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Photo TR: Divv's Disneyland Resort Paris Adventure


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I got back late last night from a quick trip to Disneyland Resort Paris which was really awesome! Now I hadn’t been to a Disney park since visiting Walt Disney World back in June 1998 so being the Disney geek I am I was pretty excited.


I wasn’t actually planning on visiting DLRP until after Tower opened but due to a loophole on Ryanair’s website I managed to score myself some free flights to Paris. Now usually on a trip to Paris I’d be expected to take my girlfriend but for some unimaginable reason she doesn’t like Disney parks so I asked my friend Michael if he fancied coming along. Of course he’s rational and sane (to a degree) and was all to eager to come along.


Keeping with the cheap theme of the trip we stayed in Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe. I was quite pleased with it, a nice, clean, cheap room within walking distance of two Disney parks is about all I can ask for. So anyway, we arrived there at 11am and were pleasantly surprised to find our room was already available despite being told it wouldn’t be available til three when we booked it. We quickly headed over to our room to dump our stuff and headed over to Walt Disney Studios.


I’ll do this TR in three parts to cover our Day in the Studios, night in Disney Village and our day in Disneyland Park.


Disney Studios.


The great thing about coming to this park in February is that there were no lines for anything. We naturally headed straight to Rock’n’Rollercoaster. Which was awesome, I really loved the whole “being at the concert” theme. Now I just need to go to Florida to compare.


After that we hit up the shows in the park and watched the parade, complete with hot Mary Poppins. Moteurs, Action was really cool, although I tend to find anything with fire makes me happy, so I was guaranteed to enjoy it. Armageddon was a little lame imo. The Martin Short movie Cinemagique was really cool. The live action show Animagique was good enough I suppose but had I watched it before seeing the video from Florida of the characters with moving mouths I wouldn’t have been so distracted by the fact that the characters’ mouths weren’t moving.


The Studio Tram tours had some cool bits, namely the fire related bits. I was really saddened not to see any horizons props though, maybe I missed them but was looking out for them the whole way through. Does anyone know if they were moved or did I actually just miss them?


We rode the Flying Carpets thing just to get a peek into the construction site for Toon Studio. The Crush’s Coaster façade looks pretty cool but the area where the Cars ride is supposed to go still looked pretty much like a mound of dirt.


Of course you couldn’t stand anywhere in the park without seeing Tower teasing you. There were people right up the top of it working all day; hopefully they’ll announce an opening date soon!


All in all, the Studios was quite a cool park but now without its flaws. Namely there just isn’t enough to do. We seen and did just about everything the park had to offer and took multiple re-rides on RnR in less than 5 hours, and it’s not as if we were rushing about from one place to the next. Now, I’m sure the fact that the park was pretty quiet was part of that but for this park to match up to the other Disney places I’ve been they really need to get that coaster and Tower open soon. The Studios kinda reminded me of what MGM was like when I first visited in 1991.


Anyway, we had time to park hop over to Disneyland Park for the last hour (both parks closed at six) and rode Space Mountain (awesome), Buzz (pretty cool) and Star Tours (lame) but more on them in a future instalment!


Onto the photos!


Anyway, we end this portion of the report with me attempting to get comfortable on the Narnia throne thingy. Randomness in Disney Village will come soon!


You could see it from just about anywhere in the park.


It's sure to be a major ride for the park. It really needs it.


There seemed to be quite a bit of work going on on the ground around it too, but of course you couldn't see much of that.


Opening someday soon!


Of course no Walt Disney Studios update would be complete without Tower of Terror construction photos!


You couldn;t really see much but the Crush facade looks quite cool.


So we had a go on the flying carpets.


We decided we'd try and get a better look at the construction site.


This door takes you straight into Superstar Limo!


Michael's scream was pretty lame.


Seeing a destroyed London can only make a Scotsman happy. =)


...and water.


Well it did have fire...


Red Hot Sex? Aw no it's just a Red Hot Set> I suppose that will just have to do.


The Studio Tram Tour had some cool parts, much of the area on front of it was cordoned off for Tower construction so it doesn't have the nicest looking entrance right now.


