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Dumbest things said on TPR


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Aside from Tatsu, the coasters are SFMM are the epitome of mediocre. Hopefully this ride changes that...

Well most parks are like that, 2 or 3 world class coasters. 2 or great coasters, and the rest are average.




SF:Great Adventure

World Class: El Toro, Nitro

Good: Bizarro, Superman

Average: Batman, Green Lantern etc.

Robb said it should be here, so it is!

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Once again from the SFMM page:

^^ Spoken like a true obnoxious Californian!


--Robb "You're attitude is one of the main reasons I had to get out of that state!" Alvey


And your obnoxious attitude is one of the main reason Californians are glad you did!


With Knott's, Magic Mountain, Disneyland and Universal, there is always some new attraction going on. THAT is what makes us spoiled out here in So Cal. I'm looking forward to MM and KBF announcements, and no amount of you guys crapping on our 4 parks and their attractions to make yourselves feel superior is going to change that! Sorry!

And Robb's response is why I love this site.

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He is probable too embarrassed to post again


You probable need to learn how to use to spell check button.


^wow... I spelled it right!!!!





But I did!!!

You spelt the word "probable" correct, but that makes no grammatical sense in your sentence and you should've used the word "probably".


Why am I even replying to this?


*triple facepalm* How much stupider can I make myself look?????


I'm surprised this wasn't on this thread already.



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I went back to the beginning of this thread and found this on the second page. It's always great to take a stroll back to memory lane!



Okay. I have a half hour and a lot of things to get off my chest, so here goes.


Why is it that nobody can spell these days? My teachers have committed such atrocities as "Dr. Jeckyl" (wince) and "Appolo" (double wince). Kids can't spell either. I hate that. Furthermore, people who know nothing about what they are talking about but talk about it anyway really tick me off. If I have to sit through one more lecture about how Eragon is exactly the same as Lord of the ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings, I will get violent. Speaking of which, Eragon is NOT a ripoff of LOTR and Star Wars. All three are trilogies based on the Hero's Journey. If that makes them the same, then all three are ripoffs of The Odyssey, by Homer. Also, the movie will be crap. A $125 million budget is not going to do the book justice. But at least it will be quality crap, unlike Saw III, which I will not see because I feel that any movie that would be stocked on the same shelf as The Slumber Party Massacre II is crap and should be burned. We don't need a 90-minute gorefest. We need creativity. Hollywood creativity is dead. As is Six Flags. Six Flags deserves to be bought by Cedar Fair. Then we would pay less. On that note, why is it that people pay more for stuff just because of a label? Is America that stupid? Apparently so, because designer clothes sell. And crappy games sell. For every Myst there are 20 games where the objective is to kill everyone. Why is this? Is there some need for violence? It does not teach violence. Which brings me to another point. Video games are not all violent. Which games sell really well? SimCity. RCT. Myst. Meteos. Mario Kart. Why? They're fun. They don't rot your brain, they focus it. I focus on RCT2 and I have an IQ of above 150. Coincidence? Probably. But that's not the point. The point is that people are morons and most believe anything. Anyway, my Honors class assigns more work than my two Accelerated classes and my AP class put together, and the year is based on "what it means to be human." I am not human. I am a dragon. But my teacher doesn't care. I gotta go now.

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^^I'm famous!! I was also surprised that my stupidity wasn't on the thread either!! I only lasted 3 weeks before I got into the dumbest things said on TPR thread... it must be a record!!! WOOHOO!! Lol, like my friends say, I am good at school, but stupid at life...

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The 4 posts above this one: Plain dumb. Seriously, if you don't have that many posts and you're on here, that's not a good sign.

I don't put much stock in the value others place on what I write. I'm having fun, which is pretty much the whole point of a forum, isn't it?

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