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  1. My first ride on Mantis. Head-banging, my legs were sore, and of course my nuts just felt bizarre afterwards. Luckily it was much better the second time around.
  2. Wild Thing's figure-eight turnaround has some pretty interesting supports since it's over the go-kart track.
  3. A Samsung Intensity. (it pretty much sucks but i rarely use it so w/e)
  4. Here's another one from sister who is a ride op at VF: People would take their kids who were under the height limit all to the station of Wild Thing, and when they were told their kid was too short to ride, they would respond with, "Oh, that's okay. I can just hold them in." How people rationalize something like that is beyond me.
  5. Mine is Crow from MST3K. "Wachikawachikawachikawachikawachika PUERTO RICO!"
  6. Hi everyone, I got into coasters last summer thanks to a trip to Cedar Point with my cousins. I haven't been on many (less than twenty) but I'm hoping to change that once the off-season finally ends.
  7. I wonder how smudged and dirty those help screens would get after a few days... Anyways, I've never been on a cruise but this thing looks like it has everything. (Including a steep price tag! )
  8. We also had to put to put down a cat a while ago. He was older than I was at the time, so not having him around just felt bizarre. This isn't nearly as big of a deal, but I hate it when I have to do #2 and the toilet seat is ice-freaking-cold.
  9. Skyscraper at Cedar Point was originally at Valleyfair before being moved to the former. It was inside Wild Thing's outermost turn, and part of the original concrete base for the ride can still be seen there.
  10. My sister was a ride op at VF, and a guy was in line for Wild Thing when the they did the daily maintenance checkup. (which causes about twenty minutes of downtime or so) He reacted by throwing a hissyfit and making an idiot of him in general. Oh, and his 8~ year old daughter was with him. What makes it even dumber is that you can ride every ride at VF worth riding within five hours, and the park wasn't even that busy that day.
  11. Valleyfair and Nickelodeon Universe. Both are about an hour away, but I prefer VF.
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