It was weird being in a Disney park while it was so cold outside.


Animagique was quite cute, I hope it gets upgraded to include the creepy talking heads!


Armageddon was pretty lame.


But it really was the hot Mary Poppins that made it all worthwhile for us.


We got out the stunt show in time for the Cinema parade, which was alright.


But still I did believe a car could fly.


It was good, but there wasn't really any of the audience participation I'd read about in other trip reports.


Next up we hit the stunt show.


Definitley the best Vekoma ride I've been on.


Michael picks himself out a jacket for dinner.


First stop is naturally Rock'n'Rollercoaster!


I'm obviously delighted to be seeing Minnie again and she's obviously delighted to be seeing me.


It's taken me nearly nine years so I'm delighted to be back at another Disney park!

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Great TR, so far!


I am sooooooo looking forward to finally getting back to DLP, regardless of what's ready or not for the 15th Anny - well actually, no I would like EVERYTHING to be ready for my arrival mid-April hah hah.


Tower's looking good there. I like that it sort-of works in the 'background' of the Stunt Show's facade. Nothing spectacular to see. But - never know, yet huh?


Looking forward to more!


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No I haven't forgotten about this TR!


This part isn't very theme parky so some of you may wish to skip this part entirely. Or even just skip onto the photos if my incoherent ramblings bore you!


After leaving the parks we headed back to the Hotel Santa Fe where we were staying to clean up. Bought a few beers in the petrol station (you can't do that in Scotland!) and kicked back for an hour or so.


Then we walked over to Disney Village and attempted to find somewhere to have dinner. We ended up going to the Steak House where I decided that since I was in a foreign country I should try out the local cuisine and eat some snails. They were actually quite tasty and I would definitely eat them again. Of course that was followed by a delicious rump steak.


After dinner we had a wander round the various shops in Disney Village trying on hats and the like for laughs. We followed that up with a few beers watching some random boxing and making bets on it in the Sports Bar. We were planning on hitting Hurricanes the night club but by the time the boxing finished it was after midnight and we had an early rise the next day.


The next morning Michael was a bit reluctant to get up at 0730 (it was really still 0630 for us on UK time) so I proceeded to plug my mp3 player into the TV and play "It's A Small World" exceedingly loud. That did the trick. We went on to make as much as we could of the all-you-can eat breakfast and proceeded to Disneyland Park (which I'll get to soon!)


Here's the photos.


Coming soon - Disneyland Park!


Apparently a UFO crashed on the grounds of the Santa Fe.


Which was a shame as it meant I couldn't get a really good picture of the awesome Clint mural thing above the hotel entrance.


So it was a pretty foggy morning.


Moments before Michael's "Small World" wake up call.


Ok, so back to our Pueblo!


Time to leave and get some poussez!


Ok, one more. This is my best "Ronald Villiers" impression. (Probably only Scottish readers will get that!)


This is the last hat photo, I promise.


Fantasmic comes to Disneyland Paris for one night only!


Seeing as that's what you all really come to this site for!


Anyway, back to more hats.


That's as much head Michael was getting this trip.


The Disney Store's E-Ticket - make your own Mr Potato Head!


Michael checked out the toilets. Maybe we should get his opinions for the toilets thread.


This mushroom didn't seem anywhere this big when I was standing next to it. Man, it looks so huge!


No dress in Disney Village was safe!


Michael heard they were casting for High School Musical 3 and immediately got into practice.


"How about this for tonight?"


You've no idea how much effort it took to get the damn monkey to stay there.


"Are you sure? All your dreams could come true!"




"Since your girlfriend ain't here how about these for the hotel room?"




Just like looking in the mirror.


Do people actually buy and wear these things?


Then we both proceeded to go on a bit of a hat fest.


After dinner I picked up an award!


Followed by an excellent steak.


They were actually pretty tasty.


First I went for some snails. Ya know because, when in Rome... wait, we aren't in Rome!


Seeing as we're both men we felt some meat was in order. Hmm, that didn't come out quite right.


What better place to spend the evening than Disney Village?

