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  1. I didn't know they were selling Hurricane pieces! (Though not surprised).
  2. Well...everyone and their brother has been, so I guess they are old by now anyways. :/
  3. Those pictures are really high quality! All of the new signs look really nice and bright....
  4. That little creature that sits on top looks like a Snoopy/Onion mix.
  5. Congratulations Robb & Elissa!! And that "Don't wake me, I'll wake you" shirt, saw it at Target.
  6. It's been A YEAR since Everest has opened?!?! Where have I been?!
  7. Those walkways sure are close! Reminds me of the one at Morey's Pier! Thank-you for the high quality photos.
  8. Oh, so you got the booklet where you get to ride everything with the stickers and once they run out, you have to buy more to ride again? The sticker that I got is for unlimited all day. And speaking of the bathroom signs/examples...did you see the old man in the tub? Why would they have this store in a theme park?!?! lol More weird signs Surrouned by fields
  9. Thanks for the "inside" pictures. I actually like the Skytowers new look! And as far as Southern Start...it's going to be so weird walking into the County Fair and it being right there in front of you, instead of it being hidden away in the corner.
  10. Ahhh I miss Islands of Adventure so much! Need to go back, And Derek, is traveling your job? Seems like your at a new place every weeK! But hey, more power to ya!
  11. I actually liked the Hurricane: Catergory 5. Yes, it was a little rough and wasn't the best coaster in the world, but I got used to it and found what it really was supposed to me. It had so much more potential.
  12. Where it is placed is awesome! In the arms of the Big One haha. Is there still going to be water filled in after construction is finished?
  13. DeJa Vu! I went to Dreamworld this summer too! It is a very nice park, but there aren't many rides...still though, Thai people really don't have much else and everything that's there, they think it is awesome. There is a new park being built, or has been built, maybe about 30 minutes away...it has a huge modern ferris wheel and a roller coaster that goes through it. I'll have to post pictures from my trip! I pretty much have all the same ones. Also, did you get a sticker that you had to wear all day? Locals get wristbands and locals get stickers. AND there is a price difference lol. Also, did you go into that snow area part of the park? I wanted to but never got to. It looked really unique.
  14. This ride looks like so much fun...I didn't even hear anything about it too, what a nice surprise. And that green color looks good!
  15. Wow , AWESOME.... the ride looks different than any other I've seen.
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