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NOT-So-Hot Men AND Women

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You may remember "Hottest Man In The World," where I shamelessly nominated Channing Tatum...






But, like with some of the "Best" coaster topics, let's go for the antithesis:


Who is one of the ugliest men/women around?



I nominate former Temple University basketball coacch John Chaney:

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^ Oh yeah, I love that picture. Almost posted it again (I used it a different topic not too long ago). But, you cant forgeet the picture of her dog. they are sooo cute together. You know the saying about how owners look like their dogs?


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ouch... I think I'm blind!!!


(Everything seems to revolve around Adventure Island, but) There was this guy as we were waiting for the Terror Tubes who had been allowed to go on by himself by his carer (y'know, the people that aren't always 'with it', in a polite manner). Well, he got to the top of the tower, he stared at me, seriously freaking me out, then lowered his gaze (either at the floor or at a lower part of my anatomy). The scary part actually was, it looked like his face had caved in. He looked a little bit like Grommet form Wallace and Grommet.

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