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Playland(PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Opening Day weekend at the park.

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^ Ah, now I understand. And I took a look at a video of It, too.


Yes, it is a bigger, taller version of It, but less rows (4) and the really unique

part about The Beast - two rows facing inward, two facing out.


And The Beast goes really REALLY high, too.


Random shots of the day....



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  • 2 weeks later...

For those locally, who are VanCity members...


It’s that time of year again for Vancity members. Each year during The Fair at the PNE, a special day is designated as Vancity Member Day. Vancity members and a guest can enjoy a fun-filled day at the Fair for only $5 each. To receive the discounted admission, present your Vancity MEMBER CARD® debit card or Vancity enviro™ Visa, (or another form of membership verification), at any Fair at the PNE ticket booth on Thursday, September 3. Gates open at 11 am.


Just a reminder....

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I was just looking over their rides page because I want to get my enhanced drivers license and come up, and I found this gem:

That's one way to describe it... I found out long ago not to ride to the outside of someone with any significant mass

There are a lot of rides up there i would actually really like, and of course Coaster is there. Looking forward to it!

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This is the last week, to get any use out of my Playland Season pass, as Saturday The Fair

opens. Usually, there are already a few incoming rides already up and we're able to get rides

on those, w/o having to wait for the fair. Not this time, it seems. They've gotten wise at

the PNE, and every ride already up for the fair is behind fences.


Boo. And we still don't get any kind of discount with our pass for a ride pass during the Fair.


Double Boo.


But here's some "getting ready" shots before Saturday/Opening Day happens...


Originally I thought this was for Fright Nights. But not so, I found out! (o; Stay tuned....


Coaster likes to show off what's happened with it in the last 60 years or so...


So was this their day off???


Even Buddhist Monks know a good coaster when they see one.


And the usual weddings, blah, blah, blah...


Vancouver Skyline from the Sky Wheel And...


Fenced off rides in back and at the side, not to be ridden till Saturday. )o:


Lane where a lot of the pop-up food places go. Several are there already.


Where trucks go to socialize and party.


The scrambler is "down" they said, but it's a lie! They moved it! Again!


Where I hope the future site of the BBQ FEST happens. With four contestants this year! Yumm.

Can't wait for this. And the Craft Brew Festival as well. Hope they are close to each other, lol.


The nice clean clear view from the SkyWheel.


And The Twins looking perky, as always. (o:

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PNE Opening Day!


Just got back from touring the fair grounds, checking out what was what and where. And of course the FOOD stalls, trucks and counters

were everywhere. So many choices of old favourites and new stuff to try. I went through the fair without going into any of the main

exhibits, the livestock buildings, or seeing any of the free shows offered every day. Then I left The Fair, mid-afternoon.


Here's what I saw today....


Main Entrance to the PNE. Disregard the "Winter Wonderland" notice. (o;


Not much to see when you get in, and turn the corner.


But then, things start popping up. Here's the Beatles exhibit. It's a $3 upcharge, though I

still don't understand why. Will check that out another day.


But first, to Customer Services...


For my PNE fair Season Gate Pass. Good for the entire run of the fair.


One of the several beer gardens on site. Not too busy now, but I'm sure

it will get very busy with these hot, hot, hot August days we're having.


One of the few main stages on site that feature free entertainment during The PNE.


Why this fence is there I have no idea. But here's some food stalls.


"The Best Fish & Chips in Town"...? We'll see, on another visit.


One of the mainstays of the fair, Jimmy's Lunch. Loads of fried onions served here, with their burgers.


What fair isn't complete without funnel cakes, and deep fried 'stuff.'


The PNE Prize Home this year. Ultra modern. Too 'modern' for myself.


One of my fave stalls to go to. Every year.


A SuperHero exhibit to check out, later on.


Band entertainment in the upper area of the fair. They were very good.


The Pacific Coliseum, where "Peter Pan" (evenings) and the Super Dogs show (afternoons) play.

I will probably see the dogs and not Pan. :p


Sign that shows where you've gone too far, and how far to go...


Looking down Miller Drive. Home to...


Dinosaurs! The big ones move, the small ones don't.


Hey! You lookin' at me?


Entry to the Craft Beer Festival. Will go to it another day.


If you have a thing for race horses, this is the place to go during the fair.

(More to come...)

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^ Thanks! And I think I did see the Twin Flip at Playland, in it's usual spot.

I'm heading back there tomorrow, so I will check on it for you.


Is that the Twin Flip, in the background, in front of the trucks? I'll get a closer shot, tomorrow.

