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There will only be ONE winner this time around and it will be the FIRST person who guesses the big name celebrity that Big Mike hung out with this past weekend!!!


That's the broadest field ever. Hints, Mike, hints. Male/Female? Old/Young?



NO need for hints Scott!!


You under estimate the powers and smarts of the Valuable Big Mike Readers!!!


We DO have a WINNER already!!!!



Here are the guesses:


Regis Philbin

Bette Midler

Barack Obama

Tom Hanks

Donald Trump

Michael Jackson

Jay Leno

Britney Spears

Englebert Humperdink

William Shatner

Oprah Winfrey

Will Smith

Derek Jeter

Eli Manning

Bob Dole

Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise

Brett Favre

Alex Rodriguez

John Travolta

Julia Roberts

Sean Hannity

Bill O'Reilly

Shepard Smith

David Letterman

Tiki Barber

Michael Strahan

Miley Cyrus

Kelly Ripa

Will Ferrell

Johnny Depp

Clint Eastwood

Halle Berry

Ricky Gervais

Steve Carrell

Robin Williams

Rick Astley

Kevin Spacey

Dale Jarrett

David Reutimann

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jerry Seinfeld

Michael Bloomberg

Paul Simon

Robb Alvey

Whoopi Goldberg

Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker

Jeremy Piven

Hugh Jackman

Kat Von D

Dolly Parton

Downtown Julie Brown


The correct answer IS one of those people!!!


Great guessing everybody!!


The answer will be posted tomorrow with the Clementon Trip Report!!!!



Feel free to give your opinions on why it could not be someone on the above list!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hello my good Friends!!!


The next stop on The Big Mike Road Show 2008 was at Clementon Park in South Jersey!!


Another valuable Big Mike Reader came out to say hello and give me a tour of her hometown parks!!!


This time it was fellow UPS employee Bobbi Jo (bobafett)!


Bobbi Jo also came with me to the next stop, which is Morey's Pier and the 4th round of FIND THE DUCKY!!!!!! Be ready for the next report Ducky Detectives!!!!



I really don't want Bobbi Jo to get overshadowed by my special guest on the back half of this report, but Valuable Big Mike Reader Jason did answer correctly that Big Mike was hanging out with his good buddy from way back, Ms. Katie Holmes!!!!!



Jason, PM me your info and one of The Official 2008 Big Mike Road Show T-Shirts will be on it's way to you!



I hope everyone enjoys Clementon, Bobbi Jo's debut on The Big Mike Road Show, and Katie Holmes and Big Mike together! (Move over Tom Cruise, the Big Man is in town)



Peace, Big Mike


....Well that is, unless you are Big Mike and you and Katie are buds! Katie also took a picture of us with her camera that I will post as soon as she emails it to me! Hope you enjoyed!!! Peace, Big Mike


There she is!!!! This is as close as you can get to her as she is flanked by many bodyguards as you can see here even with ear pieces. NO ONE is allowed anywhere near her or have any alone time with her....


Ugh!!! That darn pole! Take my word for it, that is Katie Holmes right next to her huge bodyguard. Lets see if I can get a better shot!


Your welcome Shane, and all the other girls and guys who Big Mike just took care of. No kidding now, here comes Katie!!!!


Hold on. Of course, I had to say hello again to my good bud The Naked Cowboy! Valuable Big Mike Reader Shane requested more pics of the Naked Cowboy and Big Mike always takes care of his readers! Here comes Katie!!!


Well first it is Valuable Big Mike Reader Jason (printdevil78). Since he visited me on the Big Mike Road Show Tour when I was in his town, I returned the favor by visiting him when he came to NYC to see Avenue Q. That is the kind of guy Big Mike is! OK, ready for Katie??


Too bad they were not at THIS show, I would have liked to check Victoria out. OK, here we go, ready to see Big Mike and Katie Holmes together??


