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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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Star Wars III - Yeah, pretty good, definatly the best out of I, II and III though should of lasted longer and explained a bit more of what happens in those 20 years, but supposedly the TV show will explain. Portman is one of my favorite actresses, but not from this. 7/10


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Suprisingly good. I quite enjoyed it, the graphics were well done. If I didn't hate Jude Law so much.... 7/10

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Perhaps the best movie to be released this year.

Only thing that makes me mad was that I missed the ending.

The power went out, and they could not get it to come on

So for missing the last few minutes of the movie, I get to see Batman Begins for free

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just want to thank you both.


i down loaded that video clip of the both of you in islands of adventure with the halloween themed day!!!!!!!!


just wanted you to know that that video brings back memories as ive been to that park i think in summer 2001!!!!

i love the on ride footage of the hulk. gives me goose bumps every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks again tom

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I finally got around to seeing Episode III. In short, I thought it was much much better than I and II, but still a far cry from the original trilogy. I did think it helped tie together the prequel with the original trilogy a lot. There were some incredibly horribly terrible moments, but the second half of the film was outstanding, in my opinion. 7/10


Star Wars 10/10

The Empire Strikes Back 10/10

Return of the Jedi 9/10

The Phantom Menace 6/10

Attack of the Clones 5/10

Revenge of the Sith 7/10

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"Oh my god what's that hole opening in the sky.. It's.. a plot hole"


"War of the Worlds"


Everytime I started to become engrossed in the movie, an incredibly terrible gaping flaw slapped me back into reality. There were some moments in this movie that never should have made it to the first test screening before someone said "Hey, that makes absolutely no sense." The ending felt really tacked on and was pathetically Spielberged (and please note I am not a Spielberg hater; in fact I've enjoyed most of his films). For a summer blockbuster disaster movie, I have no desire to see it again, because there is simply no fun in it (intentional, at least). That was what Independence Day had going for it in my opinion; despite its flaws and problems, it was simply a fun popcorn movie. The good news is that "War" has solid performances from the entire cast (with some unintentionally hilarious moments from Tim Robbins), and as you may expect, the special effects are outstanding. The sound, at least in the theater I was in, was wonderful. It's by no means the worst film out right now, but I would suggest spending your money on something else, like "Batman Begins" (which I still haven't seen @#@#), or "Crash" if you can still find it playing somewhere. C+, 6/10

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Be Cool

I loved "Get Shorty" and was really looking forward to this movie. It didn't dissapoint for the most part.


Chili Palmer is absolutely one of the coolest cats to ever grace the big screen. This one wasn't quite as engrossing as the first, but it had some absolutely awesome performances.


Vince Vaughn was his normal hilarious self. Andre 3000 (From Outkast) was very funny in his first role and I can certainly see him having a future in movies. Seeing John Travolta and Uma together again (and seeing them dancing again) was totally awesome. The chemistry they had on Pulp Fiction is still there.


But ... the star of the show ... the man with the plan, who stole the movie in one of the most hilarious performances EVER ... yes, I said EVER ... The Rock.


OMFG!!! Kristi didn't even realize it was The Rock at first. Playing a gay bodyguard who wants to get into acting and sings cowboy songs about wanting men. My God ... I just can't explain how good he was in this role. I love it when I see actors being self-depricating, but this took it to a whole new level. Doing a Monologue from "Bring it On" and doing 2 parts in a "MONO" logue was absolutely one of the funniest things I have ever seen on film. The bonus features also include the full "Cowboy" video.


Even if you don't care to see this movie, even if you hate the Rock, see this movie. He is the star of this movie, and all the other actors in the movie easily admitted it in the making of featurette.

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Watched 4 movies over the past few days:




It was good, not great. Had some cool action though.


The Pacifier:


Liked this ALOT better than I thought I would. Not the best movie ever, but it was entertaining.




Also liked this one. Kevin James was pretty funny in it.




