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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

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I would've stayed last the rain, but the rest of my group except my rpgrandpa complained that the rain would make them "dirty". They also are doing something different in Powderkeg station, they limit the people in the station until all the people load on trains. Release two train loads and wait. Also anyone coming today, expect it to be busier than yesterday as we talked to an employee and said they were expecting a crowd of 20,000 as I said before. I also don't like outlaw runs new restraints as for some reason I barely fit in outlaw run and I am the size of the average 13 year old. Anyone know if they are more restricting. And last thing. Th lift hill is noticeably slower than last year

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They also are doing something different in Powderkeg station, they limit the people in the station until all the people load on trains. Release two train loads and wait.

That is a great idea. The station is pretty small, so you kind of have to push your way through the crowd if you want the front (and the front has the best ). I'm glad to see they're trying to improve things. As for those who mentioned the assigned seats on Outlaw Run, they only do that on the very busiest days (such as this weekend). Otherwise, even if there's a line, they let you choose your seats. This is in lieu of a single riders' line, which they tried out last year and abandoned after about a month.

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Came all the way from New Jersey yesterday to Branson and went to SDC today. It was me and my dad who doesn't really like parks like I do. We started out with 2 backseat rides on Outlaw Run. With this being the main draw to me coming all the way to Branson, I had high expectations. I have to say, they were definitely met. There were things on this ride I've never came close to experiencing before. First drop was one of the best I've been on, great pace, decent airtime and you definitely got that out of control feeling. Not to mention the hangtime on the double heartline rolls. The one criticism I have that keeps me from ranking this above El Toro is that I felt kind of stapled with the restraints on the airtime hills so I couldn't enjoy that as much as I would like to. Still a great coaster worth traveling for though.


Next we did Wildfire twice. I have to say this offers the best view in the park with those mountains. It's an ok floorless to me. Then we did Powder Keg twice. This is a very interesting launched coaster that has its moments. Launch was decent and the first drop is very good. After that we did American Plunge which we got soaked on. Thunderation was next and that was a nice surprise. Have to say this goes fast for a mine train coaster. By far the best mine train I've ever been on. After lunch we did Fire in the Hole. We rode in the front and I didn't know about the surprise water at the end so me and my dad unexpectedly got hit. My dad was screaming "you son of a gun!" That was hilarious and probably my favorite ride moment with him.


Then we decided to do the cave tour. This was amazing! It really changed my whole opinion of the park. I heard this was good but this was probably my favorite thing in SDC (yes even over Outlaw Run). Some of the views we got were spectacular. One of the best natural things I've even seen. Seriously it's hard to really explain this in words, all I can say is that this is a MUST for anybody visiting SDC.


We then went on the train where there was a nice little show in the middle. Also got a nice picture of Outlaw Run's outside banked turn. We finished off the day after a rain storm with 2 rides on Outlaw Run and one on Powder Keg.


Overall great day at SDC and glad I made my dad make the stop to Branson. As a Jersey boy, I also noticed nice southern hospitality not just by employees but by guests as well. You don't hear many sirs or mams in NJ. We're just full of assholes lol. Sorry my report is ridiculously long but I have a few pictures as well.




Can someone tell me what this coaster is? Saw it near SDC.




After 5 months of waiting, the time has finally come.




The real reason I came all the way here.




It took me until the end of the day to notice this sign.




One of the few good pictures I could get of Outlaw Run.




Though I did get this nice shot from the train.




Obligatory train picture.




I did see a married couple in one of these today.




Thought I timed this pretty well.








One of the best lift views I've ever seen.






Some nice theming on the roof of the queue.




That damn tree blocks a great launch picture.




Took a few times to time this launch picture right. My dad actually helped spot the light for me.




One of the more interesting things I've seen on a coaster.






The people in the back have no idea how wet they're about to get.




Until now.




Employees hard at work.




These 2 were pretty funny for the train show.




Just a little random waterfall in a random place that makes SDC what it is.




Time for some cave pics!
















They turned this room pitch black. Amazing people traveled in there with just a candle in the old days.
















This picture really doesn't do this view justice. We were looking REALLY far down from this spot.








Can't imagine how much stress this lift puts on the cable.




Thank you Silver Dollar City for a great day at the park!

