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The "Preview" Thread

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Google "Soul Eater"

Its an anime series I've had some earlier names from, now its going to be a dedicated park to this anime serie I really love...


and to explain: The "kishin" is the demon god, Shibusen is the organisation that prevents him from getting stronger or even stop him from being alive...

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After marathoning the first 13 episodes again yesterday, you have no idea how happy this makes me...Are you actually making a Soul Eater themed park? Sounds like a good concept, and its RCT2 so I should be able to load it when your done.


*goes back to listening to Soul Eater OST*

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^Actually, the first part is out already. I picked it up last weekend at Ohayocon, and part 2 is coming out in March


Anyways, cant wait to see how Stein's house turns out with all those wonderful stitches. Are you gonna do the other locations like Italy and the Pyramids?

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I'm working on my first attempt to B&M supports. It's a bit difficult although. If somebody could help me a little bit, it would be great ... Thanks.


I think your best bet is to go into the Park Index or and look at the support structure of actual B&Ms.RCDB It will give you a better idea of what their support style is like.

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@ Moose : I think I'll take a look at some B&M's supports before doing this on RCT2. Thanks!


By the way, here's another screen from my new project. I'll create a new thread soon...


I think it would be a good looking hack...

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