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Liseberg Discussion Thread

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^ Ouch, you don't really have to go all in in pushing them down, they are a lot easier to push down than Kanonen, so no real need for all the extra pressure.


Below is a quick print out of the data from our accelerometer, just the vertical axis. Will do a better one later on, but I have to do some matlab coding first


Quick printout of the data from our accelerometer

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^ Ouch, you don't really have to go all in in pushing them down, they are a lot easier to push down than Kanonen, so no real need for all the extra pressure.




Yeah i know, Helix is so ergonomic!

Before helix i worked on kanonen so i still have that rutine in me, but after a couple of hours I can say i'm sorry, and that i'm not pushing them down as hard now...


Today the third train is installed fyi!

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^^ That seems to go over 5Gs at some points! That's a lot! If that is accurate, I'm very impressed!

I wouldn't trust the accuracy completely, as it looks like the accelerometer was ultra-sensitive. If you check out after the middle of the graph, you can see where the second launch section is. That's a completely straight and smooth bit of track yet the readings there fluctuate a lot.

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^^ That seems to go over 5Gs at some points! That's a lot! If that is accurate, I'm very impressed!

I wouldn't trust the accuracy completely, as it looks like the accelerometer was ultra-sensitive. If you check out after the middle of the graph, you can see where the second launch section is. That's a completely straight and smooth bit of track yet the readings there fluctuate a lot.

That one is just the raw data from the sensor, it's extremely sensitive and picks up all vibrations. But we are working on it, I'm however stuck at the last hurdle, which is to get the graph smooth, will continue to work with it on Sunday since it's the opening day tomorrow



On the meet up discussed earlier:

Lisa posted that she will arrange a Projekthelix.se followers meet up tomorrow at 14 at Polketten.

I'll be there as well, so if anyone fancy a meet up then why not just go there at the same time, since I'm pretty sure that those going tomorrow have been following that blog as well

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^ yeah I survived, but I didn't like the feeling I got after the first ride. But I feel a lot better now. And the ride I got earlier today was the best one so far. So it's clearly getting better the more they run it.

Unfortunately there are some technical difficulties so it have been broken a couple of times today


Though I got plenty of images early on so there is plenty of stuff to post tomorrow

I really hope that they get it running by tonight so I can get some delicious evening/night shots as well.



It was shut for 2 hours due to sensors on the brake-runs malfunctioning, but they got it to work, fast enough so that we managed to get another two rides, back and front row.

I have to say that it's running even better today than it did on the press day. Can't wait for summer

Also got some awesome night shots, but they will be uploaded sometime tomorrow..

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Yesterday I had an amazing day in the park. Perfect weather and very short queues (except for Helix), I have never experienced anything like that. To be able to just go and have another ride on Lisebergbanan as soon as its finished was amazing.


Before riding Helix I spoke briefly to Justin Garvanovic from ECC about his favorite seat in the Helix train and he said that it depends a lot on which riding preference you have. Couldnt be more true! I got to ride Helix three times yesterday. The first one was in the very back in the first "official train". A solid ride with a lot of forces, especially in the pretzel loop. During the day, I thought that the ride just go better and better. Its very smooth and it never gets boring, fun from start to end. The seats and restraints give you a nice feeling of freedom. I'm seeing Helix as a Lisebergbanan 2.0 in the sense that it has a very smooth ride with an interesting and sometimes complex layout. It is not as intense as Balder in terms of forces, but a beautifully executed experience. Overall, a very nice ride (including the amazing queue area).

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Helix opening day!!

So yesterday were the grand opening of Helix, didn't really bother with the ribbon cutting and speeches, but arrived a little later to enjoy a day at the park.

But there are images and videos available from Liseberg themselves.

and Helix blog


We also had a little blog followers meet up, which after some greetings and general discussion ended up on a ride together on Helix, which may have been one of the funniest experiences ever (sorry Hans ), there is a photo of us available on: projecthelix.se


The day was really great, not that much crowds in the park, apart from the Helix queue that is, which were almost reaching 2 hours at times. They also experienced an unfortunate breakdown on the evening for about 2 hours, which made them evacuate the whole ride, queue and all. But they later got it working again and we managed to be early in the queue that had formed at the entrance, so we got two relatively quick rides in.

It have clearly picked up some speed since Wednesday, so there is big hopes that it will be even better later on, especially since they have been forced to cut short the testing protocol due to the late arrival of the trains on site. So summer here we go


Balder and Lisebergbanan were also flying around their respectively track, so they are running great as well, and with the added Helix on the hill, then the Lisebergbanan experience have become even better. Since the interaction is awesome, I can't wait to ride it loads of times to get the perfect ride with loads of interaction between the trains


Great day, great weather and great rides. This is as near perfection you can get for a season opening at Liseberg


I hope that you all have enjoyed all the updates I have given you of the Helix construction and before. More will come, since Liseberg will keep on evolving in the future like everything else. It have been a pleasure so far, and until next time enjoy this selection of images from my visit yesterday!!