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It really was a great ride. Lots of airtime. It is a shame that it isn't operating, actually it looks in good condition. I just realized that the Ferris wheel is gone. It was there when we went last year. Today was relatively dead until about oh twelve and that's when the crowds came. We got rides in on all of the coasters with outlaw runs line being the longest at fifteen minutes. We went in the cave and went to eat at the mine restaurant. We then went to wildfire as it was a walk on the whole time we where there while powder keg had a line out the que and outlaw run was full que but not in over flow. Wildfire had a shorter line than thunderation. We rode twice in the back and once in the front. It was blasted hot so we tried to ride American Plunge it had an hour line so we didn't ride. We left and headed to the chute which is on the strip by Walmart and mcdonalds. Even though that's not at silver dollar city, that was really fun. You grab a mat and ride down a concrete waterslide river sort of thing. You go down however you want to. Words can't describe the chute. It's one of those must do things when your at branson

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Had a fantastic visit to SDC on Saturday and Sunday. I stayed at Deer Run hotel, which is the closest hotel to SDC and took a shuttle over in the morning. The park actually opens the main square area an hour before the rest of the park opens so that guests can get breakfast, mill around, and listen to whatever band is playing in the central stage. The best part about this is that the park does this great opening ceremony, where they invite all the veterans in attendance to raise the flag. Then everyone says the pledge of allegiance and sings the national anthem before they drop the ropes and the rest of the park opens.


I won't go to far into the blow-by-blow of what I did, but in summary: I got rides on Outlaw Run, Powderkeg, Wildfire, Thunderation, and The Giant Swing, Flooded mine, and the train, watched a lot of craftsmen, saw the Saloon Show and a bunch of bluegrass, and ate a huge pile of ribs. That was just on Saturday. On Sunday I did a bit more of the same, but took it easier and made sure to stop by some of the older parts of the park as well.


There are some really great treasures just off the West side of the main square that I feel you really have to experience if you want the "true SDC experience". First off there's an authentic 1880's log cabin that is divided into two sections. SDC's in-house bluegrass band plays in one half, while the other half is actually setup exactly the way it would be in 1880 and staffed by a couple of residents like a little living history museum. This is what a lot of the park started out as. There's also the authentic log cabin church and school, both of which were also salvaged log by log and resurrected in the park back in 1960. Somewhere way in the back is the massive steam powered lathe, which is awesome to see in operation. There's also another example log cabin which is sadly in poor repair, a petting zoo, and the apple butter store which is in a cabin that was built by SDC craftsmen in a similar style to the authentic old cabins around it.


As far as new stuff goes: As was mentioned earlier, they've been trying out some new things with the coaster queues. They hold everyone back in the powderkeg line at the point where they have the "chicken" exit, and let people move into the actual loading dock in small groups. They also "assign" seats for Outlaw Run, by holding the queue line back right where it enters the loading dock. I think they are doing this to make it easier on the new trailblazer pass system, which is continually expanding. It is just like what SF does with fast pass...


Took lots of pictures of the construction site. Not a whole lot has changed. They have some time before they need to start pouring the slabs I assume. It is rumored that Geyser Gulch will close in August, and not a whole lot will be kept during the transformation into the new area. The new 'hi-striker' game that was setup near Geyser Gulch is being moved to the Grand Expo... really not a fan of it. I try not to be too much of an SDC "purist" these days, but that thing really goes against what the park has been doing all along and even the GP have been calling it out. If they could even just dress it up a little so it wasn't so obviously modern it would be a lot better, just like so many of the other games.


The SDC staff is still the best I've ever seen. So many of them have a true passion for the park and have been working there for decades. There are less and less old timers every year, but the spirit they have is really what makes the park as special as it is.


I'll try to keep the photos abbreviated since I took so many and this is a discussion thread. If you want more, I have them all on my site here: http://sdcfans.com/photos/feat/25


The park is trying out a year long sub-theme this year: Celebrate America. This patriotic theme was especially poignant for this Memorial Day weekend.


The log cabin guy is still doing his thing. I think this is one of the coolest crafts in the park.


This is the flag raising ceremony I mentioned.


The Giant Swing, the original screamin' swing in a barn.


The new Return of Carrie Nation saloon show.





This is the smaller lathe booth in the park. It think it's also steam-powered, but on a smaller scale. They make a lot of bats and canes here among other things.


The tree canopy that exists throughout the entire park is a very understated yet hugely important part of SDC.


The glassblowers are always great to watch and a crowd favorite.


Geyser Gulch has been missing it's sign all year... a sign of things to come.



