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Carowinds New Ride Names

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They also claim Borg...Nighthawk has eight inversions?!


Is it just me or do most family run parks come up with better names for coasters? Flight Deck is probably one of if not the worst coaster names ever created. Cedar Fair has the option to use the Paramount theming, but instead, they don't and decide to give their coasters/rides horrible names.

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^Yeah I think saying it has 8 inversions is over the top. They've counted each fly to lie as one, and also the horseshoe.


As for the names Nighthawk is ok, although it sounds like an 80's TV show.


Flight deck? Sounds like some kind of Jumbo Jet simulator (boring).

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BARF! What a very lame name for a very good coaster.


New member here but I live about oh....i dunno....10 minutes from Carowinds. I have not been in quite a while, still have never ridden Nighthawk (still getting used to it) or many of the other new coasters. I think a little over 2 decades of season passes finally took its toll. Its much different than it was from the days of Smurf Island and when Vortex was the coolest new attraction the park received.


As far as renaming the coasters. I knew this was going to be a problem for whoever took the park over after Paramount left. But I think a 3 year old kid thought up "Flight Deck". It just seems like a cop-out. I can see how they want to keep peoples familiarity with the old ride name but still, "Flight Deck", boring.


Im not the biggest fans of waterparks so the new wave pool isnt really that exciting to me. Once the season starts again I plan on taking some photos on some of the less-crowded weekdays.

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Yikes. Most Cedar Fair names don't bug me that much, but Flight Deck seems to take laziness to an extreme.


I doubt their removing much of the aircraft look, but with that, they could have come up with about a hundred flight-related names.


For Example:

• Afterburner

• Mach-10

• Silver Streak

• Iron Eagle


Just to name a few.


Come on Cedar Fair, your better than that.

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I love how CF's other Vekoma Dutchman is called Firehawk and they've decided to rename this one Nighthawk.

But, Flight Deck? What the heck does that mean anyway? It makes no sense, at all.

Top Gun: The Jet Coaster sounds 500x better.

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Nighthawk is a good name, but what will they do with all the Star Treck theming? Flight Deck however just shows how pathetic Cedar Fair's ride names have become lately.


What happened to the old Cedar Fair names:




GhostRider(or was this under Knotts ownership)





Timberland Twister


...hell, even Millennium Force is better than the names they put out now.

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Flight Deck? You've got to be kidding me...That thing was my 100th coaster too. It atleast deserves a COOL jet-themed name. Heck, I'd settle for just taking off the Top Gun and making it "Jet Coaster". What scares me is that my homepark KI is going to have the name changes from everything.



*IJ:ST-Backlot Coaster

*Top Gun-Flight Deck


If it werent for my road trip this summer, it wouldn't even be worth it to buy a maxxpass this year.

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All I am hoping for is all of this money they are "saving" by not having to do too much re-theming will bring on a new ride next off-season. I would be fine with some nice flat, thrill rides; bringing back the Frenzoid (Southern Star) is a lame excuse of a "development" and we dont really have the room for another coaster so I would imagine more smaller ries will start to show up.


If I were running things at Carowinds, I would get rid of the Sky Flyer which would free up some much needed room for improvement.

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Flight Deck?...that is the dumbest name ive ever heard.


I hope CGA's Top Gun doesn't end up with this name.


I sure hope not also. But what I'm more concerned about, is Survivor's new name. I can already tell, It's gonna be bad.

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Top Gun> Flight Deck

BORG Assimilator> Nighthawk




Ughh, almost makes me glad that KD never got a top gun themed coaster during the paramount era.


I don't get it why they didn't just rename Borg the old reliable thunderhawk or firehawk though....I guess the nest at CF HQ is already full of "Hawks" of all different "species" at this point & they din't want to "give birth" to another one.LOL

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They could have just called it "The Jet Coaster" and it still would have been 1000x better than Flight Deck. Honestly, who wants to ride a coaster with a lame name like Flight Deck?


Nighthawk...Firehawk...Thunderhawk. Just be glad they didn't name it "Flying Coaster."

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