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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 288: New B&M Dive Machine Announced!

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I went to the park for a while this evening. No progress on the lower helix from when I went last month. Crackaxle canyon is blocked off past the season pass processing but you can kind of see the first drop supports from the Rattler exit where the men's room is if you look over the fence. A better view from sky screamer.


Filming for a commercial


Superman at sunset


Lift hill

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Here are some new pics courtesy of Screamscape. The lower helix over RoadRunner Express leading into the brake run is still there.


As of November 23 this is what I saw. Orange is the new track and black is track and supports removed. So half of the lower helix is completely removed down to the footers on the ground so opposite of that first picture in the post above. So unless their completely redoing the helix with new wood I will be shock but I wouldn't put my money on it! I will get some pictures soon as I will be returning home on Thursday!


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And of course you can see lift hill track going up in the first pic as well. They may have only removed half the lower helix since it's probably not going to follow the exact same footprint as the previous version headed out of the tunnel. I wouldn't say they're redoing the helix with all new wood considering they've only removed about 1/2 and the part over RRE is still intact. If they didn't intend to use that, I'm assuming they would have already demolished the rest of the helix before beginning the retrack of the lift hill. I dunno....I guess we're just gonna have to see.


The picture below is what I thought was being worked on based on pictures being posted and info I've heard based on visits into the park by friends. I'm not saying my mock up is 100%, but it's just what I believe is being worked on.


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From this picture SFFT has posted onto Facebook you can see the removed track along the station and supports. And according to the picture it looks like the track from the tunnel will just go to the station and not do a lower helix since it looks like it will just decline to the station from the tunnel and because the track used to never declined right there.



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I did some research on the helix myself. I decided to look back at the announcement video and see if I saw anything in the Background and I did.

Look here:

Yellow is the first drop and station.

Green is the dive into the tunnel.

Red is the track that is on the other side of the tunnel.

As we can see there is clearly no Helix anymore just a hump into the brakes. I wished I could make it clearer but you need to do it with this. So no helix.


I can see they're well on there way. I hope on a visit, one of these years, to Texas, I can't mis this.

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That sucks that they aren't lengthening the layout at all. Seems like they would have even more speed to work with after the tunnel with the smoother track and all the changes. Wish they had added in another element or two but oh well. It's still going to be an awesome ride though

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