This is the farthest edge heading back towards the old waterboggin tower. Doesn't extend much beyond the rest of the current GG area.


You can see some utilities sticking out of the ground. Does this indicate potential ride locations?



This will probably go bye-bye real soon.



Lots of bluegrass music all over the park.


This is the stack of ribs I got from the Hogwild BBQ stand in the Exposition hall where they sometimes invite outside BBQ joints for the Bluegrass and BBQ fest. SDC's BBQ is OK, but leaves something to be desired. They also had a Dickey's stand, but not much else in the way of outside establishments.


This is the apple dumpling with ice cream that seems to be only available during Christmas and Bluegrass and BBQ. It might be my favorite SDC dessert.



Ray Johnson, the knife maker, is one of the true old timers. His demonstrations are very educational and will make you wish for the ways things used to be in regards to craftsmanship.


Flooded mine got some TLC this year and is as good as ever.


Yay trains!

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I'll forgive you for not including a picture of Cinnamon Bread. I love that the park still has all the old time workers like the log cabin guy and the metal workers. I loved just watching them work and see them make stuff.

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I still don't know what to expect for that new area. Does anyone have their own speculations


There are few secrets with SDC developments if you watch them for very long. Below is a piece from the most recent attraction concept surveys. Every ride since at least Powderkeg has involved some form of guest feedback using, among other things, these guest surveys.


We don't know what the actual theme will be, or how many rides there will be, but the general gist of things is that they're re-doing Geyser Gulch and there will be some kiddie/family flats included. The S&S double shot is almost definitely going to be included because they made such a big deal about it in all of the concept pitches, and they need to do something with it anyway. I've heard a number of conflicting rumors over how much of GG will be re-used vs. them building an entirely new play structure. Those are the types of details that actually change a surprising amount behind the scenes between concept and final design. I imagine all of the old Geyser Gulch stuff in the lake will be ripped out though.


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Between Riverfront and Valley Road, near the railroad crossing, is a large blue structure that goes over the railroad tracks. What was that used for? It seems abandoned and sort of an eye sore in an otherwise beautiful park. I seem to recall seeing a single employee climbing down the stairs at one point, but I wasn't sure.


That one ^

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The Waterboggin was removed in 2009 I believe (or was it 2008?). It was formerly an original custom waterboggin of which Dollywood has a nearly identical version still operating. It was somewhat similar to some of the in-park waterslides that smaller parks added around the 1980s-90s, but was much larger and the rafts were large enough to fit an entire family. In 2003 they "upgraded" it and renamed it "Waterworks Waterboggin" with new boats and a modified layout. The exact details about why the suddenly took it out just a few years later will probably never be openly discussed, but I think it had something to do with legal and liability issues. Since it didn't have restraints and was fairly aggressive (especially so after the upgrade), it was possible for people to do stupid things like sticking their hands out to touch the side and then get them hit on something.I've heard some things alluded to involving people managing to hurt themselves...


I've heard various things about the tower itself in the recent past. I think it remains standing for two reasons: it holds various communications/weather equipment, and it's fairly expensive to take down when there's no real reason for them too. That's mostly my speculation though, but economics usually has a lot to do with it.


I've got some photos below from 2007. I think it's an interesting attraction to look back on, as it's one of the last truly custom and unique rides that the Herschends built before they shifted to soley utilizing mainstream vendors and manufacturers in the 90s.



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Well it's pretty different than the one a dollywood. This one I believe was made by proslide, correct me if I'm wrong, and was actually a full blown waterslide. The rafts were inflated and could flex and twist unlike the rafts at DW. Yes it was very aggressive. You got drenched on it. It was very intense and fun. My dad did fall out if the rafts around one of the corners though. He managed to get back in. Even though it was somewhat dangerous I loved it. I am not really getting excited for this new expansion as they already have two sections made for kids. Yea the shot tower would,be cool, really cool, but everything else is just pretty meh in my books.

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I had to go back and look it up, and you're right Jay, Pro-Slide was in charge of the recreation in 2003. I don't know who created the original version, but it was definitely a custom order with specialized boats that involved tandem seating. I think the original seating made it much more difficult to fall out and thus less dangerous, plus the curves were less aggressive. Practically all other slides of this nature end in a pool or something, so if you theoretically did fall out it isn't as big a deal. Somehow the old version felt like more of a dry-park water ride (at least to me), while the new version was just a water slide.

