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Universal Studios Singapore Discussion Thread

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Hi all this is my first post in this forum and i hope this information can help you all understand more about the theme park.Well let me summarize the entire theme park based on info from the net and also from local newspapers.The theme park will consists of 7 theme lands encircling a landscaped lagoon.The park will also have 22 attractions of which 16 of these rides have been designed and developed specially for Singapore.



22ha (with room for further expansion)


Theme Lands


:The Lost World


:Cartoon Studios

:Super Hero City

:Backlot-The Big Apple




[Attractions listed are not completed]

:Shrek 4-D

:Terminator 3

:Spiderman The Ride


:Twister...Ride it out

:Revenge Of The Mummy

:Journey to Madagascar*

:King Kong*

:Sesame Street 4D (New Storyline)

:Jurassic Park River Adventure (Designed by Steven Spielberg)

:The Fast and Furious-Tokyo Drift*

:Wicked The Show (15 mins version in 1000 seat theater)

:A Snoopy Ride

:Incredible Hulk Coaster (An entirely new and improved version)

reamworks Digital Animation Studios *(An actual studio which introduces visitors to computer-generated imagery and digital animation)


*=An entire new attraction not seen in other parks.

PS:All rides will be an upgraded and improved version and are not imported wholesale from other parks.



US $1Billion


Date Of Completion

End 2009


Expected Annual Attendance

5 Million

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I wonder what kind of attraction would the Fast and Furious and the King Kong attraction be like. Hazard a guess of simulator for the former and some kind of ride through for the latter. AT least we know that Journey to Madagascar would be a river raft ride like Popeye's.


I think the Hulk coaster placement is great and would give vantage views over the park. Hated the placement of Hollywood Dream the ride in USJ. Wonder if this new Hulk would have onboard soundtracks since that B&M junior hyper has?


WOuld T2 3D really be added? It seems to be already quite overcrowded and think that this is rather outdated and not really a classic.

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It seems like a very cool twist on Dueling Dragons is planned now:




This movie theme park features 24 rides and attractions, including a truly innovative pair of dueling coasters--one seated and one suspended--that are locked in aerial combat. Exciting loops, sudden turns, breathtaking drops and thrilling near-collisions will make you scream out loud.


If this is the case there is no doubt I'll be visiting soon after opening.

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Sorry to dredge this up this thread. I was at a fancy party tonight, and a friend of mine randomly told me that one of her new clients is a bigwig at a Singapore theme park.


Anyway, she said that the guy told her that the park is about to construct a stand-up AND sit-down coaster that intertwine. I knew she had to be talking about Universal. And now that I've read the thread, I see that she definitely was. I wonder if she confused stand-up with suspended?


Anyway, that's all I got-- just some confirmation from a random, non-coaster-y person. Sounds like a badass ride.

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^Unless you've visited Genting Highlands (which is owned by the same company) then you are a little worried.


Seriously though, I have seen the massive site that this park will sit on and the location is awesome. I hope that this park turns out great. (I think Universal will hold them to a high standard!) They also seem to be putting it in the right place and I think Singapore with its population and tourism can support it.

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This park sounds like the ultimate mix of thrills and fun rides. Commenting on the dueling coasters, the video on the Universal site says that it will be themed to Battlestart Galactica featuring a suspended and sit down coaster. In my opinion, this will either be a really cool concept or it will miss the mark completely. One of the coasters is supposed to have inversions, loops, etc while the other is supposed to be more hilly and, for lack of a better word, turny. So we have a dueling inverted and sitdown with one doing loops and the other just coasting. So I say again, I think this will either be hit or miss because of the nature of the coasters and the dueling. Regardless, the park seems to be a mix of IOA and US which should make for a unique park experience. Can't wait to see this park further along in construction.

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^^ I looked through all the pics and haven't seen a trace of any coaster track, let alone the dueling coaster's track. Can you provide a link to the track pics?


EDIT: If the park were really building a sitdown and stand up, the only companies that build both sitdown coasters and stand up coasters are B&M and Intamin. Intamin hasn't built a coaster for decades though, which leaves B&M, which has mysterious yellow track sitting outside of it at the moment. Hmm....

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