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The "Preview" Thread

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Started Coconut Cove......again. It looks pretty much like this photo from a few months back, but with some better planning taking place.



1st phase will be the water park (which will be immediately to the left when you enter). The theme park portion will be to the right, and not tremendously big, and it will wind it's way down to cove area which will have a small shopping area themed as a village. Perhaps two or three coasters along the way, but mostly flats, a animal show, and a major dark ride (think Pirates).

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BelgianGuy; That looks just amazing, that has to be the best table/umbrella set up I have ever seen and the coaster track just looks like it part of the landscape. Beautiful!


coater1000; There's a problem with your picture, Six Flags entrances are never that clean looking.


mcjaco; There is nothing more classic than an entry pool reflecting a giant Ferris Wheel, with that game I bet the view is even better at night.

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