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2006 VMA's

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Unfortunately Panic! tried to perform live again, with the same poor results. Though it was great having the entire audience screaming whore. LOL


And I love Beyonce tring to be Janet Jackson, oh man.


OK Go made up for the rest of the night's suck, though.



And yeah, the only artists worth mentioning that were nominated were Madonna and Gnarls Barkley... that's pretty bad. It was cool that a7x won best group video, but at the same time, I hear them and hear them and hear others.

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^ Really? All the reviews I read this morning are bashing it. I haven't watched it in years so, I don't know. The VMA's are a popularity contest not an award show for talent. I mean seriously, the Black Eyed Peas won an award....my farts are more musical and slightly more entertaining.

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I haven't watched in years either. Weren't these awards completely voted on by the public (every 11-17 year old under the sun) this year? I thought I remembered hearing that somewhere. Or was that some other pointless "awards" show?




Scott "How can they keep giving out Video Music Awards with no videos on the channel anymore?" B.

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Worst VMAs EVER. Boring. And I usually like Jack Black, but last night, not so much. And Sarah Silverman was pretty underwhelming. No big surprises.


Axl Rose?? So 15 years ago.

Al Gore?? This is an iceberg. This is an iceberg on global warming. Any questions?


Yawn. I've been to lectures that were more entertaining.

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meh, I liked the VMA's...though I thought they could have used a different host this time...I do like jack black...but the opener wasen't that funny...then I caught alot of slip ups throughout the show...where one of the dancers dancing for ludacris almost fell off stage during the end of the song (NOTE: she fell twice)...I loved the Beyonce performance....Beyonce copy Janet...i guess...Janet isn't even a threat to Beyonce lol...ah it was good all togther.

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Overall it was just ok to me. I think it was better when they had it in Miami. The performances were good, but they weren't the mindblowing performances they usually have. Jack Black was ok, but he gets an A for effort. To me it was not as exciting as it has been in the past.

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Telemundo and Univision are more entertaining than MTV anymore. And that's saying a lot.


Dude, that's a given. Have you seen the women on Telemundo???

Hot damn, I should study Spanish more seriously now and watch some novellas.


That has to be the fruitiest post I have ever done...

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