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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^^ I'm all for Six Flags MM being like Cedar Point and building more roller coasters. But they have to do what's best for maximizing their profits, if they're even earning a profit at all.


Going the fully roller coaster route wasn't adding up exactly as perhaps anticipated. Who knows if they'll deviate from there a little.


Anyways what makes Cedar Point so great is not just the roller coasters they have, but also the flat rides. I would be happy if we could get some flat rides.... even some that are at Knotts.. like the one next to Perilous Plunge.. whatever that one is called . We need (thrill) flats!


Yes, Superman: The Escape should be torn down, just to be torn down because it is HORRIBLE. But that's my opinion. I don't speak for the GP. The GP certainly think otherwise... i.e. 'Superman is the best ride in the park'

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If anyone is planning on going to the park this weekend, X2 will not be open. Something happened during midweek testing, and they are waiting for a replacement part. It will not be open at all this weekend.

This has really destroyed my weekend. I came all the way from Chicago, just to ride X2. It's my favorite coaster. I know the risks of planning something like this, but I'm still can't believe my luck.

X2 was down for a large part of West Coast Bash last year, due to high winds. I think it was the only coaster that was down at night. That was the last time I was here. I just have no luck with this coaster.

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Hadn't seen anyone post any pictures of the fully-repainted Batman, so I thought I'd share some of the photos I took at the park today. Other than blue Batman, Viper was running three trains today, which is something I don't think I've ever seen before (I don't generally go in the summer). They stacked all three every time. Se la vie...


I was opposed to it at first, but it really does look nice.


Still think it would have looked just as nice with a new coat of grey and black, but...


Still, it's nice.

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^Hey I also went to the park today. Just got back in fact.




Jet Stream: 1x

Terminator: 3x

Batman: 1x

Tatsu: 1x

Goliath: 1x

Revolution: 1x

Collosus: 1x


I checked out the Skytower too finally. Great views of the park. I love the new paint on Batman, and Goliath certainly looks much nicer.


Also, I found out what happened with Superman. He was due for a repaint, after sitting up there for the past twelve years. The powers that be, though, had decided it was better if they would just slap on a brand spanking new Superman rather than repainting the old one.


Nothing new was also happening with the former Animal Farm or the new coaster site, except for some pipes and a big pile of dirt.

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How crowded was it today? I've been there in January many times but never on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend and never on Saturday. January is usually a good time to go, but I'm curious about how long the lines were on a Saturday of a holiday weekend, during the slower part of the year.

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I went today as well. It wasn't extremely busy but because there was no X2 or Deja Vu, it made Tatsu's lines longer than what they might normally be. Although they were loading on both stations, it seemed like the station on the Ninja side was much, much slower. It also seems like while the Tatsu ops have taken their act even further, at least the Goliath op (blond girl) seems to have toned down hers.


I think I read about this many pages ago but that restroom over by the lockers! wow! what a renovation!


Overall, I got in 20 rides today including my first ever rides on Tatsu and Revolution in the dark.

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If you guys had to rank all the [non-junior] roller coasters in this park on the basis of your enjoyment, preference, etc... well, how do you rank the roller coasters we have?


  • 1. Goliath
    2. X2
    3. Tatsu
    4. Riddler's Revenge
    5. SCREAM!
    6. Deja Vu
    7. Terminator Salvation: The Ride
    8. Batman: The Ride
    9. Viper
    10. Colossus
    11. Revolution
    12. Ninja
    13. Goldrusher
    14. Superman: The Escape


I'm most likely to start my day with Goliath. And least likely to want to ride Superman: The Escape. Though I usually intend to ride all these rides every time I make a trip to the Mountain.

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If you guys had to rank all the [non-junior] roller coasters in this park on the basis of your enjoyment, preference, etc... well, how do you rank the roller coasters we have?


