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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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I was on the ride on Saturday and I was very pleased with it I enjoy the ride for what it is. It is a fun ride and I like the surprise element that they have added at the end. There are some screens were you are not doing anything but for the most part there is something to shoot at. I am looking forward to the different videos they will come up with.


I am happy to have it at Canada's Wonderland it is a Great Addition to the park.

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So how much of a coaster is it? I saw a testing video of it going through a banked turn quite quickly, if I remember correctly.


The lift, dip and turn into turn into the mountain is the most obvious coaster section, inside however it is all coaster track, and does travel along based off gravity.


At Guardathon this weekend the park management and TrioTech staff have now started referring to it as a coaster/dark ride.


It's a fun ride so I'm not too concerned if it's a credit or not, however if you count Journey to Atlantis at Seaworld Sam Antonio, then there is no question this would count as credit.


I can definitely see how a lot will debate the credit definition though.

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If the actual experience is anything like the Triotech installation at West Edmonton Mall (Interactive "4D" cinema) it is *surprising.*


I was blown away by how realistic everything feels in the attraction in Galaxyland. And they actually already have a Zombie themed film which was my favourite of the ones I watched!

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^Aren't the dark ride portions driven by drive tires?


No. Not according to park management.


Really? Seems like that could lead to sync problems. A heavier train will travel faster and a lighter train will travel slower. Therefore, the video could easily become out of sync as the video can't be sped up or slowed down (or can it?).

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^ Not really, it's just something else to maintain and break down. Each scene will just keep playing until the train leaves, which makes even more sense that someone said the animations are done in real time. If there is just one train running the course at a time between the lift and the finale (?), there's not as much importance in keeping full control of the trains since they're not managing a whole lot of blocks.


And don't you guys want this to be a coaster?

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I think they could have added something like this, not just all video screens, even outside the entrance would have been cool . . .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOpSchnybWE . . . this very cool/awesome dragon is at West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.

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^They could have but I don't think they needed to. Also, if they did and added it outside of the entrance, it would have no impact on the ride itself.


I think one thing I would love to see though would be more merchandise. They are totally losing out on some good money opportunities I feel with the lack of plush animals from the show. Those spiders/dragons/lizards/etc could, even though they are "bad guys", be great take home gifts for kids. They have Lord Ormaar plushies, but nothing else.

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Disney would have built a store right inside the mountain! That would have been cool. We could have spent some more time in the mountain.


They have the photo booth in there and remember, they are constantly look at ways to improve this ride.

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So...the stats of Wonder Mountain's Guardian are...


Height: 59 ft / 18 m

Length: 1,093 ft / 333 m


Does anyone happen to know the speed stat? Based on what little video footage there is, it looks like it may only be around 20-25 mph.



Odd how Cedar Fair didn't market this as a coaster but did for Northern Lights at Valleyfair. Course this means that Cedar Point is no longer the Cedar Fair Coaster Capital.

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So...the stats of Wonder Mountain's Guardian are...


Height: 59 ft / 18 m

Length: 1,093 ft / 333 m


Does anyone happen to know the speed stat? Based on what little video footage there is, it looks like it may only be around 20-25 mph.



Odd how Cedar Fair didn't market this as a coaster but did for Northern Lights at Valleyfair. Course this means that Cedar Point is no longer the Cedar Fair Coaster Capital.

Cedar Fair Parks are Operated as their own Individual Business Units with their Own Marketing Departments.
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OPENED MAY 24, 2014


Happy weekend everyone. How about starting off with some eggs, bacon and a fight with a dragon or two? It’s not so far fetched. Read on.


This week, TPR was invited to a photo tour of Canada’s Wonderland’s 17th rollercoaster, Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. Although it is a 1,000 ft long roller coaster, the star of the show truly is Montreal-based Triotech’s interactive media content, making Wonder Mountain’s Gaurdian a first of its kind at this scale. Custom 3D animation is projected on a screen that spans 427 ft in length by 13 ft in height, making it the world's largest interactive screen. On this ride, a touch of new meets old as swords give way to modern blasters. Speakers and blasters at each seat and realtime interaction with the on-screen characters create an immersive 4D environment. You can’t help but feel like you’re in another world as soon as your train flies into the mountain. The only way out is by participating in a spectacular finale between just you and a dragon.


I had the chance to ride twice in both the front and back of the train, facing both directions. There wasn't a major difference in ride experience other than being a lot more nervous about going backwards. The trains were comfortable as was the coaster portion. The main coaster section takes place at the beginning of the ride, which really wakes you up before heading into the mountain to do battle with a variety of characters. To know how to locate yourself in this interactive world, each blaster has a coloured dragon that corresponds to your on screen colour. The blasters are accurate and very easy to get the hang of. You’ll definitely need to ride more than twice to get to know the story and find all of the hidden secrets to help get you to first place in the Hall of Fame as quickly as possible. This alone makes Wonder Mountain’s Gaurdian very re-ridable. The park is also able to change the animation, giving the ride a whole new story and experience during special events—think of the possibilities during Halloween Haunt.


Wonder Mountain’s Guardian sets a new benchmark for interactive attractions at seasonal parks. There really is nothing quite like it out there. Guests were very enthusiastic about the ride and very much enjoying it. If you aren’t that competitive a person when it comes to the current flock of shooting dark rides, you will be. This ride is pure fun from start to finish and a perfect addition to the park. Now that Guardian is here, it’s hard to imagine the park without it.


Ride Information at a Glance:

Type: Interactive 4D Dark Ride-Coaster Combo

Guest Height Requirement: Accompanied between 42’’-48’’, Unaccompanied 48’’ +

Track Length: 1,000 ft

Foot Print: 23,180 sq ft

Ride Vehicles: 5 trains seating 8 passengers per train

Guest Capacity: Approx. 650 guest per hour


Canada’s Wonderland continues to work on a way to film the ride, which isn’t yet possible due to the 3D projections making footage unusable. We’ll be sure to share video footage as soon as the opportunity comes up.


A huge thanks to Canada’s Wonderland for sharing an up close look at its newest one of a kind attraction.



Enjoy the pics!


Fun stats and facts for the coaster fan in all of us.



Wonder Mountain's Gaurdian is located on the South side of Wonder Mountain, across from International Showplace.












Let's head inside



Indoor queue area









The next few photos are of the return section to the station.


It looks like everyone took care of the dragon.


The last 3D screen with top scores



Please put on your 3D glasses :)


A look at the station


A new group heading out to fight for a spot in the Hall of Fame


Going backwards really is a bit nerve wracking.


A last look facing East toward the front gate.


I'll end with a look at Coaster Number 16, Leviathan. Completely different but both uniquely fun.


Top scores of all time...ok a few days but still...impressive.

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