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  1. Crazy Mouse (a spinner) at the MN State Fair. It spun. A lot.
  2. Spinning Dragons at WoF had a painfully slow line when I rode it. The wait for it was about twice as long as any other line. Avatar Airbender at MOA's line was pretty slow, too. (Although there was just one operator.)
  3. To paraphrase Matt on NLE, it was probably a product demo for Zamperla that Ole got permission to release at a later date.
  4. I think he/she probably meant T2... Those two keys are pretty far apart for it to be a typo, though. Here's a description of a ride called "Shakira" at Busch Gardens from one of my friends: "It stops, the you go back up a bit, then you go down a little bit, then it launches you down!"
  5. Intamin hyper I'm working on: Lifthill Twist section
  6. I really love how they painted the supports to look like birch trees. It's a shame the weather was so crappy though.
  7. Corkscrew at VF with its new colors.
  8. Corkscrew @ VF. It was running really smooth today, I didn't get any headbanging.
  9. Renegade Wild Thing Maverick Colorado Adventure - The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride (seriously)
  10. Yeah, it is. http://www.rcdb.com/8853.htm Anyways, great TR. The park looks like it'll be great once it opens fully. (Especially the X-Car)
  11. I expected to see Maverick a little higher, but anyways, yay Intamin. Oh, and my home hypercoaster Wild Thing is at #108. aww yeeeeeeaaaah
  12. Looks great, what coaster style it? Anyways, here's more of the B&M Stand-up I posted earlier. I changed the post-MCBR section like I said I would. Oh, and I made a custom environment.
  13. Is he doing his Nixon impression? But seriously, this ride looks unbelievable.
  14. No love for NL? I'm trying to make a large B&M stand-up with an original layout. I'm not really satisfied with the post-MCBR section, so I'll probably chnage that up. Also, yes, the Newton environment is a placeholder.
  15. Well, I guess everything can't look as good as the ride itself.
  16. 1. Morgan Hyper 2. Arrow Looper 3. GCI Woodie 4. Intamin Twisted Impulse 5. B&M Invert get the hint? But in all seriousness: 1. S&S Screamin' Swing 2. Intamin Mega 3. B&M Invert 4. CCI Woodie of any layout 5. Intamin Blitz/LSM Launch/Whatever they call it now
  17. Someones needs to make one of the "FOREVER ALONE" face in an empty train.
  18. The best way to deal with a pest problem ever: Sorry if the text is too small, photobucket shrank the image.
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