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After I had worked on a Manta signature for someone on CoasterForum, I was motivated to switch around my Omnimo desktop. Now it's gorgeous!




I gave it a Manta theme. Whenever the mouse hovers over one of the modules, it turns the lighter blue (shown here with the "Processor" module...just without the mouse added) that resembles Manta's supports. The boxes are the color of Manta's track. The blog and apps are easier to see in full screen view, unlike this photo where it looks like it's hard to read the text. I tried different ways of putting a background on those parts so it was easier to read, but they all turned out to be very ugly. I also added a drop shadow under each module in GIMP by using a captured layer as a stencil and deleting it afterward.




Even Firefox was ready for the change! I also made my window colors a deep blue, which is like Manta's colors.





Now every time I get on my computer, I feel like I'm in Florida. I like it!

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Resized, of course. Super Dragon Yoshi!


For those who are wondering, the first three stacks are NoLimits (pack extractor included), Office 2008, and iWork 2009.


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