We start with the tightest part of the ride where you are literally inches from 2 other rides at the same time


Didn't want to wait for this image, so some computer trickery fixed it for me, but it do look great!!


Massive up-side down airtime hill


There are some great angles on this ride, and I'm not the only one to think that :)




This image is one of the comfiest to get, why you ask?

Well there is a bench right there, so just sit down and wait for the train to come to you :)


Massive airtime!!


Second corkscrew!!


Twisty air-time goodness


The sun, really made it interesting to take pictures today




Due to slow dispatch times when running 2 trains, this is another image that isn't able to happen. But once they get everything rolling with all three trains and Helix is running at capacity, then this might actually happen


The trains have sped up quite a bit since the press day, but then again the warm nice weather and quite a bit of running since is the probable cause.

It's nearing Blue Fire insanity, but there is still room for improvement :)


This area have really been transformed as well on the two short days since I was last here


They have really done wonders, including paving a massive area in the queue, and all this in only two days, incredible!!

But there are still things to be done, but they will have plenty of times in the early weeks since Liseberg is still only opened weekends at this point


Another train of happy riders return


Did I say that the queue was packed!!


I mean really packed, all the switchbacks were filled and it was spilling out the entrance


Another train going for a spin


I do love the exit hole in the mesh


Front is OK, but the back is epic, and this is just the drop out the station


Yep, loads of people


Into the first launch


Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz, whoosh!!


Not the best launch, but it doesn't really matter


Massive hair-time!!


Now when the trees start to get leaves then the ride will blend in more and more


Mmmm, twisty


More massive airtime


And screwing


It do look beautiful, just imagine 10 years from now when the ride is surrounded by trees :)


Especially if they are as close as these ones


Through the bushes


This hill is one of my favourite airtime moments


On Rabalder they were running the course "Coastering 101",

Lesson one: Having your hands in the air makes the ride more exciting!!




Lisebergbanan lift looking great in the spring weather


Did I say this ride had airtime??


But it screws around most of the time :)


This bit here is awesome


So is the floater here


Really twisty


Getting ready for the next speed boost


Yay, airtime!!


This is definitely one of the signature shots of Helix


So while queueing for the second ride on Helix of the day, this happened.

Some sensors pushed the ride to shut down, not fun to evacuate the queue when you have been waiting for half an hour (can't imagine those that had been waiting for 1+ hour), it did pose the perfect timing to go and have something to eat :)


But as soon as we saw them testing the ride again, we decided to wait outside the entrance for our second go


This is from earlier in the day, almost 2 hours, that's crazy at Liseberg


It took some time to get the ride open, but once it did we managed 2 pretty quick rides in succession, on in the back and then at the front, so we ended up really happy :)


Here are some photos of the queue.

Most of the floor in the tall part is filled with rocks from the construction, some of them have also some really nice lighting mixed in


Even if the queue is pretty long, it's still a pretty nice place to be. It's open on several sides so there is a great airflow through the place, and all of it is covered, so lots of shade and no problem with a rainy day :)


Some small openings for the switch track


You can also get some nice views of the underside of the trains through them


Snaking around the space


Still things to do until it's done


Nice detail to watch, the platform gate mechanism


Some of the many video screens in the queue, showing simulations of having loose articles with you




More green lit rocks


Looking great


As we waited for out final go of the day, the sun was setting :)


Nearing our ride at the front <3


When we got out, we caught a glimpse of the opening day fireworks show, but we decided to try and get some dusk images of Helix instead


Station looking good


In some areas then the streaks made by the lighting packet is really great




Even more


As you can see, then it's very dependant of the angle, but it makes for some great effects


This one is pretty perfect though


So are these two




Yay, top-hat goodness


And the Zero-g looks great as well


To finish this of a pair of night images of the park from the nearby parking structure, we went here for a specific reason, and the result of it will be posted a bit later :p


So until then, hope that you all had as fun reading these updates, as I had making them.

Have a great weekend and awesome rides on Helix when you get the chance of riding it!!

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Awesome report! Love those night shots! Glad to know it overall went well (apart from one or two issues) and even gladder to know it was running better than just two days before!

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Went to liseberg yesterday aswell and I have to say, holy crab does that thing look marvelous in reality!!


I had one of these "go on Helix once for free" tickets so I was queuing in the sunset for a dreadful amount of time.....before I finally could sit down in the very last row of the train.


Not so much forces and andrenaline but a reallly really sweet ride! I agree very much on the lisebergbanan 2.0 description.


And that first tiny little drop of out of the station, wow!

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