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After conquering the Studios by the Thursday evening we hit up DLP for the last hour so we already had got in Space Mountain, Buzz and Star Tours. I just have to say how awesome I thought Space Mountain was! Despite a few pretty rough sections the launch and show inside the building are really cool! It was weird with all the inversions and stuff - definitely a far cry from the Space Mountain I remember riding in Florida in 1998!


Buzz was really cool too. Probably the best of the shooting rides I've been on. Bring on Toy Story Mania!


Star Tours was a real let down for me. I got into Star Wars in 1997 when the Special Editions came out and was real excited to ride it in MGM back in 1998 and I remember loving it back then, but this time in Paris it just felt so dated. We both felt a bit motion sick from it too. So whilst we rode Buzz and SM a few times again the next day we really didn't feel any need to touch Star Tours again. I'm hoping the long rumoured Star Tours update comes along soon!


Anyway, having conquered Discoveryland we got to Disneyland Park for opening and headed straight for Big Thunder Mountain. Now having loved BTM at WDW I had high expectations for the so-called best of the BTMs. I'm pleased to agree with all the reports! It's just such a fun ride, I love being on the island and going through the mine shafts. I even caught a few bits of air time.


Indiana Jones wasn't the best for us. Pretty rough through most of it, but still it looks pretty cool and I've been on much worse.


We made our way through all the other attractions with Pirates particularly sticking out for me; I was reminded why it's my favourite dark ride. Phantom Manor was really cool too, although my memory's a bit fuzzy on the WDW version so I can't really compare.


It was great having such a quiet park to run through, with the only real wait of the day being the 20 minutes or so we waited to get our photo taken with Mickey. Oh, I should also mention all the hot princesses on the princess parade! Who said that parade was just for girls?



Since it was mentioned in an earlier thread I should point out that during our visit you could have as many fastpasses for different rides as you wanted. You could only have one pass per ride at a time but could have as many different rides if you get what I mean. I took a photo of me with two passes to evidence this. How long this situation contiues for I've no idea.


All in all, we had an awesome trip, it was just so great to be back in Disney parks again. I'll be sure to return once Tower opens!


Here's the last batch of photos:


Thus endeth our Disneyland Resort Paris Adventure! Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!


Of course you can't do a Disney TR around here without including one of these guys.


Fun for all the family.


Disney sure know how to pick their princesses.


Don't forget to pay the dragon a visit if you visit DLP!


We had to.


If you ever make it through the maze you can go up the little castle for a good look around Fantasyland.


One of these two is a crazy animated character and the other is standing on Divv's shoulders.


Michael's a bit confused, but at least he's dry!


Can't forget Fantasyland!


Phantom Manor was exceedingly good too.


Of course we had to let Mickey have his picture with us at some point.


Only one side of the station was running but we never waited more than 15 minutes.


And we were more than happy to give Space Mountain a whirl or two.


Hector Lopez was more than happy to greet us.


Back to Discoveryland because, well, it's awesome.


If you prefer your Pirates Johnny Depp free then Paris is for you.


Onto what was probably my favourite ride of the trip.


I got both these fastpasses within five minutes of each other. One for BTM and one for Indy. How long they'll keep letting you do this I've no idea.


Well this is definitely the shortest wait either of us had ever experienced at a Disney coaster.


Which was just brimming with people.


Onto Adventureland we go.


The real reason why BTM is a TPR favourite.


Did I mention it was cold?


More specifically - Big Thunder Island!


First stop - Frontierland


Like I said, it was a foggy day.


The second we walked through the turnstile the furries were desperate to get their picture taken with me.


It's a cold and foggy morning but who cares? We're at Disneyland Park!

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Good TR!!!! I was in these parks in January and I can't wait the opening of the Tower Of Terror!!!


I'm agree with you about the best attractions of the Disneyland park: Space Mountain mission 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the Studios, R'N'R Coaster is very funny with its booming launch. The launch of Rock Coaster is better than the launch of Space Mountain, but the space thematisation of SM is more amazing!!!

Cinémagique is also a great show. I think that is the 'big screen version' of The Great Movie Ride at Disney-MGM Studios Florida, isn't it?