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More of Opening Day (today)...


Three things to note in this set of photos.


1) The Rib Fest Contest was not as "All-Canadian" as we were led to believe, when the papers

reported on it for this year's fair. Two are from Canada - but the other two are American. Not

that there's anything wrong with that. But I was expecting a full slate of four Canada companies.

As advertised. Anyway, rant over, and I'll be checking it out soon.


2) There's a second Haunt House at The PNE! Which is great! It`s an up charge, like the original Mansion

on the other side of Playland, but that`s for the actors, which I totally agree with. And now, I have TWO

Haunt Houses to push-pull-shove my partner David through, bwa - ah - ahhhhhh.


3) Food - I`m going to try and get at least one of the food stalls visited for either a snack or a meal

itself. And of course, all those beer gardens, too.... I did and it was 'okay' at best. So for this

fair I create the My PNE Food Grade and give this first try.... a C. More to try, later on.


Here we are - Rib Heaven - or at least four BBQ stalls in a row.


Our fave - and the winner last year - Misty Mountain from Hinton, Alberta.


Next was Prairie Smoke & Spice, from Regina, Saskatchewan.


Now the Americans. This one is from Seattle WA.


And the other - a repeat we found too sweet - is from Florida! Hi Robb and Elissa and Kristen!


Add to that, the fact, you can take your order out of the hot, hot sun, and into this Beer garden

right beside the Rib Fest, for your beverages with your BBQ. It's perfect!


The round up is an extra ride for the fair. This is opposite the Rib Fest and Beer garden. Wrong place?


Looking up towards the front of the fair and more food stalls.


ShyWheel shot. But more importantly.....


The ground base that it's on, is actually one of the least visited bathrooms at the fair! Nobody notices

them, AND there's a great cold water fountain in between the entrances. It's a great secret of The Fair.


Where the main stage acts will be performing for free. Or $20 extra,

gets you a closer seat. Colin James plays tonight.


The Music Express looks sooo much better with the middle hanging thing and the "back flap" taken off.


Am still thinking about maybe one visit to the Cuckoo Haus. Not really a fun house,

but I might give it a try, knowing it'll give me a bit of a workout. (o;


Remember this is I saw, before the fair opened? Well it's surrounding a new Haunt House called...


Keeper's Doll Factory! Cool! This one, and the Haunted Mansion I'm taking the partner through,

on Sept.3 when we go together,hee hee hee.


There's the entrance. And the red umbrellas are for this new FastPass thing they've got going. On top of your

$40 (cdn) Ride Pass for the Day, an Extra $20 gets you to the front of 10 main rides at The Fair. I won't do it,

as most if not all the rides in question are at Playland, off season, so it's a no-brainer not to do it, for myself.


I went to Shrimp Boat, cause I'd always wanted to try their shrimp baskets at The Fair. But

after standing in line for several minutes, we find out the fryers aren't working right, and then

one patron in line "passes the word" down to the rest of us. So - I left the stall for....


...Waffles With Benefits! I had never had chicken& waffles in - my - life, so this was a good place to try it out, I thought.


I chose the Buffalo Chicken. Cost about $12 cdn. No sides.


Honestly? The best part about it was the Hot Sauce! The chicken was 'okay' but didn't taste really

"southern fried" at all. Very plain. The waffle was plain also. Not much flavour to it, I felt. So, what

I need to do, is find a REAL Chicken and Waffles place in the USA, hmm? My PNE Grade: C


Another mainstay of The Fair. I am definitely going to try a half-chicken platter, eventually. (o:


Then, as I was leaving The Fair, I saw THESE CARS, just sitting at the entrance! Must of missed them, when

I was running to get my Gate Pass done, heh. No matter. Really nice kept up police, ambulance, AND fire

trucks (other side).


Here`s the fire trucks.


Just look at that chrome. Beautiful!

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That's a nice fire jeep, much better than the giant SUV's our fire chiefs drive around


Thanks for posting so many great pics! Of course I'd like to see more of the rides, but I'm sure you'll get back there plenty with the season pass. Ride Coaster in the back for all of us who can't be there

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^ Thanks, and I plan to do a post with (most of) the rides in Playland, this year. Stay tuned. And owl_enthusiast, I did a search for what exactly the Twin Flip looks like - and am afraid this Playland ride is not one of those. It's an Orbiter which is like a Twin Flip, only has four arms instead of two. Maybe that's the one you meant, about being your "favourite flat ride," etc. Only way to find out, is when you get to The Fair next Sunday.