Katie left me a ticket for the exclusive box seats shown in this picture, where Tom, David, and Victoria sit to keep them away from the crowds.


The show is filled with some big names and was VERY good.


It was time to go see the 2nd show of the day. I arrived early to go see my old buddy, Ms Katie Holmes.


Another holiday tradition, the break dancing santas.


Big Mike enjoying the festivities.


Once inside, you have many choices of different Charmin toilet paper to use.


The Charmin Cheerleader was cheering for Big Mike to go have fun.


Where else can you get interviewed on what you are going to do or how everything turned out while after each person goes, they clean the bathroom for you.


This is always a Big Mike Highlight of the holiday season!


A big overlooked holiday event that takes place in NYC is back again, the opening of the Charmin toilets!!!


Then you go and enjoy the show like Big Mike did!


You then get a voucher to get an orchestra seat that costs 121.50 for only 26.50, a savings of $95!


.... and when they call your name like they did me, you get in the winner's line.


The lottery is simple, just fill out an entry...


You can't get lost, just follow the footprints in the store.


Stratigically, the M&M's car was right outside.


The lottery is held at M&M's World at 48th and 7th.


First stop of the day is the Broadway show Shrek's lottery, which if you win gives you tickets at a fraction of the cost..


This year's #1 car with this year's #1 thread on TPR.


It was Nascar week in NYC with Nascar cars all over the city.


No matter where I go, I cannot get away from Rich's over used signature move that he stole from Big Mike.


The 2nd half of this report, as you can see by Big Mike slapping Ralph Cramdon's ass is back in NYC this past weekend!


The diner had a rubber ducky of their own on the shelf so while we ate, I had our rubber ducky keep him company. Don't forget, the next round of Find the Ducky is in the NEXT report!!!!!


Bobbi Jo then brings Big Mike to a local diner known for really good food! Yummy!


Bobbi Jo's hospitality is greatly appreciated by Big Mike while he has a nice cool drink on the outside deck.


After Clementon, the limo drops us off at Bobbi Jo's summer house, where the Hot Rod awaits!.


Neither park is very big.


The other half of the park is Splash World.


With dirty, mucky, lake water!


Ready to get wet Bobbi Jo?


The log flume is built over the lake.


The next best ride to the coaster, the log flume.


Hi Bobbi Jo!


Since there is only one coaster, we had to find other fun things to do like the swings.


3rd times a charm. This was Big Mike's 3rd trip to Clementon to try to ride this coaster, finally the mission is complete!






The drop.


Credit #723 for Big Mike!


The lift.


The train.


Uh Oh! Words out that Big Mike is in town, better get to riding the coaster quick!


... and then all the riders on the very next train.


Just a wierd observation I had. Look at all the riders on this train...


It is the parks only coaster, but it is a good one.


Hell Cat!


The park map.


Good think Big Mike Productions came up with these COMP passes for us.


The prices.


Valuable Big Mike Reader Bobbi Jo (bobafett) came out to say hello and be my tour guide and ride companion for the day!!!


It was a little wierd arriving by limo, but The Big Mike Road Show Road Crew took off to go to nearby Atlantic City!


Clementon Park!

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Great photos Big Mike! I love them! How did you ever manage to capture those two unique photos of the different sets of coaster riders? That was great. Brian likes the photos too. Katie Holmes is very beautiful, still looks like a little girl. She needs a little meat on her bones too. Other than that, she is a good looking chic. Can't wait to see the boardwalk pics, Brian wants to see his mug on the internet . I had a great time that day and you need to come back when you have more time so we can do more things. You are always welcome down here in South Philly and the Jersey shore with me my friend. Next summer definitely!

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I get more and more jealous with each update that you post!

You're livin' the life, man. For real.


Thanks for sharing all of this with everyone. I thoroughly enjoy every bit of it. Especially the Katie Holmes photo (She is SOOO damn cute!), and the exclusive shot of the hot, yet wet babe through the glass that was above you a few updates back! Are there any photos of the 2 hot underwear daughters? Inquiring minds want to know.

