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Park Maps!

Ryan King

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Hello Out There!


I normally pick up a park map from every park Ive been to..they have a nice little place on my wall...


And Sadly..I didnt get maps for these parks when I was in the UK



Fantasy Island

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Southport - Did they even HAVE any!?!

Alton Towers


Joyland / Great Yarmouth

Botton's Pleasure Beach



Knotts Berry Farm

Six Flags Over Texas

Great America (California)


Can any of you TPR Peeps Help me out???


-Ryan "Thanks!" King


P.S. Pictures of my wall below...


Haha! Stupid Joe!


From Inside the Room


From The Door...

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I did made a list before from maps that i can swap.

I even have made a topic on my own site to swap some.

The last one that promised me to swap maps never reacted again

I still would love to swap some maps so if you or anyone would like to then please ad me on msn or contact me by mail.(see my profile)

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I have two extra Knott's maps:


One from October 2006 with writing all over some parts of it


One from June 2006 that's been folded up a lot, so it's a bit wrinkled...


You want one? I probably wouldn't mind giving one up...

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I have a great america CA park map. I would be willing to trade the map for the six flags magic mountain jumbo. I know it aint much of a trade but i am desprete for a magic mountain map


Dude, I have about 15 giant Magic Mountain maps. If you really need/want one, I can trade you


I would trade but i just found out that my friend is going there tommorow and he is going to pick me up a map.

thanx anyway though.

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