30PM ET. A live chat room will also be open at the link below so you can join us in the chat room and listen & call live!


Show Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/In-the-Loop/2008/12/02/In-the-Loop-Live-Episode-18


If you miss the show live, you can check out the recorded show. The show will be uploaded before 9:00AM Tuesday. That link is: http://www.coastercrew.com/intheloop.php

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Hypersonic was the second most painful coaster I've ever ridden. It wasn't like Spin Bullet at Joypolis that gave me a sort throat for a month after I whacked my brain stem against the back of that pile of crap, but I had six seperate and unique on-ride photos taken on Hypersonic of me and my cousin in total extreme pain because our shins were about to fracture.


I'm 6'2" and my cousin was about 6 inches shorter. We were not oversized at all for this thing and, just, holy mother of freaking crap those restraints sucked. Now combine that with the fact my head and neck was totally unsupported by Flight of Fear's trains, multiply that by 17 rides in one day combined between those two, and yeah, King's Dominion just beat the living crap out of me.



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