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[KNEX] Sagittarius

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After building a hypercoaster, I decided I wanted something with inversions. An ordinary megalooper wasn't good enough though. It won't start with a simple lift though. Inspired by the Incredible Hulk, I have installed a launch track at a 45 degree angle. Just like on the Hulk, it will be followed up by a zero-g roll. This roll will be at a height of 8.5 feet, making it the tallest zero-g roll ever made.


So far I have the lift/launch with supports. It isn't working yet, but I will work on that next week.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Oh my! I forgot to post updates! Again...


At the top of the launch is a zero-g roll. Almost perfectly heartlined, because I used a special tool to build it.


I haven't built the first drop yet, but I have almost finished the loop afterwards. It's 6 ft. 4 tall. I have to adjust the top a little bit, because I think it is too flat.


Here are the pictures!







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This isn't a woodie... It's a Megalooper, meaning a mega coaster with inversions...


And you didn't have to snap at me, I was just wondering...


I never said it was a woodie, I used a metaphor.




How fast is that train going at the bottom of the hill?

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Nice as usual Jogumpie. When is the next update?

I just finished the track on the first drop, I still need to support it though. I am in the middle of my final exams, so I'm not sure when I will post an update.


Maybe I should post S&L on here. Watch the non knex people go berzerk.

They go berzerk very easily on these forums, lol.


EDIT: Lucky bastards, you just got an update!




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^He is using a launch designed by somebody on another site. Basically, you pull the chain back, it puts tension on the rubber band, and launches. Gump was doing a lot of experiementing a couple months ago and basically mastered this system. Its really realistic, but it takes up a lot of pieces.

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After a lot of trouble I got this thing working!

With four coaches... four coaches.






I couldn't resist to make a video, although it's dark!



The drop looks weird from some angles, I know, but I don't have any more space for a completely curved drop. I have modified it a little bit though. I have also seen the loop is still a bit flat in the pictures. I have changed it a bit, it's looking much better now.

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