So, today's visit was for SuperHeros & Super DOGS!. One was an exhibit, the other a show with a lot of talented canines. Both were fun to taken in, although I found the SuperHeros display so varied and soooo muuuch stuuuuff to see and read...it was exhausting just to walk through all of it! But it a lot for the kids and plenty for the adults to enjoy. And a souvenirs shop of course.


For my food fix, I went to one of the closest food stalls I was interested in, Henry's Chicken BBQ. It - was - wonderful! The 1/2 chicken was so juicy and flavourful, the fires were so plentiful and nicely done (I left some, there was just too many of them), and a Coke to wash it all down. Not exactly a cheap deal ($18 cdn w/coupon) but still, oh so good. My PNE Food Grade: B


The little booklet held lots of $ off coupons and other deals for food, games and merchandise.

It was free if you got the All Fair Gate Pass, and only $2 if you had to pay cash.


Really a great little thing to have during the Fair. And a great little Fair Map in back, too!


The Lottery Home now had a lot of people lining up for a look see.


On the way to see the Dogs, there's something for poutine lovers here.


Now playing!


The setup before it all starts. The Peter Pan show stuff is all behind that curtain.


Immediate gift shop right there ta the end of the show floor.


Announcements made.


The crowd is ready.


Opening, showing all the dogs involved.



Timed stunt course. All the dogs were given Star Wars names, re: "Salute to HollyWOOF!"


The host was confused whether this was a dog..or a cat.


And he ran pretty good & speedy all over the course.


Had a little bit of trouble getting over those "logs" though. (o;



'Paws' for a Live Dog Food Commercial. (o;


These were Celebrity Dogs. The middle one had been in "Heartland." The one by the host had been in a

version of "Marmaduke." And the other three were in some upcoming History Channel special.

And then they were off! Didn't do a trick at all. Celebrity does have it's perks I suppose.


Oooooo - curtain colour change!


Two kids in the "Fashion Contest" awaiting their two 'helpers'.


Object - the helper gets 3 things from the pails to get to the kids.


One helper was not being too co-operative....


...And did his 'exit' this way. Spoiled dog. :p


Jumping dogs.




A balancing dog.



Pairs of dogs competing against each other.



Final bow (wow).


Got the souvenir kerchief. I know Stella won't have anything to do with it, lol.

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(Right after I saw the Super DOGS show...)


The sign says it all.


Where kids can register with their own SuperNAME. Truth, this kid wanted to be called SuperDIRT, lol!


In the old days, there was this thing called....radio. Many super heroes had serial programmes on, then.


Drawings and art concepts.


Old comics.


This reminded me of the Spider Man ride in IOA! Don't really know why.

It just did. (I've ridden the version of it in Japan.)


Hey Hulk, ready to pound something?


Far view.


Closer up. Hey Bat, my Man!


Supe gets a crystals background, of course.


And who - is - this? Hardly anybody took 'his' photo. I thought he might

be an anime' character, from Asia. But, there was no sign, saying who he was.


OMG - it's a TARDIS!!! Actually, there's nothing inside of it, and it's just used

as a 'tunnel' between other exhibits. Big disappointment, and not much of

Dr.Who there, either. Except in the souvenirs shop, of course.


Note the two lines in the middle of the sign. Under "featuring"...


They weren't kidding! I guess better 1/2 this way, than the front or back of it, LOL.


Souvenirs Shop as you leave the building. PNE Trivia: This building is known as the Rollerland Bldg.

as they actually had a full sized roller rink in here, back in the days.


The Dr.Who stuff to buy. And pillows below.


On the way to eat, passed our old Agrodome.


Cow judging (I think).


Here we are. Henry's! And my coupon book gave me a $2 off deal for...


...This. 1/2 chicken with a load of fries and a good sized drink. (o:


There were too many fries to finish, but the chicken was juicy and delicious. And I finished it!


Now, owl_enthusiast - this is what's at The Fair now. Called the Orbiter, and has four arms which fling about

cars, just like the two-armed Twin Flip does.


Another shot of it. I am planning my next visit for Tuesday, and will have a real good look around ALL of

the rides, to see if Twin Flip is somewhere else on The Fair site. (o;

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The cars on an Orbiter are fixed and don't flip, and also don't have front+back facing seats. I remember getting mildly ill on the Orbiter they used to have here in Seattle; this Moser thing looks way more instense and vomit-inducing

BTW nice trip report so far, looks like a lot of things to do. That's some expensive chicken!