As always, I'm looking forward to the next update!


Brian (Jealous Of Big Mike) Raymond

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Woo hoo! While I'm no good at counting duckies, I'm apparently very good at guessing random hot actresses! I'll wear my new Big Mike shirt with pride!


Thanks for getting my sexy girlfriend Kelly and friend Kristin in the background of our photo, Mike! The holidays have been busy, but I have a full photo TR of our group's NYC experience to post as soon as I get the chance.

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Hey Friends!!!!


Quite a few things to go over real quick!



First off, Katie did keep her word on her promise and emailed the picture of us together she took with her camera, it is posted below! I threw in my picture too to see which one everyone likes better!



Second, lots of holiday cards are started to pour in to Big Mike World Headquarters!!! That is soooo cool! I am posting a picture of The Big Mike World Headquarters address just in case you want to send a holidat card or a birthday card (Jan 16). Anyone who send a card will be added to the 2009 holiday specially designed Big Mike Road Show Christmas card list for next year!!



Third, The Quarter Final Round of the Big Mike Reader of the Year Find the Ducky Contest will be in the next trip report, which is Moreys Pier! Valuable Big Mike Reader Bob (Gisco) came up with a great idea that I should have thought of but didn't, next years find the ducky contest will be a running total game so nobody gets eliminated and everyone can play all year long!!!!! But for now, here is the list of the Quarter Finalists:










Only the top 4 will make it to the Semi-Finals!!!!! Be Ready!!!!!!



Fourth, Big Mike was a very special guest on a holiday podcast this week with a whole bunch of cool guys on Cheezonastick!! Here is a snipit off thier website:


Cheezonastick Festivus Holiday Spectacular


Written by JonPosted on December 2, 2008 at 11:53 PM


Presenting, the longest, funniest, and most festivus-y coaster podcast on the internet! We've got everything planned, from the last month of news to Christmas carols to maybe even a few special guests, including Big Mike of the Big Mike Road Show. This is one holiday special I'd put right up there with Charlie Brown, you do not want to miss this show!



You can catch the show on cheezonastick.net


Maybe someone smarter than me or Jon (reality15) can add a link or an easier way to see it other than the Itunes method.



That is all my good friends, hope you enjoy and the Find the Ducky game is NEXT!!!!



Peace, Big Mike



Katie's picture!


Holiday card address. Thanks Jeff!


Big Mike's picture!

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....Well that is, unless you are Big Mike and you and Katie are buds! Katie also took a picture of us with her camera that I will post as soon as she emails it to me! Hope you enjoyed!!! Peace, Big Mike


Should I file this under TPR bikini pictures????



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Thanks for the link Jon!



I just re read my post and copied this:


Maybe someone smarter than me or Jon (reality15) can add a link or an easier way to see it other than the Itunes method.



I did not mean for it to come across as someone smarter than me AND Jon, it was someone smarter than me OR Jon could do it. LOL



Did not want any confusion



First snowfall here at the Big Mike Hotel tonight!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hey Friends!!!!!


How is everybody??


I am dealing with the first major snowfall of the year here in the great state of New Jersey, home to Big Mike World Headquarters!


How do I deal with it you ask? The only way I know how, just remember back to the summer months in the bright, warm sunshine down at the Jersey Shore at Morey's Piers!!!!


Once again, my special guest is Bobbi Jo and later in the night her family too!!


Bobbi Jo was awesome enough to give me a little side tour off the beaten path to show me The Golden Nugget roller coaster, which just this month, was announced it will be torn down


I would have totally missed it if not for Bobbi Jo. Thanks Bobbi Jo!!! So I have a few pictures as a dedication to the once thrilling coaster.



Also, this is the QUARTER FINAL ROUND of the Big Mike Reader of the Year Find the Ducky Contest!!!!


