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Hi everyone, my names Carl from the south east UK. I'm 22 years young, and have been a hardcore coaster nut since the year 2000 when I took my first visit to the wonderful place that is Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


My local park is Thorpe Park (closely followed by Chessington). I have a feeling that I'll be there quite a lot this season what with the latest edition to their coaster family


I'm a member of both the RCCGB and ECC, but prefer to organise my own coaster trips amongst friends.


I have ridden 'about' 120 coasters so far and my favourite is Balder at Liseberg 8)

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Hi all! My name is John from Houston TX. I am an amusement park and video game enthusiast and used to love going to Astroworld (RIP) as a kid. My fave coasters at the park were Texas Cyclone and Greazed Lightnin'. I don't have any dingly danglies on my cell phone, but my wife has one (a cat and fish!). I hope to take inspiration from Robb & Elissa and travel the world with my wife in pursuit of new experiences and fun!

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Hi everyone! I'm Bowserjoe. A lot of people on coastersims.com know me because I use the program "ScreamMachines" and have uploaded many coasters I designed. Some people might also know me from gadv.com. My home park is SFNE, and my favorite roller coaster so far is SRoS.

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I´m 18 year old Bastian from Germany. Rollercoaster are my love but I only have been on 16 or 17, yet. But I hope I can get a few credits in the upcoming years. I like to call Disneyland Paris my "home"park although its very far away from my home town Essen. But you can also find me very often at Movie Park Germany so lets say I have two homeparks.

When I am not riding a coaster I am a student and like to listen to rock music.

I am very sorry if my english isn´t so good but I have very poor teachers down here in Germany.

I hope this is enough two introduce me

But please dont expect me to write often because I´m only a very quite and shy guy whose english isnt good.


Auf Wiedersehen

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Hey my name is Jeremy. I'm 18 years old from Conyers, GA. I've only been to a few parks in my life (IOA, universal, Six Flags GA, all disney world parks, both busch gardens, and Kennywood) and would like to travel to more. I love rollercoasters

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I cannot believe I passed this up when I first joined . .

I have been here for a good 3 months but have really only been active maybe... 4 weeks? (school and moving have taken a large part out of free time. O.< )


Anyway... Hello there!

Thanks to this place I have conquered my first coaster and I plan to make it two very soon. :3

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Hi, I'm James Dillaman, from Loveland, OH (5 minutes from PKI). I love coasters and air travel, so i work for Delta airlines and fly places to ride coasters

Favorite wood coasters: Thunderhead @ Dollywood

Shivering Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure

Raven @ Holiday World

Cornball Express @ Indiana Beach

Screeching Eagle @ LeSwordsville Lake

Favorite Steel coasters: Milennium Force @ Cedar Point

Superman Krypton Coaster @ SF Fiesta Texas

Magnum XL200 @ Cedar Point

Phantom's Revenge @ Kennywood

Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point


Coaster count: 199

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Hi my name is Stephan (in english-like writing) but you guys can just call me RCfanatic or Buzzy (just don't ask why).


I'm 17 and already a roller coaster (and donkeys) entheusiast,

I live in Belgium, Europe (So my regular parks are Bobbejaanland and Walibi Belgium / Vekomaland)

For some reason I am immune to most of Vekoma's roughness (I've been going to Walibi Belgium all my life, so that explains it pretty much)


I also like: gaming on my PC or Xbox an watching TV, in the summer I like to go biking thru the 'beautiful Belgian biker-friendly landscape'.


So thats about it, i've already posted some reply's on some other topics before I found this itroduce-yourself topic, but i couldn't resist giving some comments on the topics on this site, great site really!


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Hi, my name is Mark, and no I'm not going to make the 'my name is mark and i'm an alcoholic' joke. I'm 15 and from Melbourne, Australia, and recently travelled to America, and went to DLR, USH, Sea World SD, and SFMM.

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Hi at all! My name is David, I come from good old Germany and I'm 14. I love theme parks (well, who doesn't ) and I go to Phantasialand (German theme park, I think a few here shold know it) almost every week. I read on TPR daily, so I thought that I should register sometime...and now I'm here!

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Hi im Lord Kotowa, otherwise known as Dave to most people.


Im a resident poster on CoasterForce and i own my own theme park website which is dedicated to Oakwood and Alton Towers which is called Oaktowers.


Its really good to join this website which ive grown fond of recently.

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