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^^ Gotcha. I'll check around on Tuesday, when I'm there.


and ^ Thanks for the video. And no thanks for the ride. I'll skip that one, lol.

And yeah, the Fair Food always costs way more than I would ever spend, on

a daILY basis. But hey - it's The PNE, so for now, I can pity any "family of four"

(or so) that has to pay way more for their food, than I have to do.


For now, I've determined that any fairly decent meal at The Fair I get, could

cost me up to $20. Such is The Fair Life, heh.

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^ Who knows how they pick and choose (and keep) their traveling selection?

I definitely don't and always wonder why they don't keep good working versions

of the Zipper, or a good Rock-O-Plane, etc. in their traveling lineup.


That said, I am leaving around 6, get a pricy (but juicy I hope) burger and fries

there, pick up a couple of buttons from the SuperHeros gift shop, check out how

the Craft Beer Fest is doing , and by then it'll be dusk, but enough light

for me to case Playland, and see if that Twin Flip truly exists at The Fair this year.




Here's the back of the coupon book, which has a really cool PNE map and it's very easy to figure out,

besides finding where all the coupon deals are. (o;

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Hey the fair up here is going to have a KMG Freak Out, and then I was just watching videos of The Beast--also a KMG right?--and wonder: which set of seats on the Beast is better? Inside or outside? I didn't think about it much until imagining being on it myself, and realized they probably give very different rides. Inside looks fun! I am looking forward to trying the Freak Out, then graduating to The Beast later in September


Sounds like you enjoy The Fair Life- I am too cheap to enjoy something that expensive, I would be worried about how much I was overpaying for food, etc.

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^ I tried it both ways on Opening Day, and I much preferred being inside, as the force

on me, pushing me against the restraints outside, was just too much for my body. I

felt sicker, facing outward, than facing in.


But it is still a really intense ride, to be sure. I have watched dozens of kids and adults

coming off of it, wondering what hit them. And nobody seems to be running back in

line, immediately after that first time.


They still have to catch their breath - and their stomach.


And owl_enthusiast, sad to report there is no Twin Flip at The Fair time time 'round.

In fact, where they used to put a few flats down between the horse paddocks and the

corkscrew in that 'avenue', now there's nothing there, and it's fenced off, after where the

Rib Fest is, and a few flats there.


And this is really the Very First Time I have done this All-Gate Pass thing to the PNE. Truth!

I think, that with all the touring I have done, I am treating The Fair like a theme park,

with a two-week pass, so I can pick and choose what I want to do and see in one day,

not to mention, whether I want to, and can afford, the obviously crazy prices they're going

to charge me for food... or go to good, much cheaper places to eat, just outside

the main gate, up the street.


And so - it's too late to load all of it up and review the day - so here's one I took...


8:20pm PST, yesterday.

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Hey the fair up here is going to have a KMG Freak Out, and then I was just watching videos of The Beast--also a KMG right?--and wonder: which set of seats on the Beast is better? Inside or outside? I didn't think about it much until imagining being on it myself, and realized they probably give very different rides. Inside looks fun! I am looking forward to trying the Freak Out, then graduating to The Beast later in September


Sounds like you enjoy The Fair Life- I am too cheap to enjoy something that expensive, I would be worried about how much I was overpaying for food, etc.

Haven't done a ride like the beast, however, been on KMG freak outs and giant frisbee rides with outward facing seats.


Personally think the freak out (inward seating) was far better. A lot more forceful, and a great feeling if you ride with a large group of people, as you can see everyone on the ride with you.

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Yesterday, I hit The Fair for two specific things: food and Playland with the lights on. And it seemded like both were "okay" thought nothing

spectacular about either.


First the food. Went to Jimmy's Lunch, another mainstay of The Fair for several decades. Most known for their frying up piles and piles of

onions for their burgers. If you're withing a few hundred feet of the place, you can easily smell that lovely fried onions aroma. So, I went

to have their hamburger with onions, side of fries and a drink. And honestly, it was meh. I expected the burger itself to be good enough to

compete with all the newer, more adventurous burger places on site. But it was plain, the bun was nothing to note, and the onions? Not

something I would rush back for. So, for my money... My PNE Food Grade: C-


Then I picked up few buttons from the Superheros building, checked out how Craft Beer Fest was doing (it's fine, just fine) and sticking around

long enough to get some almost-nights shots of the rides at Playland.


This is the Main Entrance of the PNE, which I didn't go through yesterday. Went to another gate.


Which is along Renfrew St. showing the 'back' of The Fair. This is the building where the Marketplace holds court.


It's a pretty big building, too.