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I remember when it changed to the Waterworks Waterboggan, it was a fun ride to say the least, and on a hot day, was wonderful to ride!! As far as it getting removed, its possible it didn't fit that 'niche' SDC was hoping for. Considering there is Lost River of the Ozarks, complete speculation though. As far as the tower goes, could it be possible for SDC to be using this for a new family coaster? I remember something being said over on sdcfans that SDC could possible see something similar to Dollywoods Firechaser Express. Could they be using this for that?

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We are in the car headed to Silver Dollar City. It's suppose to be a cloudy day with scattered showers. So hopefully there will be light crowds! as long as we get in at least 1 ride on Outlaw Run then the trip will be worth it!!


EDIT: So much for a slow day.... the park is PACKED!!!!! And... Outlaw Run is down.

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I remember when it changed to the Waterworks Waterboggan, it was a fun ride to say the least, and on a hot day, was wonderful to ride!! As far as it getting removed, its possible it didn't fit that 'niche' SDC was hoping for. Considering there is Lost River of the Ozarks, complete speculation though. As far as the tower goes, could it be possible for SDC to be using this for a new family coaster? I remember something being said over on sdcfans that SDC could possible see something similar to Dollywoods Firechaser Express. Could they be using this for that?


Mwe really don't need something like fire chaser. We have powder keg. We need a good set of high thrill flat rides. Not another bunch of kiddie things that they keep getting. Or a roller coaster with a thrill level between wild fire and outlaw run

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Mwe really don't need something like fire chaser. We have powder keg. We need a good set of high thrill flat rides. Not another bunch of kiddie things that they keep getting.

I don't think any real high thrill flat rides would fit with SDC's theme. The Barn Swing is an exception, but most thrilling flat rides are noisy, tall, and modern looking. Coasters can be designed to hide in the terrain, flat rides can't. Plus, SDC is a family park, so a few fun family flats wouldn't hurt.

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So finally made it home from the park... A VERY crowded day. Still managed to get in several rides on Outlaw Run. Despite the wait time being posted as 50 minutes we usually made it on in about 30. The crew was running awfully slow today. Got my first front row ride on Outlaw Run today... I don't care what anyone says... I REALLY prefer the front seat as opposed to the back seat. The trains also had a lot more noticeable screeching to them today. Moving on... Powderkeg, Thunderation, and Outlaw Run all experienced a high amount of downtime today. Still can not wait to try out Lost River Of The Ozarks!! Should be a fun little raft ride!! When up and running Powderkeg has about a 20 minute wait, and that was with a full que. The team was doing a fantastic job dispatching trains. Wildfire had about a 10 minute wait, which is the longest I have ever seen that line!! Oh, and Wildfire had some REALLY bad vibrations going on. The first time in the back, not so much, but the front row was awful. Still an enjoyable ride though. Best lift hill view I have ever seen.

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I don't think any real high thrill flat rides would fit with SDC's theme. The Barn Swing is an exception, but most thrilling flat rides are noisy, tall, and modern looking. Coasters can be designed to hide in the terrain, flat rides can't. Plus, SDC is a family park, so a few fun family flats wouldn't hurt.

If Phantasialand can make a Top Spin looks like it belongs in...whatever time period and location Talocan takes place in, Silver Dollar City can certainly make any flat ride fit their theme. Spinning tower rides can be themed to gigantic trees, a Zamperla Air Race can be themed to barnstormer or crop-dusting planes, a Huss Breakdance can be themed to anything that you can sit in or on - it's really only limited to their imaginations and budget.

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I agree, there's always a way to do it, though SDC is a special case where it takes more effort than usual to keep it's world-class atmosphere in-tact. The Giant Swing was such a unique way to handle this when it was introduced in 2007. I can't wait to see them do something similar again, but there are some other things for the park to address first.


As someone who frequently visits the park with up to four generations of my family though, I have to say that the smartest thing the park can do right now is to continue to broaden their appeal to the younger family demographic (while maintaining their appeal to other demographics). There are just so many young kids visiting the park these days and while everyone enjoys SDC's special offerings such as crafts and shows, after awhile the kids just want to ride something. If I had my way I'd like to see them go back to developing unique family rides such as dark rides and such rather than just out-of-the-box flat rides from Zamperla or whoever that you can get anywhere.


In any case though, a few thrill rides go a long way. I think they've got enough right now to attract any thrill seeker within a 300 mile radius or more.

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