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Playland(PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Opening Day weekend at the park.

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well it wasn't meant to be, I wasn't able to get onto The Beast, one of the attendants could've been a little more gentle in his words but I wasn't expecting somebody who'd be the most polite person in the world when faced with somebody as fat as I am, but I'll probably need to lose about 50 pounds before I can get onto that ride, maybe less if it all comes off of my stomach, will have to wait and see, at least I have a goal for the end of the Playland Season, which I believe is the end of September. I didn't get many photos of it because after I was denied the chance to ride it I just left the park because it's kinda boring to stay at the park by myself after I've ridden every single ride there multiple times, most of them to death, and they get boring after a while, except for the Coaster of course, that can never get boring, it's impossible, and I'm not just saying that because my Grandpa helped build it

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That's too bad! You can totally lose that much though, one thing I have been doing recently that's helped immensely; check your sugar intake. I was blissfully unaware of how much sugar I was eating--so much sugar, every day--even in stuff you wouldn't think is full of sugar (yogurt, bread, etc.) It may not be this way north of the border, but here everyone is so addicted to the stuff, it's hard to get away from it in normal grocery stores


Anyway, sorry it wasn't a great opening day for you. I wish I could say "off to the next park" like those east coasters can do, but we don't have that luxury over here My next closest park is you, then Idaho (7 hours away)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's some photos I took of opening day, May 16, at the park.

I got an "I Survived"/Opening Day button, when I came off The Beast.


I nearly wasn't able to get a ride on Beast, as the shoulder restraint

was NOT coming down as far as it "should." Which shocked me, really.

In the end, the ride op got it down to where that green light went 'on'.

But I felt like my whole chest was being caved in, with a ton of pressure on it.


Not pleasant. Add to that, "something happened" and we had to sit there,

locked in, waiting for a tech guy (or three I lost count) to come over, look

at the control board, reset something, and then off we went!


Pretty intense ride, is all I can say right now.


I faced outside on my first ride. "Maybe" I will try a turn facing inside.

But if I have to go through that every time, being hard pressed into my seat,

I probably won't ride it too much after that.


I wish the mountains could have been seen, opening day. But - another visit...


View from the Sky Wheel. Beast's in the back.


And AtmosFEAR was running as good as ever.


Legs outside...and legs inside, too! At the Same Time! (o;




Thank goodness Coaster is still...uh...where it is!


Updated map with the relocated rides (Beach Party, Scrambler, Music Express) and The Beast.


Beast in action.


Cool - lights under the seats!


My Button. (o:

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The Beast really dominates the skyline where it's at. I like the button they gave you.


KMG's restraints are not forgiving since they aren't shaped to fit the body well. Last year I rode the Freak Out at the IX Indoor park they have here every spring and the attendant had to really push down on the restraint to get the green light - and while I am a bit overweight I'm not a big guy,

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^ Well, this actually was the Very First Time I had any problem with any ride's restraints.

It really shocked me. I did realize, I might have to get off, and not be able to ride it at all... or that day, heh.


Next time I try, sitting facing inside, we shall see.


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^ Well, this actually was the Very First Time I had any problem with any ride's restraints.

It really shocked me. I did realize, I might have to get off, and not be able to ride it at all... or that day, heh.


Next time I try, sitting facing inside, we shall see.


If you had problems getting onto it, I'm probably never going to get on it, because you're a lot lighter than me, course then again I am taller than you be a good few inches, so I might eventually get onto it then, but my earlier estimate of me needing to lose 40-70 pounds before getting on it might instead need to be closer to 100-125 pounds before I can get onto it

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^ Yes, and it still mystifies me, how they didn't PR this unique part of the ride.

To the best of my knowledge, this was A First for the company making the XXL.

And Playland didn't do anything (PR) about it...


But still - having this awesome flat is still pretty cool for the park.


EDIT to Add: Actually, I was wondering. Has anybody out there, been on any kind

of a pendulum flat ride, that has this seating configuration? (facing out; in; out; in)


I haven't.

Till The Beast.

Curious to know.

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Just got back from a day at the park, so I figured I'd give my two cents about The Beast.


I underestimated this ride entirely. I was expecting it to be a similar experience to Crazy Beach Party, but it was a different beast entirely (no pun intended). It starts off slow, but at some point the force of the arm really kicks in and pushes you hard into your seat.


Honestly, this was the most intense flat ride experience I've had. Cresting the top, I found myself taken aback by how heavy the gravity on this ride was. It's an experience that takes a lot out of you, and it had me feeling nauseous for the rest of the day (though, admittedly, this was most likely because I had been on all the biggest rides in about thirty minutes leading up to the Beast.)


All in all, it was a great ride! But it really knocked me on my butt. I wouldn't recommend it for people who like a casual ride experience, nor would I recommend it to people who don't enjoy flat rides (obviously.)

