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Lagunasia, Japan - A new TPR Video!

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In case you missed it in the DVD announcement thread, here is Lagunasia from TPR's "Coaster Expedition 11: Japan-A-Mania TWO" DVD.


I think it's VERY important that everyone on TPR watches this segment all the way to the very end. TPR however, is not responsible for any hospital bills if you fall out of your chair laughing!


Enjoy this new clip and remember, Coaster Expedition Volume 11 and Roller Coasters in the Raw 2 ship on November 15th so pre-order your copies now: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store



Download this segment to your iPod! Unzip this file and drag it into iTunes! (Also works on PSP)


Downloadable Version - download this to your hard drive!

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^Tom and normal should not be in the same sentence. At least he fell doing a hurdle and didn't fall when he was jumping over. He may have crush his nuts so he is lucky he fell the way he did.


By the way, already ordered the DVD's and can't wait till they are shipped out

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I would love to get this DVD but i can only choose 2 and I ordered both of Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 1 and 2 instead of this. I liked the Coaster Expedition Volume 7 DVD and assume this one will be much better.


The end of the video was funny lol (ouch!)






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^ No! He's just an idiot! (we love you Tom!)


Basically we got to the park early thanks to light traffic and while we waited for the park to open Tom decided he would get out and entertain us all with his jumping talents! (or lack thereof...)


And the end result is something for us all to laugh at. Personally I think the bus commentary is equally as funny as Tom's jumping.



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I seriously think this is my favorite moment on any DVD. One person apparently though does have sympathy. Poor KT gets very upset when Tom falls. She gets visably upset, yells 'Owie' and asks me to turn it off cause she doesn't want to see him get hurt.


I swear this child must have been switched at birth or something!!!!

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Well at least somebody had some sympathy for me!


The sad thing is, I actually used to be able to jump over stuff without falling over and making a fool of myself.



But if I hadn't failed so spectacularly, we wouldn't be talking about this now.


Sufice to say, my jumping days are now well and truly over.

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^ Yes, he is pretty good at that...there was a moment in Korea where we thought he was going to jump and get his by a bus. Of course the video cameras were all rolling and no one was about to tell him, but alas...it didn't happen.



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