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I don't know if I'd call Cinemagique the "big screen version" of the Great Movie Ride. Now granted, it's been almost nine years since I last rode GMR but apart from the fact they're both based on movies I don't really think they're much alike.


Whilst I did really like Space Mountain, I definitely preferred Big Thunder. Not that SM was bad or anything like that, but it was a bit rough in places. Big Thunder Mountain on the other hand was just an awesome fun ride throughout.


But yeah, the show inside SM is excellent, though I do wish I had gotten the chance to see it during it's "Mission One" days. I'm not really sure if it was really different and am curious to know how it was changed.

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Fantastic trip report Divv! I stayed at Santa Fe in 2005 when I did a few days at Disneyland Paris. It's not bad at all, and the bar entertainment on site was hysterical. I'd love to go back when it's a bit quieter than when I last went (Spring Bank Holiday).


I'm glad that Disney Studios is getting a bit of attention. I've always thought it lacked a few rides that made it worth staying for longer. Hopefully, they'll give Tower of Terror a great approach to the ride as they have done with the American ones I've been on.


Big Thunder Mountain is still my favourite of the three ones I've done, despite being a little less intense than the others. Their Pirates was excellent as well, although Johnny Depp's cameo at Disneyland's version doesn't ruin the ride in the slightest, so I wonder if Paris will get the same treatment sometime down the line.

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Cinemagique is an original film with a Disney Cast Member live on stage, and some in-theatre special effects.


It is a mix of French and English, from it's casting of "the guy and the girl", to basic movie scenes shown, etc.


I think the movie would have to be "broken down" scene by scene, as Martin Short (the guy) attempts to 'get the girl', through cinematic history, lol. For comparison to GMR, I mean.

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Wow, great PTR! Thanks for sharing with us!




I really hope I can make it out to Disney Paris soon. It looks SOOOO beautiful. Definitely a fresh change from the others! I mean--c'mon. You went on an overcast day and the park still looks smashing!



*sigh*...one of these days.


Thanks again!



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But yeah, the show inside SM is excellent, though I do wish I had gotten the chance to see it during it's "Mission One" days. I'm not really sure if it was really different and am curious to know how it was changed.


Go to: www.coasterrider.net/coasters/diapo/space2/dltall/index.php

In Space Mountain: de la Terre à la lune, the theme of Jules Verne was amazing and there was the moon (a great moment in the ride ) but, in the one, it was the dark inside because there were no many effects like stars, planets in the SM mission 2.

So the theme of Jules Verne was cool but the special effects in the mission 2 are the best!

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Thanks everyone for the kinds words.


Yeah Tom, the sheer amount of Pirates movie stuff on sale leads me to believe that a movie upgrade of the ride is inevitable. I definitely wouldn't object to that, although I am glad I got the chance to ride it in it's original state.


And yeah, the park looks awesome. A lot of the landscaping really sets it apart from the Magic Kingdom for me. Not that there's anything wrong with the Florida version because I actually do prefer that one overall, but a lot of the individual elements of the Paris park surpass what I saw and did in Florida all those years ago. Just need to visit the other Disney parks to compare further now!


With regards to Tower, it looks as though they're redoing the whole area around it to give it a kind of Hollywood feel. Even the entrance to the Studio Tram Tour is being redone so here's hoping it looks really cool come Tower's opening day.


Edit: ^ Thanks for the link! That looks really cool. I'm quite a fan of the whole Jules Verne thing so I imagine I'd have really loved that!

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Paris is good, and a pretty park, but what lets it down is that it only has 2 parks, one of which can be completed in a few hours, they have rebranded/renamed/re-dubbed things from English to French, often with no translation for English.


Many of the staff are terrible, no Disney style service here! Several of them smoke, talk on mobile phones, often shout or are aggressive, and many of them barely speak two words of English, so you cant interact or explain anything! I remember trying to explain to a staff member in Phantom Manor that a staff door had been left open and some kids were near it, but she didnt understand ANY English... sadly this was the same at restaurants and stuff too.


