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  1. ^As much fun as it is to state "I think I'll be disappointed", I don't think I'll toss in the hat just yet. I'm waiting till I actually ride it to make a decision. In my opinion, a great coaster doesn't need theming. Lets face it, you are waiting for the ride, not the pre-show. Although looking at something is nice, I would rather have an awesome coaster over a nicely themed queue any day.
  2. That's really too bad that you couldn't get tickets. I too was hoping to go because my birthday is also on September 9th. My birthday is actually 09/09/90, so this would've been an awesome way to celebrate it. I guess we'll have to find a new way to celebrate this awesome date...
  3. ^And I was looking forward to the new theme ! Too bad it will only be for Florida. Maybe they'll keep the three haunts, but change the House of Horrors to the new theme. Time will only tell... (PS I wish they would update the USH more frequently like the orlando version!)
  4. ArrowHater - I wish I had the time to team up with you, but unfortunately I'm pretty busy with work... don't let me stop you though from opening one. CCJared - Yeah, be my guest and finish it, in fact anyone can finish it... Xpress - I know, I know. I am pretty lazy, but if you and CC want to finish it than go right ahead, and I can't wait to see your mutant offspring with CC. Thanks for the comments everybody.
  5. Well... It looks like a pretty sweet ride! Now all we have to do is wait for someone to ride it. Then we will finally know how it feels, but for the most part it looks like a lot of fun.
  6. Théo the little french - Thanks... I wanted to create something unique, that set it apart from some of the other eurofighters. DBru - Yeah, that inversion right before it would be really weird in real life... almost like steel hawg. ArrowHater - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and you should think about opening a logo shop on the Atari RCT3 forums. kraken613 - I'm glad you liked the layout. I wanted to make it compact, but realistic. Thanks for the comment. Thank you to everyone that has left a comment, and for all you others that don't have NL, I plan on creating an onride video and posting it on youtube... but that probably won't come till Monday. Thanks for the comments, and any suggestions on how to improve the ride would be great. ~CmplxAud
  7. Ok... So I was going through all my old files, and I found this one... I never finished the coaster... so it will remain incomplete (at least the supports). It was supposed to be one of the original EuroFighter designs (which is why it was supposed to be portable). Anyways... I'll probably never finish it, so here's the download! BTW: Everything is handmade, and so is the trackwork. No other program where used except No Limits (mainly because I have a mac). And if you recognize the logo, it was one I made for someone at my logo shop @ Atari Forums, but they never used it, so I changed the name. Tidal.nltrack
  8. ^ You have to make sure you ride it in the track default, which can be changed by pressing esc (while in the simulation) and then going to the environment tab. This ride is so amazing... Everything was taken into detail, especially the surrounding area and the various other rides and attractions. The ride was really smooth, and the queue created a unique way to interact with the caster, and not be as bored. The idea to use elevators was interesting, and really fit the theme of the ride. I especially liked the poster for the ice house... lol. Anyways its the little details that got me really excited about the ride. I mean you took in the transfer track into consideration, and made the queue interesting. You even created a special area, almost like a lounge area where photos of tesla were hung. Every ride not only had a well drawn out queue, but featured unique theming, exit signs, ride op panels, and interacted with the coaster. This is an incredible all-in-one package. I can't wait to see more of your work.
  9. So at first I wasn't sure how the video would turn out, but you pulled off the camera changes really well. The recreation is really close, if not perfect. If only the car was slowed down more before that last hill before the break run. Great job, and nice work trying to recreate this ride, that does not have a coaster selection yet on NoLimits.
  10. Please tell me what you didn't agree with dj snow. I too read the entire report, and it said the reason why the op was on the phone was to call emergency services, and to ask about a cord that was flying about. I also find it interesting that the facts aren't straight, especially with the part about yelling "Stop the Ride". In one area it says one of the ride ops yelled it: But in another area it says only the passengers said it: Not the ride operator yelling to "stop the ride". The phrase "stop the ride" is a phrase taken lightly at theme parks. I have been on many rides were various riders yell "I'm gonna die", "Help me, Help me", or even "Stop the Ride". It is not that the e-stop break wasn't pushed, it was that it wasn't pushed fast enough. _________________________________ I find it difficult to base judgment on varying perspectives, especially if you weren't even at the ride when it happened, observing every little detail that preceded the cable snap. Like I said, I feel sorry for the injured girl, but even more sorry for the two minors that are not even considered adults, that will be faced with the charge. ________________________ Just trying to put myself in others shoes... What would you have done?
