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  1. I don’t see what the big fuss is about. It’s $8 for an all day traveling locker. It’s park policy so respect it and if you don’t like it don’t go. Plus you might find some people have cool stories to tell
  2. Surprised no one has brought this up. On RMCs Instagram, in of their pictures with the free spin track, you can clearly make out iBox track in the background.
  3. If I'm looking at that last picture correctly, it appears like each train will only have one wheel bogey, at the back. As in the same as the wood trains. If this is the case perhaps they will be the first to have an inverting hyper coaster? Or just allow for much more crazy maneuvers.
  4. Okay this might be a crazy guess, however, with alll or most of the new family rides relating to flight in some way, could that mean a wing rider coaster is in the works? Perhaps this is absolutely nothing but I like to think so . But great add to WOF. And crosses fingers for a wing rider in the future haha
  5. Not to try to grasp at anything or speculate about anything in that email BUT that line "everything will become clear..." almost sounds like there will be a "dark section"
  6. Just some thoughts on that building.. what if that will be used for the launch system?
  7. I could see this being a hybrid IF it indeed does have a launch. Simply just thinking about the stress involved, I feel that the iBox design would be able to hold a launch more and allow more to work with with adding the mechanisms required.
  8. I would have to guess an RMC for 2016. IF the coaster lineups from SDC and Dollywood are to follow and what they put in, i would have to say an RMC. Due to the success of OR at SDC, and at other Six Flags parks as well. We will see though. Would be awesome to see a launched RMC coaster though..
  9. I could see that. Could you imagine though, an RMC wood coaster doing a zero-g stall over the main entrance to the park?!?! ..sorta like Gatekeeper and the keyhole elements.. one can only dream right?
  10. Well hopefully this means WOF is getting a front gate coaster. IMO,IF this indeed true, the employee mentioned the no need of a new coaster to throw you off. But I suppose we will see if that happens. My only question would be as to where this new gate would be located, or would it would be a "renovation" to the existing front gate? And if it's the new front gate/coaster combo CF has been doing, what coaster would WOF get?
  11. I like that we are seeing implementations of some of the elements found on RMC wood coasters, on a steel coaster. Such as the stall and outside banked turns.
  12. Since no one can genuinely, and respectfully, give you a response I will. I did a little research and found that in the original plans, the two year planning, there were rumors for a ten inversion coaster, a Morgan hyper, B&M and others. However, Intamin was the only one willing to go above 300 ft. As far as Millie ever having an inversion, I don't think there was ever plans for it to have an inversion. At least none of which I could find.
  13. Soo is an announcement going to happen in October now this is confirmed?
  14. If nobody at CP really wants Mantis anymore send it to WOF!!
  15. ..IMO, yes and no on that, looking at how awesome Goliaths' dive loop is, a complete wood loop Id imagine would look pretty sexy. IF they were to design to were it was like entering a hill, than stalling out at the top, like the zero g stalls, than I could see them doing that. Since the G's on the way down couldnt be any greater than the dive loop. Also, I would love to see RMC completely roll out/finish their zero g stalls, like a real zero g roll, not the zero g barrel roll.. And as stated a page before I believe, a complete ground up hybrid would be pretty awesome to see, and to see RMC push their hybrids a LOT further than just "copying" elements from the topper track coasters, which Im not complaing about. I just feel that RMC could be capable of doing more intense elements with the I-box vs the topper track. ONE DAY IT WILL HAPPEN!!
  16. Not to speculate for 2016, but just a thought, with FL coming in, and the really well done theme/revamp for that area had this come to my mind, I could honestly see a properly themed coaster(not that SDC has issues with that) fitting in for that area.. maybe like a wing coaster fit to the theme of a fire fighting aircraft, or something to that extent. But I am really excited to see FL and the really well done job SDC has done once again.
  17. For WOF being a home park, the park is pretty bland.. not sure how that goes with parks like CP, Carowinds, SFMM.. you get my point. In the past couple of years, I have found that you can ride Patriot, Prowler, and Mambe, TWICE.. in roughly two hours. I am not sure how that goes for this year with not having been at all, but I havent found an interest to go. Now IF it were possible for WOF to get a launch in a year or two, specifically an Intamin, that would be a HUGE marketing scheme CF could pull for a Midwest type of thing. SFSTL doesnt offer much, and SDC is the best park within a 4/5 hour radius. A launch coaster would IMO, fit perfectly, not that WOF is really the best suit park for it, but if CF wants to build it up, they need to start somewhere. And like I said they could market this type of ride very well for its area. And it would not have to be a record breaker, just for the area, and it wouldnt necessarily have to be a launch, just not anything thats close to the area.
  18. Putting a hyper or a wing rider in would be a perfect hit for WOF. Especially if they were to have it interact with the entrance of the park, like CF's been doing, and give that a new facelift. Maybe have it start where OE was at, do some awesome, crazy elements, than loop back to the main entrance of the park...
  19. ^That would be fantastic!! Although, seeing as this is WOF, they only get rides like Steel Hawk... CF needs to do something to WOF to liven it up more, and to bring more guests to the park.
  20. If it ends up being true that SFFT does get a B&M, that would account for all B&M track right? That would than leave Carowinds out, and a possible Intamin "return".. or some other manufacturer we haven't seen build a 300+ft tall coaster in a long time.
  21. Something that's typically brought up with new B&Ms but I wonder if it'll have the classic roar of a B&M? With all the theming around thunder and such, it would almost make sense for it to have the thunderous roar..Anybody know for sure?
  22. My idea of what this is going to be: the first RMC ground up hybrid launched wood coaster. To me this seems more reasonable for HW to get vs a steel coaster. If this still has designs from Paula's dads design back in 2009, a hybrid coaster with inversions would have been truly unique for its time. Adding a launch to it now would make it the "first of its kind". Plus, RMC has stated they have coaster plans for 2015(which I haven't heard about any yet), so this wouldn't surprise me much if this was an RMC. And it would also allow HW to have a longer coaster for the coast, and have something between wood and steel. If this is a steel, I'm having a hard time thinking of "first of its kind" other than the launched wing rider/flyer from B&M but how much is that considered "first of its kind" other than manufacturer or other than it being a flyer? Personally it would seem odd for HW to go from all wood to steel. Granted parks to do it to gain different audiences and to enter different markets, but a B&M for a first steel installment? And I just don't see B&M building a roller coaster that is truly different and crazy from beginning to end, without the typical B&M pizzazz thrown in.
  23. Has anyone seen them pour any footers over by that wood structure? I ask due to the large openings in that structure still, Im thinking a fly through, which would be cool. However, due to that line of footers, it's really looking like it'll be for a launch now. If so, that rules out the fly through possibility.. And if it does turn out to have a launch, an LSM at that, and its from B&M, itd be about time.. haha I am still trying to figure out what kind of insane element a coaster could do, to require those GIANT footers? Edit: reading the day 19 post, I put the launch and the deck together, going up to the deck, and staring at the clouds.. made me think of or realize the possibility of a launch coaster with a really tall spike, something like TTD or KK, obviously not that tall..
  24. Either way, imagine the line after the first one. And locks, IN KANSAS, I suppose they'd have to redirect the Missouri River for that one.
  25. Cake pops = bunny hills, airtime hills, negative g goodness. Let them eat CAKE POPS
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