But the ultimate worst thing is that Disneyland Paris is SO expensive that its just unbelievable! I think thats the biggest thing for me, its expensive for what you get. If it were MUCH cheaper, Id go more, and probably enjoy it more as it has some great bits too!


But sadly with how much it is at the moment, Id rather save up for WDW and properly feel the Disney Magic which I sadly think lacks at Paris.

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Paris is good, and a pretty park, but what lets it down is that it only has 2 parks, one of which can be completed in a few hours, they have rebranded/renamed/re-dubbed things from English to French, often with no translation for English.


Yeah, so the Studios park isn't a full day park yet, they're working on it! Four new rides opening there within the next 12 months including Tower of Terror and the Finding Nemo coaster. When has there been a Disney park in recent memory that hasn't opened like that? MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, California Adventure and DisneySea all faced exactly the same "there isn't much to do" criticism when they first opened.


The park is in France so the it's only natural that things are going to be written and spoken in French from time to time. Personally I think they do a great job of catering to most European languages, especially English. When I was there never once did I feel I was missing something due to the language barrier.


Many of the staff are terrible, no Disney style service here! Several of them smoke, talk on mobile phones, often shout or are aggressive, and many of them barely speak two words of English, so you cant interact or explain anything! I remember trying to explain to a staff member in Phantom Manor that a staff door had been left open and some kids were near it, but she didnt understand ANY English... sadly this was the same at restaurants and stuff too.


Again only speaking from my own experience but there was never a time that I didn't feel completely satisfied with how the cast members conducted themselves. I didn't see any of them smoking, on phones or being aggressive. As I said earlier I didn't have a problem with the language barrier, every cast member I spoke to spoke fluent English. I may be wrong but I think it's actually a prerequisite to speak at least one more language to work in DLRP. I even encountered a cast member who spoke in six or seven different languages.


But the ultimate worst thing is that Disneyland Paris is SO expensive that its just unbelievable! I think thats the biggest thing for me, its expensive for what you get. If it were MUCH cheaper, Id go more, and probably enjoy it more as it has some great bits too!


For me the reason I went on this trip is because it was so cheap! We paid £62.50 each and that got us a two day park hopper and a night in their Santa Fe Hotel. Considering to go and buy a two day park hopper at the gate would have cost £67 I think we got a pretty good deal! You just need to shop around a bit. I didn't find much of a difference between what I usually spend at UK parks and what I spent at DLRP. Not sure on how the pricing compares to the US parks but it's not something that's going to play a major role in putting me off visiting the parks again.


But sadly with how much it is at the moment, Id rather save up for WDW and properly feel the Disney Magic which I sadly think lacks at Paris.


Can't help you there, as I said before it's a personal thing. I thought it compared quite well with my Florida experiences but that's just me.


Hey man great TR!!! And i'm glad you done what every other Scot deos when they go on holiday...wheres some footie gear! Can spot a Scot easily that way!

I'm going to DLP in June so hopefully my TR will be as good as yours!


Thanks man, I tend not to visit many places without sporting some kind of Celtic apparel!


I'm sure you'll have a great time in June, you should get to ride Crush's Coaster too so I look forward to your TR!

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Wow, awesome trip report. Too bad the weather wasn't bright and sunny, but oh well. At least there were no lines.


I have always wanted to go ride Space Mountain mission 2, the theming looks awesome from the outside.


I had seen other trip reports and, Indy, but I can't believe how bulky the trains are. It's kind of surprising they can even fit through the loop. By the way, does anyone know who mad that roller coaster, and Raging Spirits?


Well thanks for the trip report, and I hope I can get out there sometime soon.

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Now I miss DLP!


I could have spent days in that park..it was greatness. I need some Jungle Cruise, though. That threw me off.


And Thunder Mountain RR was closed..guess I'll just have to go back! It won't take much to get me back to Europe, I'd move tomorrow if I could afford it.

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And Thunder Mountain RR was closed..guess I'll just have to go back! It won't take much to get me back to Europe, I'd move tomorrow if I could afford it.


I must admit, Paris' Big Thunder Mountain blows the living hell out of the other versions, its a really great coaster, heavily themed even more than the other versions too, plus lotsa twists and drops.

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