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Hello follow 2008 Classmates:


We finally made it. We're done. Were have the last twelve years of our lives gone? Is it really the summer of 2008? Are we ready for College? And really the greater question is, are we ready for the world that we have to face and the bonds we have to break relating to our downhome comforts?


Those are some of the many questions I've thought about in the past few years and have wondered "I'm ready, but are my follow 08' classmen and women ready as well?" I hope so, because university and college are the next greater steps in our lives and that is were we prove our worth. College is a proving ground to decide if we succeed, or if we fail and fade away from the world's eyes.


College is another form of a new beginning, I guess. The hard earned ending of High school is something of not only of challenge, but also of cherishment. You'll think "Hooray, we're free!" but really, your not. You've just given up sometime familiar to rebuild familiarment in the coming years and with the coming studies.


My fellow classmen, I have to say. "Are you Ready for what's out there? are you in good hands, or are you in a good position to suceed?" That'd be something hard to answer honestly, and I'd be VERY surprised if someone wrote out an answer shortly after my post. If you do, you aren't being too honest by giving a quickfire answer, no offense.


But hey, don't let me get you all down. This was one hell of a year to gradute in, and really I think most of us ARE ready and others maybe need a year to decide. I'm certainly decided in were I'm going this coming fall! Are you? is the question I'm asking!


My fellow gradutes of 2008, congratulations, and may we make the best of the future for the upcoming new generation. As our ends, don't look at it as a bad thing, just look at it as a learning stage of our lives and so that we can make the future less harsh and more open to the newcomers.


Thank you for listening, and good luck to you.


Chris Benvenuto

Class of 2008

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Congrats to the class of '08. Have a fantastic summer before the stressful world of college starts!


That's more like it!



lol, I should have added stressful yet awesomely fun world of college! I've loved every second of college even if classes try to kick me in the butt. It's sooo much better than high school.

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Wow. Now I feel old.


Actually, what's worse is the kids that walk through CP wearing shirts that say "Class of 2012", etc. Now THAT freaks me out sometimes.


Where'd the last seven years go?


-Amanda "Um... Class of 2001 rocks?" V.

I was just thinking that.


Class of '02, here. Yikes!!!

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