FINALLY ... a good monster movie. This movie was everything that Van Helsing should have been. Cool effects, cool monsters and a pretty good story. This was done in a way that only Wes Craven could do it. I loved that it took all things good about old school Werewolf movies and improved it. The only thing that bugged me is I didn't know this was a Werewolf movie. I don't know how it did in the box office, but if it had been clear to me it was a Werewolf movie, I would have wanted to see it more.


Definately worth checking out IMO.

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Ok, so I saw the same as Gregg, except Hostage, anything with kids in it I could not handle and the little girl was named Amanda so no way. We watched the Pacifier. Vin Diesel...WOW I thought it was a really cute movie and he is just hot!!! Hitch...well I fell asleep watching it. What I saw was ok, but I don't know if I will re-watch it or not.


I think I will take Amanda to see "The Perfect Man" at some point this weekend and Gregg can take Josh to see "Batman".


Kristi "I am waiting for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with hottie Johnny Depp!!! " C.

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dont see "the perfect man". its the stupidest movie ever made. heres the storyline:L everytime a women gets dumped she moves, and her daughter is only mad cuz shes gonna miss the prom. doesnt care that her mom has such an unhealthy habit. so she messes with her moms life and the life of an innocent man, in tyhe process almost destroying a resaurant. and then when her mom finally figures it out, instead of yelling at evil selfish little hilary duff, she apologizes. if you still want to see it, go ahead, im just saying there are better things you could do with 10 dollars, like rent 2 movies that are actually good.

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I just saw Hitch last night. It was OK. Not good, but not bad either. There were some pretty funny parts, but nothing like I was expecting. On a better note, I saw Revenge of the Sith a couple days ago and it ROCKED! The best Star Wars movie I've ever seen (I've only seen Episodes I, II, III, and some of 5 & 6).

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War of the Worlds is going to be the best movie ever!!! Tom Cruise and Dacoda Fanning is very, very different. Although, I heard rumors that the "visitors" weren't aliens... Whatever. If they're not aliens, then what are they? Robots? No! Humanity would know if it were robots. So, I am for sure saying they are aliens. But, I could be wrong. A clip showed where strikes of lightning hit a certain place like 26 times. Then the place where the "lightning" striked, the ground was freezing, then all of a sudden... the ground cracks, everybody steps back... then the ground shakes... then the ground just drops and out of the dust came a spaceship thingy... then the clipped stop, grrr... evil clip If you are interested in the movie, go to http://www.waroftheworlds.com/ and go to the link on the left side of the website to where is says media, click on it and let it load and on the right side of where they are showing the clip is a list of different clips and trailers, there are also other places on the left side of the website you can check out! I hope I see the movie soon!!!


If you have seen the 1958 movie P.M. me please.

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I saw Bewitched on Friday and thought it was pretty funny. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I think it helped that they didn't actually try to redo it, they took a different approach. Will Ferrel is very funny in this movie and Nicole Kidman is always fun to watch.


For the girls (all 5 of them on this board), the movie is worth seeing to see Nicole Kidman's awesome wardrobe and hairstyles. They were so cute!

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Time Bandits


A brilliant film for both adults and children, although I probably would have been terrified if I saw this when I was a young child. Probably Terry Gilliam's most imaginative film, and as always it is wonderful visually. More flaws than his other movies, but there are some hilarious moments (such as John Cleese as Robin Hood), and the ending is quite shocking. 8/10, B+.


Other Gilliam films:

Brazil - 10/10, A+

12 Monkeys - 9/10, A

Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas - 9/10, A

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - 9/10, A

The Fisher King - 9/10, A-

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I just saw War of the Worlds on the 6th of July, I can't believe how the special effects looks SO real. It's partly scary, funny, and mostly a thriller. You've got to see it yourself to be mezmerized. Actually, it's not really scary, the scariest part is seeing the alien... OH MY GOSH!!! That was so weird... That scared the heck out of me!!!!! :shock: Ha ha to the people who haven't seen it yet!! Just kidding

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