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Did you get a chance to ride Beach Party? And was it turning again? When I was there on opening day, it wasn`t spinning,

for some reason. The ride op told me, they`d have it up and spinning eventually. So, I was just curious if it is, by now?


And I felt the same way, after getting off Beast. A bit ill, and not quite ready for another flat ride at the time, heh.

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Rode Beach Party early in the morning and it wasn't spinning. I didn't see it spinning all day, actually. It seems like they were compensating by making it swing higher than usual, but it may have just seemed like that considering its been a year since I went on it.


Next time I go on the Beast I'll have to prepare myself mentally a little more. I wish I could have tried the inside seats, though. My friends said they felt better.

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Just found out on the PNE Blog, there's a "production" of the musical PETER PAN

(with Cathy Rigby! How old is this woman, now?) going to be included with the Free

Entertainment this August. Arena seating. There are of course, much closer seats

available...for a price.


Going to take a pass on this, at the PNE. I saw Sandy Duncan do Pan on Broadway back in

1979 and she was fantastic! Got a TONY nom then, but lost to Patti LuPone for "Evita".


Rigby's in the middle there. Wonder who Hook is being played by? (on the left, there)

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Well, I went on The Beast this past weekend, chose the inside facing seat....


And lo and behold, it was great! Still intense, but not as gut clenching as facing

the outside. And it was a no-brainer getting me secure in the seat as well!

I still wasn't The Only One who felt very queasy after getting off of it. Many others,

a few even in their teens, were saying after getting off, they didn't know when they'd

ride it again.


So that accomplished, here's some photos taken over the weekend, at the park...


(Oh, and Crazy Beach Party still is not spinning! I mean wtf?)


Shot from the Wheel.


The little choo-choo train for the kids. Wish they would change all the metal fencing

around most of the rides, into something more...pleasant looking?


And of course - always/usually a great view of the mountains on the North Shore.


Looking towards downtown Vancouver.


Enterprise doing it's thing.


AtmosFEAR shot.


After The Beast ride, I headed over to the Sky Wheel for some aerial shots.


The only spot at Playland you can find Coke Freestyle. Such a small thin little machine.




Scrambler re-located. Pretty bland looking now. All that asphalt...


After my first ride on Coaster, I headed over to The Beast and rode it immediately,

lest I have second thoughts about riding it at - all. (o;


After leaving the park, I took this shot while heading to my car. And I really didn't notice till now,

but Playland flies both the Canadian and the American flags over it's entrance. Country Friendship! (o:

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The only spot at Playland you can find Coke Freestyle. Such a small thin little machine.


Well, you ARE in Canada and not the US where we would dispense Freestyle in one liter or gallon buckets at a time in a big old fat Coke machine.


BTW...The Beast looks CRAZY! Didn't get to ride one of these types of rides when in Oktoberfest...just watching the program was making me dizzy!

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^ Well, they may do that in Eastern Canada, hmm? Canada's Wonderland?

La Ronde? Maybe even Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall?


They all got big fat ole Coke Freestyle machines, I betcha.

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Some more photos, taken last Saturday....


The yellow train was being used, that day.


A repaint/redo of a very very old water fountain, that used to sit in another part of the PNE grounds.

Doesn't really look the same as the original, but it's for the kids. (o;


Hopped on the Sky Wheel for a few shots. I see you, AtmosFEAR. And HELLevator poking out of the corner, there.


A closer shot of what I took, the week before.


While down below, the Rainbow Run Fundraiser was finishing up. Lots - of - coloured - dust and mini-mini-mini glitter!

It drifted up into the park, and although it didn't hurt you, it looked totally freaky with all the "glittery dust" on the asphalt, lol!


The Colourful Mob. Thankfully, I came to the park, at the end of the Run.

And it must have been a "Rainbow Cloud City" most of the morning, there. (o:


What's this? What's this? A mini-shortcut here?


Look back. No trap. Just good old asphalt there.


Right by the Mirror House we seem to go.


And here's where it ends, "slyly camouflaged", so.




I need to crop this . THE BEAST (sign) = Balloon Ride???? :p


And to finish up - a Wave Swinger shot.

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A few Fathers' Day photos in the park.

And a THANK YOU to all the Dads who took their kids to the park!


You are Awesome Fathers!


Corkscrew still holding onto it's Final Destination 3 life.




Coaster on "the easy part" of the ride. (o;


This is somewhat cool, as the back canvas of the Music Express has never been taken down. It was always

like a dark canvas tunnel in the back of the ride. But when they moved it for Crazy Beach Party, they took

all the covering out - and gave it a new paint job - and it looks fantastic!


Another shot, just because. It's so open now. Definitely worth riding again!




Wierd shot I know, but that's seeing through the back of the Music Express. Couldn't do that last season.


She : Put the *^%$#@!* thing away already!

He : Uh, what do I do now with it?

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