1. Terminator Salvation: The Ride (at night)

2. Tatsu

3. X2

4. Goliath

5. Terminator Salvation: The Ride (day)

6. Riddler's Revenge

7. Scream

8. Deja Vu

9. Batman the Ride

10. Superman the Escape

11. Viper

12. Colossus

13. Revolution

14. Gold Rusher

15. Ninja

16. Canyon Blaster


Typically, I head to Tatsu first, then do the coasters on top of the mountain, head down the back, go to Terminator and Deja Vu, then backtrack around the mountain until I get to X2. Before Tatsu opened, I would start at X and just go clockwise around the mountain, but I've found that this plan doesn't work as well lately (you move with the crowd, as opposed to ahead of/behind it).

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1. X2

2. Tatsu

3. Goliath

4. Colossus

5. Terminator Salvation

6. Goldrusher

7. Deja Vu

8. Batman: The Ride

9. Riddler's Revenge

10. Scream

11. Revolution

12. Ninja

13. Superman: The Escape

14. Viper


Tatsu is my #2 because of its amazing pretzel loop, and sheer size. Although I am still in favor of tearing down Goliath, that one bunny hill, and 255ft drop at night are amazing. Idk about you guys, but Colossus is my #4 because I got great airtime on it.


and of course X2 is my #1 mostly because of its nature, and hangtime.

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1. X2

2. Goliath

3. Batman The Ride

4. Terminator Salvation The Ride

5. Ninja

6. Viper

7. Riddler’s Revenge

8. Tatsu

9. Déjà vu

10. Scream!

11. Gold Rusher

12. Superman The Escape

13. Revolution

14. Colossus


If it means anything, I rank Canyon Blaster ahead of Colossus.


Basically, X2 completely beats everything at the park for me. I'll wait anything for that ride and I make sure I ride it at least a couple times every visit.


Goliath, Batman and Terminator are the other really good rides at the park imo. I enjoy them all and won't go to SFMM without them.


Ninja and Viper are enjoyable rides.


Riddler's, Tatsu, Deja Vu and Scream all full under the "okay ride, but I'd rather skip" category. They all make me sick, but I rate them decently because I loved them when I first rode them, and I know I would like them if I didn't have motion sickness. Besides, they have their moments (Riddler's hang time, Tatsu's lift, Deja's lift and Scream's zero g).


Gold Rusher is a really fun ride (especially at night) that keeps moving up on my list. And while I do enjoy it more than a few others on my list (like the above four) I rank it below them, because overall, the above are better rides.


Superman is the most pointless ride in the park, but it doesn't beat me up or make me sick...therefore it sits here.


And Colossus is one of my least favorite coasters, and my all time least favorite woodie.

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1. X2

2. Tatsu

3. The Riddler's Revenge

4. Batman: The Ride

5. Goliath

6. Scream!

7. Terminator Salvation: The Ride

8. Viper

9. Déjà vu

10. Goldrusher

11. Colossus

12. Ninja

13. Superman: The Escape

14. Revolution


I don't care how long the wait for X2 is, I will ALWAYS ride it at least once every visit. At night, it's the best experience I've ever had on a theme park attraction.


Tatsu I love so much, because it was the first coaster I ever rode at SFMM. I remember being really excited to finally be at the park and riding my first flying coaster. The pretzel loop is just insane, and the rest of the ride is really relaxing and fun.


Riddler and Batman are kind of tied for me. I love Batman because it's really fast and never slows down, but I like Riddler because you get hang time and some nice g's. Both rides are about the same, but Riddler's station music, longer track length, and stand-up position give it the upper hand.


Goliath's first drop and helix of death are both awesome. This is probably the only ride in the park where I've kept my hands up the entire ride. It's REALLY powerful at the bottom of the first drop, too. I felt it last time when I accidentally leaned forward a little. haha


Scream, Terminator, Viper, Déjà Vu, Goldrusher, and Colossus are all fun and enjoyable rides to me. I make the effort to ride each of them at least once a visit, but my top 5 is what gets priority.


I don't care much for Ninja, Superman, or Revolution. Ninja's too slow and shaky for me, Superman is too short, and Revolution hurts. I can go to the park without riding these three and I wouldn't really mind.

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