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Tusenfryd Discussion Thread

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^ The trains probably aren't gonna be that short. Remember what they did on Superman at WBMV? They only tested part of the train, and later, started testing the full train. They probably just want to see how it works.


Thanks for the update anyways! Very nice pictures, my compliments.


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RCDB lists Speed Monster as having two - three car trains. When a coaster is using only a couple of cars it is during the pull-through: the testing phase before actual circuit testing to make sure the track is secure and clearances are met.


Using only a couple of cars on a coaster that would actually run more once opened would make the coaster run the course at the wrong speed.

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The brake fins don't run the entire length of the launch track. They look like they only go about three-fifths of the way. And the final brake run looks really short. There's a picture looking in the station, and it looks like the last turn practically goes into the station. I guess the brakes don't have to be so long because the trains are short.

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Justin Gavarnovic (hope I spelled that correctly), chairman of the European Coaster Club, has ridden Speedmonster and he said this about the ride:


"FANTASTIC. Very smooth. First element works perfectly. Loads of airtime

and g's "



Only 9 days until I get to ride it...

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