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  1. From: http://www.electric-vehiclenews.com/2009/07/wicked-twister-lim-launch-coaster.html "These Linear Induction Motors certainly pack a huge punch, over 3 MW or approx 4000 hp worth of electricity is used to accelerate the train from 0-50 mph in just 2.5 seconds. "
  2. Completely agree with this, was very surprised when I went on it this summer.
  3. Wow, checking back to the thread after a busy day at work and am really grateful for all the fantastic information you have all given. Thanks!
  4. Thank you both for replying. Your information is really helpful. I did see your excellent trip report Andy as I was searching if anyone had done a similar trip before, so the itinerary is shared a little. Am going to read it again now and get excited! Phil you may be right in that this is a crazy and tiring plan. Do I need to cut it down? If you had to chop anything out what would it be? It sounds like Holiday World's water park is the only one I really have to venture into. The coasters/main park attractions are my main focus. Just hope this all works out
  5. Hello everyone, going from lurking in the forums to posting something serious. Trying to be brave this coming year and adventure out to the USA from England for the first time since 1995 when my parents took me to Disney World. In the past couple of years and I have gotten into playing pinball (hopefully some of you are familiar - think silver ball and flippers). There is a big pinball competition called 'Pinburgh' held each year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and this year it happens to be at a time of year when I can actually make it (July 2015). I'm a teacher so have five weeks summer holiday from half way through July to the end of August. Therefore, as I'll be coming from England I'd like to extend my visit by doing a road trip of some theme parks around the area in the East. I've dreamt of visiting places like Cedar Point, Busch Gardens and the Six Flags parks for many years. Can you help me make this an awesome trip? Here's my basic outline of the trip so far, though it may have to be cut down depending on cost - if anyone has any thoughts on the order, places to stay or any other tips, please advise: Day 0 - Fly to New York (which airport do most people fly into from England? Is there even a choice?) Day 1 - New York, touristy things like ferry past Statue of Liberty, Times Square; riding the Cyclone, Thunderbolt and Wonder Wheel Day 2 - Six Flags New England Day 3 - Dorney Park Day 4 - Knoebels Day 5 - Hersheypark Day 6 - Kennywood Day 7, Day 8, Day 9 - Pinburgh pinball competition @ Replay FX expo, David L Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh Day 10, Day 11 - Cedar Point (two days is best?) Day 12 - Kings Island Day 13 - Holiday World (and water park?) Day 14 - Dollywood Day 15 - Six Flags Over Georgia Day 16 - Carowinds Day 17 - Busch Gardens Williamsburg (I'd be interested in doing one of their behind the scenes coaster tours if on?) Day 18 - Kings Dominion Day 19 - Washington - touristy things like White House Day 20 - Six Flags America Day 21, Day 22 - Six Flags Great Adventure (two days is best?) Day 23 - Back in New York for flight home to England I based this the assumption that flights and car hire would work out cheaper starting and ending in the same place - would this be true? I also assume the flight from England to New York is direct. The other option would be to fly into Pennsylvania (probably not a direct flight) and start and finish the trip there. This might reduce the number of days I need a hire car by 3. Any thoughts? General questions - if anyone has any answers/advice that would be awesome: *Car hire? Has anyone from Europe got tips for hiring in the USA? What size cars are best (drive a small Volkswagen at home)? *Is it best to drive in the mornings to a new theme park each day and then have a nearby hotel for overnight, rather than driving each night to the next destination? How does it work with checking into accommodation? *Where to stay? Would you have a different place each night? Or can some of these places have a central hotel 'base' that you could drive out from? *How much would you budget for accommodation each night? *How much would you budget for food each day? I'm not a big eater at all! *Are season passes worth it for the Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks? Can they be bought by non-nationals? Can the be bought while I'm still in England or does it have to be in person? *Water parks? Are any adjoining water parks other than Holiday World's worth visiting if I only have the one day? *What queue-busting options are there at each park? How much should I budget for them? I appreciate this is a bucket load of questions. But I would be eternally grateful if anyone can provide any help to make this trip amazing! Thanks, Andrew
  6. Loefet, that coaster looks fantastic! I'd certainly love you to release it
  7. Poor old Jaws. Another classic ride about to bite the dust. Guess it's time to bring out "Jaws the Musical" (created by the Skippers the last time management decided to shut Jaws!): Seriously, watch it, it's awesome
  8. Very funny report guys. And Bryan - thumbs up on the Whiskey Media shirt!
  9. Thorpe Park - £2 Chessington - £2 Alton Towers - £5 LegoLand Windsor - £2, £6 (preferred parking).
  10. Yeah, I can't get any of my download links to work. Even tried re-downloading digital videos I'd bought from TPR in the past and they're not working either... Great prices though
  11. Donkeys are always awesome! Blackpool is one of those places I really love. No where else seems to be able to get away with lift hills like on the Wild Mouse, no restraints on rollercoasters, etc etc. I hope I can continue to feel like I'm going to die any moment (whilst actually being 100% safe) at Blackpool for many years to come. Thus I am extremely jealous of your visit - I wish I was there right now
  12. Here's a (poor quality) video of the "OMFG Airtime!" water slide: Yup, that really is ridiculous
  13. Sweet video dude - you looked like you were having an awesome time! And consider yourself very very lucky getting to jump out of a Skyvan; possobly the best skydiving plane around
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