Outside the fences, the StarFlyer can still be seen.


There's a skateboard park that is open and free (meaning not part of the PNE) to all.


Beyond the fences, a lot of gardens and greenery at this end of The Fair.


Looking north, parallel to Renfrew St.


Some really beautifully landscaped areas here.



Here's the back of the Rollerland building, where the SuperHeros exhibit is housed.


Here we are! The West Gate of The Fair.


I checked through the Police Box one more time, and still found nothing of Dr.Who to look at.


What to choose? What to choose?


These three.


On the bag, along with everything else.


Here's dinner!


And here are The Onions, before and after frying up.


Dinner. Again, it was not that memorable. Except damn, they like to hand out fries!


Not a Twin Flip. (o;


Ye Olde Gravatron.


This is where there used to be more rides during The Fair. Not this year. )o:


The mini-StarFlyer.


Well, somebody won a lot of arcade game tickets there, hmm?


Lights starting to go on.


I love the lighting package on The Beast. It's so varied and unpredictable,

even if there is a repeating pattern to it. Candy Canes!


The crowds at 8pm.


Rainbows holding up the SkyWheel.


Entrance to the nightly Mainstage Concerts. Sloan played last night. (To be continued...)

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More photos of Playland with the rides' lights on. And pardon what appears to be semi-bright skies in my shots.

The camera did an "auto-adjust" to the background lighting, so the sky appears brighter than it actually was.


Kettle Creek Coaster for the kids, and the credit whores. (o;


Beast starting to come "alive".


Here's a ride sign for you, Larry.


Up It goes!


No lights on, on Coaster, just yet.



Sign and The Moon


Suddenly, a good shake of green magic...


And lights!


Different colours, too.


Climbing wall, opposite Coaster.



A lot of bright white lighting, doesn't help with the shot.


All-white lights on the Wave Swinger.


The Balloon Ride looking bright and festive.


Crazy Beach Party, spinning better than it used to.


Tea Cups Tango.


One of these in a whirl.




Corkscrew only gets floodlight love.


Now it's dark!








From my bus stop, heading home.

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Yesterday was a great day at The Fair, with an excellent pulled pork sandwich for eats, but more importantly, taking in

The BEATLES Magical History Tour at the old Garden Auditorium. Although it was an upcharge ($3) which I am

still not thrilled with shelling out (small as it is). But afterwards, I considered it totally worth paying for! The exhibit is

really amazing with lots of key historic parts of their history as a starting group, through all the crazy tour times, and

how, eventually, they all went their separate ways.


Unfortunately, there was no Beatles music played throughout the exhibit and that felt strange. Also, no 'extra display'

of when they came to Vancouver in 1964. That was a teensy bit of a disappointment.


Still, I was so happy with this exhibit, I am planning to go again, with David in tow, and get a few more shots I missed in

my initial visit. It's worth the upcharge, IMhO.


As for the sandwich, it was great. Juicy pork on a chibatta bun, with a little slaw on the other bun side, plenty of fries,

and a nice sized drink. The BBQ sauce was fine, nothing special, but a bit of Sriracha Sauce kicked it up, nicely.

My PNE Food Grade: B


Here's the photos of the exhibit, and the food...


The general map of The Fair.


And where I am headed for: #2 on the map. The Garden Auditorium.


Can't miss it, right by the Main Gate.


Outside sign, for group selfies.


Explanation sign.


Radio days exhibit.



It's quite extensive in set up and display.


I certainly missed a bunch, on my first time through it.


Replica of the little stage The Beatles first played at The Cavern Club.


When magazines and LP records were thriving.


And bobbleheads too!


Love the board game.


More souvenirs and stuff.


The "Paul Is Dead" time.


I remember these psychedelic posters of the boys! Here's George.


And Ringo. (I missed getting Paul and John, so that's a couple of missed shots to get)


Some one(s) is/are missing here, right?


The "Screen Room". Sight and sounds of the '60s.


Oooo colours....


When you round the corner, you get bombarded with all of this!


The Beatles' Break Up Letter.


More display.


Not as bright in there, as it looks here.


The very last record John Lennon signed - to Mark Chapman...


...who would several hours later, murder John Lennon.


The car of many colours.


Very nice repaint job on it, I believe.


On the shopping bag. Great line from George.


Now it's time for Pulled Pork!


Here's what I got for $15 Cdn. It was worth the money. (o:


Lots of seating for eating and drinking, too.


Tai Kwon Do (or something like that) show going on, by local club.


And - it's all gone! (o;

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