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Hi TPR friends. For the last 8 years I've lived in the almost coaster free state of Oregon. Once I went to Oaks park in Portland, but that was it. People do other things there besides visit theme parks. I almost went to Seattle to visit wild waves and enchanted village to ride Timberhawk, but never made it. Also, everytime I was in the Bay area I was too busy to make it to the theme parks, or they were closed. I recently moved to St Louis and am planning to visit many parks in the upcoming years. Currently I go to SFSTL at least twice a week during the operating season. I live a mere 15 min. from the park. Holiday World in only a 3 hr drive and I just purchased a season pass. Aren't we all excited about riding Voyage?


In other news, I love live music and am going to see the Stones in 2 weeks. I'm a middle school teacher. Love it.


Parks I most want to visit this summer, but may not include: CP, Kennywood, and Knobels.

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Hi everyone, I'm John and I live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


I may have already met some of you at Busch Gardens Williamsburg at

ALPENGEIST, as I have worked there in the past.


When I'm not coastering, I enjoy Kayaking, Biking, Traveling, and the many things to so here on the beaches of North Carolina.


Say Hi, if we've met, or look for me at BGW on your next visit.

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LOCATION:: SAN JOSE, CA. *moving to Los Angeles in June*


Nearest Park(s):: Paramount's Great America is 3 min away. Bonfante Gardens is 20-30 min away. Six Flags Marine World is 45 min away.


Favorite Park:: SFMM.. -its variety


Favorite Ride:: X


Coaster Count:: I've only ridden the rides in California. But since i was a Sup. at PGA, ive built a strong count there. -don't have a strong count elsewhere yet but have been riding since i was 5yrs old


About me (minus the themepark background):: I'm into sports, and outdoor activities. I'm an Architect Major. I like to dance =P. I would love to travel, and the biggest incentive is visiting the parks, and of course fashion and architecture.


OK.. thats seems like enough info.



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Just wanted to say hello from the island of Gotland, Sweden! I was born in the US, in S.F., and now I live in Sweden which is great! I love your roller coaster videos and I often let my daughter sit on my lap while checking out the roller coaster videos on full screen so she also can pretend she's on the roller coaster too! When you loop, she loops! You scream, she screams! Too bad she's getting heavy...but when she's older and taller she can go by herself on the rides. In September we all went to Disneyland in L.A., and sorry to let you down, but the castle was HUGE for her anyway! Can't wait to go to Disneyworld to see their castle.... Thanks for your addiction to roller coasters, it's contagious! BYE! from Stina

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Hi, my name is Andrew, I am a male, I am 12, and I live in Florida. That means I have more than one local themepark which includes WDW, Busch Gardens Tampa, Universal and Islands. I have probaply been on about 15 rollercoasters a multiple amount of times. I joined on 1/9/06. I think TPR is really cool, and now I like it more. Thanks for putting all the work in it.



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HELLO EVERYONE! I'm Kate. I've been on 42 coasters, and I'm probably the youngest one here . Oh no wait, my brother is. Harr. Anyway I love to travel and I'm probubly one of the biggest Anime dorks you've ever seen.

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Hey all first of all how is everyone ? i hope all is gd and well.

So well my name is luke im 17 and i reside in the town of winchester in the south UK. like all the rest of you obsessed with rollercoasters and alike, im a bit to over the top fro most people around me though lol. dunno what else to put really =(


nowt else much to say if you wnat to know what ever then please message me or reply or whatever.


thnx luke


p.s at the end of jan to a few days into feb i will be in disney paris, on a rollercoaster trip, done by my college its a few days we go to seminars on how they do all their safty checks how they do visual effects and so forth that kind of stuff was mainly for ict students but they needed more peeps so i ended up going jsut for that its a coaster trip and also i kno a lil fact allready did you kno that their are around 20 000 safty checks in the first 8 seconds of space mountain!!!


anyways peace people and have fun

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