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Man I love Avenue Q! I was a bit dubious at first, not guna lie, but it was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Such a good fun! Plus like you said the fact that its a parody of sesame street makes it even better. We read quite a few mixed reviews about it before we went but I loved it!

I travel to London to go and see musicals quite a lot as my brother lives there so I try and take the opportunity to have a free personal tour guide as much as I can! Plus he normally sorts me out with an apartment in London for the weekend so I can't really complain!

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I just saw Company on Netflix with Raul Esparza. I absolutely loved it. I started it knowing next to nothing about it but was hooked from the beginning. This is the second Stephen Sondheim show that I have seen where the actors are also the musicians. It is amazing to watch them both sing and play the instruments so well.

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Our showing of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat premieres tonight. I'm a bit nervous, but I'll make it thrugh, haha. Please, wish us luck!


How did Joseph go?


We're doing South Pacific this summer and I'm probably going to audition for it. I love that Nellie's songs are not astronomically high. I can sing soprano, but I can't belt out the really high notes. I may have a good chance!

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My theatre repertoire this year- Les Miserables (Amateur Production in March)

Peter Kay live at the Metroarena, Newcastle UK (February)

Lord of the Flies at the Theatre Royal Glasgow (March)

Jekyll & Hyde at the Kings Theatre Glasgow (June)

Avenue Q at the Kings Theatre Glasgow (July)


and a possible production in Washington over the Summer....?

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