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Photo TR: Disneyland In HDR

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My wife threw a surprise party for my for my 30th birthday last weekend, with the culmination of the party being a surprise trip to Disneyland, THAT DAY!!!


Crowds were light for a holiday weekend, the weather was perfect, and despite all my doubts, Midway Mania was actually really, really fun!


I took a whole bunch of photos, including a lot of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos. I hope you enjoy them! There are a lot of photos, and they're pretty large files so I picked out and put most of my favorites in my trip report for you. In order to prevent bogging you down on the forum, the rest are on my blog at www.arizonasteve.com



Welcome to Disneyland!



Main Street USA



The Hub






Castle... So... SMALL



No Matterhorn Line!



We Must Ride!



Mark Twain



Best Ride EVAR



No Line Here Either!



We Got SOAKED On Splash For Some Reason



Heh. They're Still Defacing It Eight Years Later...



GRRizzly Rapids



You Can Almost FEEL The Mist



Sunset At The Pier



Panorama Of The Pier At Night



Panorama Of The Pier With The Sun Setting



Tower of Terror at Night



Go Star Trader! Still Kickin'



Space Is Soooo Nice With the Redone Track

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I gotta ask what kind of camera you have and what lens/lenses you we're using, all the pictures were awesome!


It's less about the lens and camera when it comes to HDR. HDR images basically combines different exposures of the same photo by tone-mapping it (usually through Photoshop or Lightroom).

Here's a better explanation:


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Thanks for all the compliments guys!


To answer your questions, I'm shooing a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. All of the photos were taken with either a Canon 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS lens or a Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. I use a cheap-o travel tripod for the long exposures since it can fit in my backpack.


The sky looks murky in some of the shots as a side-effect of the HDR. HDR also creates a halo effect where the ground meets the sky that I try to get rid of, but it's pretty tough. Here's a quick tutorial on HDR if you want more details: HDR Explanaiton


I'm also glad you liked the panoramas. You can get larger versions of them here:

Panorama 1


And here:

Panorama 2

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Those panoramics and the sunset shot are wonderful


I'm pretty sure you can get rid of some of the shadow in the blue sky... Depends on what HDR program you're using, there are a ton out there. If nothing else you can go back into PS and paint over it to even everything out. Nice work though, I have not seen many theme park HDR shots.

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I'm not too big a fan of HDR because a lot of the time the result looks too cartoonish and fake, and it's annoying. But you did a pretty good job without overdoing the levels. And it's good that it wasn't cloudy because clouds look horrid when HDR is overdone.


Pretty cool. I've tried HDR at an amusement park, but I can't get too wide a range with my camera.

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