Everyone can play along at home, but only let the remaining 7 players guess in the thread! (Next year, there will be NO elimination, just an ongoing scoreboard so everyone can play all year long)


Here are the Quarter Finalists:










The first four correct answers, if we get that many, will advance to the Semi Finals!


Good Luck! The games get harder as we go along, and this one is pretty tough!


I hope everyone enjoys my report!



Peace, Big Mike


Finally, Bobbi Jo checks off New Jersey on The Official Big Mike Road Show T-Shirt while a boardwalk babe gets close and personal with Big Mike! Hope you Enjoyed!!! Good luck on the duckies!!! Goodbye Golden Nugget :( Peace, Big Mike


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for letting me spend the day with such awesome cool people! From left to right Bobbi Jo's husband Brian, Robert, Brother-in-law Pat, Patrick, sister Marie, and Bobbi Jo! Thanks!!!


The rest of the night was admiring all the lights, watching the kids have lots of fun, and chatting away with Bobbi Jo's really cool husband Brian about each of our UPS war stories.


There are monster truck rides on the beach for any families REALLY into monster trucks. I know one!


The view as you are riding.


The drop.


The top of the lift with Bobbi Jo's oldest nephew Patrick.


2nd view of lift.


The lift.


A tunnel that disappears under the boardwalk.




Great White!


The kids really loved this tank game that you shoot tennis balls out of a cannon at the tank.


Awwww! Bobbi Jo's younger nephew Robert.


Woo hoo! They gave me the rest of thier bucket of fries and cheese! I love them already :)


Big Mike is excited to see everybody, but could not imagine what was in store for him!


While we wait to meet the rest of Bobbi Jo's family, we take a ride on the ferris wheel.


This concludes the special farewell to The Golden Nugget Coaster which will be demolished soon, which leaves Bobbi Jo crying and sad and leaves Big Mike with a missed credit opportunity.


The lift.


The coaster is way at the end of a pier that they use for storage and I would have totally missed it.


The station.


Big Mike needed time to recover from that, so Bobbi Jo took me for a stroll to see the standing but not operating Golden Nugget!


... and the head banging on this ride was BRUTAL! Its the bench next time for Big Mike on this ride too!


... the ride has these over the shoulder restraints...


Overview. Looks like a nice enjoyable ride, but...


Rollie's Coaster! Credit #724 for Big Mike!


I chose this pizza place due to the impressive views.


Big Mike decides to get a slice of pizza and use the plate for a makeshift sign.


While Bobbi Jo rode, Big Mike was on a mission to create a sign for the next coaster that did not have one.


Bobbi Jo looks excited, but her new ride partner is thinking he should have followed Big Mike's lead.


The loop.


As you can tell, it is a boomerang and Big Mike already had the credit, which means rest and relaxation time for Big Mike!


Aerial view.




Sea Serpent!


It had some good speed around these turns.


The lift.






Between rides there was time to do a little shopping on the boardwalk. I have to find someone willing to wear this!


The overview of the rest of the ride.


The lift.


The Doo Wopper sign was hard to get, but at least it had a sign and I did not have to make one up like later in the report.


Dante's Dungeon was very intimidating.


There were a lot of Phillies fans representing on thier way to being World Series Champions.


Big Mike and Bobbi Jo give the new restraints two thumbs up!


Here is the new restraint system in action.


You can also play the kick the duck in the butt game.


The coaster intertwines with the water ride.


Bobbi Jo is excited to check it out!


Here is the new restraint. It is supposed to be more comfortable and give you a better range of vision.


The reason we rode this first was the brand new restraint system they just added to the coaster.




The Great Nor'Easter!


During this round, you will be looking for the Scuba Ducky, and this one does NOT count towards the total.


The map makes it look close, but there is a good distance between each pier, as is the distance from the boardwalk to the ocean.


The park map.


The prices, which are pretty steep.


The #3 Seaside Amusement Park, behind Santa Cruz and Blackpool.


Morey's Piers!

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