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I've seen Wicked, Jersey Boys, West Side Story, and Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I've seen Wicked (again), Mamma Mia, Sweeney Todd, and Blue Man Group off Broadway. I have acted in Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, The Sound of Music, and Annie at my old high school's drama club.


Out of everything I just listed, I think that Phantom of the Opera was the best. I'm the oddball in my group of friends who loves musicals.

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I really like musicals. I've seen West Side Story on Broadway and some others in other locations I can't recall (nothing too exciting)


I'm also currently in one, and it's actually rather cool.

Everybody prepared for the most misleading musical title ever?


Once Upon a Mattress.


So, know that everyone's mind is in the gutter, let me dig it out for you. It's a musical retelling of "The Princess and the Pea," where the Princess, Winnifred, is the 13th girl tested, but the only one tested for "Sensitivity."

I will be portraying the part of the Wizard this year. The part doesn't have much singing, but it is rather important to the plot. In Act II, the Minstrel, who has been banished, makes me reminisce about the old times when I performed and how I inspired her. She then gets me drunk and I blab about the plan to her. (The events of the last sentence are implied, I don't actually have to act drunk)


But, It's a fun musical to act in, and rehearsals are always fun!

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So I caught Davis Musical Theatre Company's performance of Chess: The Musical this last weekend.


Man, was that an interesting show. The music was top-notch, seeing as it was written by Tim Rice and two members of ABBA, although the music was a little loud for the non-amplified singers. The show was very interesting to look at, as well, with a constant black/white contrast in the set (designed to look like a big chessboard), costumes (Russians wore black, Americans wore white, neutrals wore gray), and lighting (Sometimes the white parts of the chessboard would turn deep red, creating a beautifully sinister mood).


Although the second act was much slower than the first, and as such was a bit more difficult to understand, it was a very enjoyable show. I would definitely consider seeing it again, if only it weren't $18 and hadn't finished its run yesterday.

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I've definitely gotten more into musicals over the last several years. My wife loves 'em, and I'm really glad I've gotten to see many great shows with her. It's a nice night out on the town!


Of the ones I've seen, my favorite hands down is Wicked. That show is amazing!! I love the music, and the story is wonderfully done. We saw Phantom of the Opera last year, and while it was also fantastic, I still give the slight edge overall to Wicked. We've seen it 3 times now, and probably will make it 4 this fall when it returns to Pittsburgh!


Song-wise, my favorite is the Elphaba powerhouse "No Good Deed". Gives me chills each time.....especially when we saw it in Rochester when Donna Vivino played her.....simply brilliant!!

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Saw the touring company of Avenue Q last night, my second time, my David's first, but he already knew the cast CD backwards and forwards like me, heh heh.


Great show! And for my second time it was a real treat, as the first time I saw Q was the first preview week in London, just before starting my first TPR UK Tour, in 2006!


And for that version of the production, they changed a few important aspects of the original book/plotline, because of "cultural differences". And also, American vs. UK 'pop humor'. I still nearly peed myself, as it was still an amazing production. But I did know, this was not as the show was originally written.


And so this one was great, as everything (and one) was back as it should be. The only thing they dropped was the goofy bit with Christmas Eve and Brian, donating during the "When You Help Others" song, in Act 2.


What also struck me was how much more LIKEABLE this actress' take on Eve was! And in the London version, Eve was played by Ann Herada, the Orig.Broadway Eve! And she was way more b***chy in her portrayal (IMhO), but still somehow sweet, esp. when it came time to knock "The More You Ruv Someone" out of the ballpark, lol! But this one I saw last night was easily more enjoyable, even when saying those outrageous lines she said, lol.


Everybody in the cast was great, all the lines landed where they should, the singing was wonderful including all the harmonies, and I STILL nearly peed myself in several of the key scenes. As did most of the audience around me.


Fun night. A good tour.


Now - on to "Legally Blonde," coming up here in March!

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^^ Congrats on your casting!


I "almost" saw the original Brdwy production of it back in (gasps) 1976???

But it was edged out by a (probable) musical I was seeing instead, lol.

The musicals that year on my First-Ever trip to NYC were moreso than the plays, I remember.


And now, for something completely different.... WICKED is FINALLY coming/touring to Vancouver, in June!


Checking on the tour's reviews from those who have seen it already, should be a good production of it I was mostly reading.


And - we got dead-centre of Orchestra, Row 8. Pricy (for us), but we (me and my David) made The Deal about when and if we ever got the chance to see this show..."no matter how much..." So, it's done, the tix are bought.


And we'll be seeing it one week before I take off on the TPR Japan Tours!

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^ At least I don't have to buy the Orig.Brdwy cast souvenir photo album from the tour, if they sell it during this show's tour.


They were shamelessly selling them, along with every other "Wicked" souvenir the show was selling, there at the OzLand Shop in Universal Osaka back in 2007, lol. So, I bought one, along with a couple of t-shirts.


And as cheesy as it was, including a (very) truncated production of W, I enjoyed it and sadly, it's now been removed (the whole land) for a new family-themed attraction/show/not sure.


Shameless. And looking forward to this production in any case, LOL!

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I was taking a class a few weeks ago from a Broadway actor that I personally know and he was asking us why we liked theatre. Someone said "You get to harm people and inflict emotions you wouldn't get to do in real life." He replied,"Yes! That's very true! You get to harm people without actually hurting them... Unless you're in Spiderman!"

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I saw Michael Bourne's new dance adaption of William Golding'S Lord of the Flies today in Glasgow. It was a community project in which professionals are mixed with local kids to produce a collaboration of different forms of dance talent. The production had a very lively feel to it at the same time being dark and eerie much like the book.


In contrast to the original novel, this new dance adaption portrays modern children being stuck in the backstage area of a Scottish theatre. Each prop from the novel is present but is represented in theatrical style e.g. the conch shell is a drum beater and the scene where Piggy is crushed by a rock is shown by a stage light being dropped upon him.


I recommend this new dance music production. It is currently in Scotland so I don't know if any U.S. residents will be able to see it soon.


I also really recommend the book as I have been enjoying reading it for my latest English assignment.

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Saw the touring production of Legally Blonde Thursday night...


We had great seats, Centre Orch, Row 11, On The Aisle. Sweet!


And the show was excellent!

I admit I am always/usually a bit pre-disappointed in knowing that the tour production will not be as "exacting" tech-wise (i.e trap doors, hydraulics.... like in orig.Broadway versions.) as I have know it would be, on Broadway.


But I always enjoy it even more, when I realize that stuff has been re-orchestrated and re-choreographed etc. ... and it all still works great on stage!...




It was a good show, the lines landed, the lyrics were very fast-paced... I had the feeling if you didn't know the cast recording as thoroughly as (ahem) "some of us do", some of it all went by, quicker than it needed to. But most of the jokes were good, and it felt upbeat and current for the times, which I enjoyed as well.


Lead actress was great, good voice, she was Elle to me, heh heh. All support was excellent, too.

And of course... Buster!


A good show, fun, funny and uplifting. And PINK!

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