  11. What I find interesting is that they expected the ride ops to press the button in 10 seconds. I find it even more ironic that they expected the operator to distinguish the sound from the cable snap, to the regular click before the car is released. I found it even more ludicrous that they should also have known from the screaming that something is wrong, even though almost every ride on a drop tower is filled with screams... And also they use the word probably, so how would they have known that the girl only would've suffered from scrapes and cuts if the e-stop button was pushed. I feel bad for the girl and all, but most of all for the ride operator, who will be faced with this incident for the rest of her life. The victim is truly the ride operator, not the girl whose feet got cut off. She is given a second chance to live her life, but the ride op's already has a mark on her permanent record, until the day she dies. They can try and make the rides as safe as they can, but in reality there will always be that one incident that no one could've expected.
  12. The idea was really cool... and I know what a pain it is to use the wooden catwalks as scenery. It was a nice coaster, but I felt some parts were under supported (mainly the inversions), and also some of the supports had parts chopped off (for clearance... I think). It also bugged me a little that the supports didn't touch the track, but that's being nit picky. It was a unique idea, especially because its a shuttle, but I felt the Euro-Fighter cars were a little too wide for the compact course. I think the X-Cars would've provided clearance better for the course, and also give reason for the hanging upside down part. Great job, and I hope you update the coaster in the future, so it becomes a complete circuit!
  13. Wow... this park looks amazing! I had no clue that they were going to stick a huge dragon on the side of that pro slide. These are some amazing pics showcasing the park, and I like how they were organized on the first link. It's amazing to see how little difference varies from the concept art to the actual park. Great job! I can't wait to see the next update!
  14. Nice update. I like the storyline,but too bad the cute lobby got flooded first. I can't wait for the next update.
  15. Hey. I was just stumbling online right now, and I found this awesome picture of Yokohama at night. It shows Cosmo world and everything. I just thought it was cool, and works with the last update. (Picture by Takashi Suglura) BTW. Its a panorama, so you might have to move your cursor left or right to find the park. Cosmoworld Panorama Night Shot Enjoy, and I can't wait for the next update, or last
  16. These videos are pretty cool, and it has a really catchy song.... "Sea of dreams, sea of wonder, Sea of dreams..." too bad I can't sing the rest! Anyways... This is a great way to view the park, and its attractions. I can't wait to finish the videos. I've only watched the first three, and I just have to finish. Too bad I have homework... oh well, always tomorrow!
  17. I'm kind of hoping they'll fix the ride, and install an on-board sound system. The only reason why I liked DL's better was because of the sound system. It was pretty awkward riding Space Mountain with no music during the entire ride. I also though the ending in FL's was weird. It was like ooooooooo we are stopping in a red tunnel, but not really.......... and we are......... back in space.......... and finally in the station. The overall ride was great, but it reminded me strangely of the green Hi-Miler coaster you see at the state fairs.... that seem like there going to break down any second. Hey, if they make the ride smoother, and fix the ending, and the sound system... then Fl's will rein supreme!
  18. OMG!!! THis is AMAZING. I love the sixth pic. I can't wait for the end result!!
  19. I was actually really surprised when I rode this coaster. I thought it would be one of those death coaster rides, but it was actually pretty nice, and could suit as a kiddy ride in an average park. I must admit, it did go for the theme you were trying to portray, and I can't image clicking to attach all those supports. The pump at the end was awkward, but overall a solid coaster. I'm not really sure how I feel about the coaster, but it was practical (except supports) and the coaster overall was smooth. I guess good job!
  20. Hey, its CmplxAud here to bring you a quick update. Work is pretty slow on the park, just because of school, but hopefully the updates won't be too slow. ______________________________________________________ Disney Dood - Thanks, but the credit for the logo goes to Angelor D. Airtime&Gravity - What exactly was Vertigo... but I hope I can theme my rides the same way, and not disappoint. Pufferfish - I really like the name Tropicana Twister, so heres the logo I found. And great idea of using it for advertisement purposes!(All credit for logo goes to Tropicana) socalMAN123 - Thanks! Steffen_Dk - Gratsi. And I'm glad you like the paths. Took me forever to get right! Théo the little french - Thanks! jason10 - If you like this RCT3 park, than you should see ones on Atari forums. They're crazy with the amount of detail, and yes that is water. Oh, and thanks for the suggestions on names! brandon - Thanks! rckrazy06 - Thanks for the comment, and name suggestions! _________________________________________________ So anyways heres the mini update... and everything is still a WIP. Comments/suggestions are always appreciated, and thanks for looking! - CmplxAud
  21. Nice work on the hotel itself, for some reason th pictures look better on this site rather than Atari... dunno why. I can't wait to see more of this unique storyline!
  22. I remember seeing this coaster... I always thought this coaster was one of the coolest coasters I've seen. I love the unique inversion, too bad this isn't real. Great kob, and congrats on getting a bronze!
  23. The ride was nice, however some of the turns either seemed taken to fast, or too slow... on another note the rules say use two trains, not three, is that a problem with your track, or does it matter? Anyways, it was a nice coaster, with decent speed. Can't wait to see more of your work.
  24. I love this park, and I can't wait to see the new super soaker water ride!!!
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