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Pluto NOT a Planet anymore! WTF!


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Your mom is a planet!


But really, that's pretty cool, I always like big changes like this. I'm not sure why, but I do. But I do think it's dumb, I mean, is it really going to change anything? People are always going to call it a planet, although technicly it's not a planet.

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For those of you who are upset b/c scientists have redefined the "planetary rules", just keep in mind that our knowledge changes and progresses.


Remember, it used to be common knowledge that 1) Earth was at the center of the solar system, and 2) the Earth was also flat.


Sounds idiotic now, but back then it made sense, and the scientists with new ideas were persecuted and accused of being crazy.


Maybe if we all read more Douglas Adams, we may all learn a little more about the universe! It'll give all the dorks something to do besides rebuilding that Mos Eisley Cantina Lego set again!

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"Hey Mickey! Somethin' bad 'round ya!"

"On Pluto? Coz I heard it on a radio."

"Pluto might get erased from a bio of stary

world's planet, not ya dog."

"What a sad thing!"

"Yeah the solar system would lost one ya


"Oh I'm startin' to feel I miss another Pluto."

"Poor Pluto."


pluto woulda got feel so down that he had a friend

called pluto too.

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We've all been told a lie our whole lives that pluto was part of our solar system...Anyone know the old saying that helped us remember the planets "My very educated mother just served us nine pizza pies"?

Umm.... why pizza pies? if you just said pies it would have been correct.

Even back when pluto was a planet... there were never two p's at the end...

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