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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Is there any other ride that drops straight into an airtime hill the way TC does? Id like to see if people enjoy that.


call me dumb, but what part are you talking about?


The hill following the first drop.



yeah, i'm thinking after watching again it's going to have a decent pop there.

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It looks really stretched out. I'm thinking Goliath-esque floater there.



The hills leading into and out of the high five, green's double down, blue's hill under green's top gun stall, both double ups into the second turn around, and the reverse banked blue hill leading into the green lift are going to be insane though.

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Is there any other ride that drops straight into an airtime hill the way TC does? Id like to see if people enjoy that.


Thunder Road at Carowinds does, although it's an out and back layout. Thunder Road's hill was nice floater air from what I remember, but that hill on Twisted Colossus looks a bit more like NTaG's hill before its mid-course break run - or in other words insane.

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Is there any other ride that drops straight into an airtime hill the way TC does? Id like to see if people enjoy that.


Thunder Road at Carowinds does, although it's an out and back layout. Thunder Road's hill was nice floater air from what I remember, but that hill on Twisted Colossus looks a bit more like NTaG's hill before its mid-course break run - or in other words insane.


I didn't think thunder road had any air when I road it 2 years ago, it was just a bit rough and boring. Maybe the seat matters, I was mid-train.

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Despite living in SoCal, I don't go to SFMM that often. The last time I was there was right before Lex Luthor opened, and before that, it was for the opening of Terminator/Apocalypse. Anyhow, because that labor day gold pass offer was such a good deal, I figured it would be worth it to grab one‚ÄĒespecially given that I'll at least head out for Colossus next year (I assume).


Anyhow, I know that TPR is holding an event there tomorrow, but I wanted to swing by today, process my pass, jump on a few rides that I hadn't had the chance to ride yet, and maybe take a few pictures. I'd actually planned on spending more time with my camera, but I misjudged how hot it would be and wasn't fully prepared. My DSLR is pretty old now and doesn't behave as well as it should, but I still enjoy the process. Consequently, my apologies for the graininess of some of them; again, I misjudged just how bright and hot it was going to be and didn't pack any lens hoods.


But before that, a couple of quick thoughts:


The park wasn't too busy, but Tatsu, X, and Full Throttle all had decent sized lines. I really don't care much for the B&Ms at SFMM, so I skipped all those this time and just rode Goliath, Lex Luthor, Ninja, Apocalypse, Superman, and Full Throttle. I planned to be in and out within a few hours.


Goliath has always been a favorite since it opened. That first drop is one of few first drops anywhere that still "gets me" every time. While I find the camelback to be a bit of a letdown (I think it's a tad too spread out), it consistently provides a good ride and is still very smooth given its age.


Lex Luthor was new to me and I rode both sides. Drop towers still freak me out, and this one was no exception for the first ride. You can feel the tower wobbling around, even without Superman powering up it. I found the drop to be forceful, but it didn't affect me in the same way that the old Freefall drop used to. Supreme Scream is the same‚ÄĒfun, but doesn't give me that same feeling of an actual freefall. This felt like much more of an aggressive drop‚ÄĒa serious pull downward and you really feel the force of the brakes as well. It's great to drop for long enough to pay attention to what's going on, but I found it to be more entertaining than truly scary. It's a great addition though, and something I'd ride again for sure.


Superman in reverse was new to me and what a difference that made! I used to skip that ride in the past because it just never seemed worth it, but I'd often wonder what it might be like to face the other way. Now I know, and it's far, far better. The launch was great and the sense of height makes all the difference.


Apocalypse was as rough as the last time I rode it (I think it was still Terminator then), but it's not that bad. I think it looks worse than it feels as much of the wood has bleached out and it looks a bit ragged now. A pretty aggressive ride today with several out-of-the-seat moments, but it only jack-hammered on that last figure-8 section‚ÄĒa section I've always considered pointless. It's still a solid layout though and pretty fun overall.


Although I didn't ride it, Green Lantern was sending out seriously unbalanced cars and I watched one spin repeatedly throughout most of the ride. I despise that ride, and it's one that I don't see myself even getting on again, but it's fun to watch and seemed to have a consistent line throughout the day.


Full Throttle was far more fun than I anticipated and the hanging loop was fantastic. Getting to watch someone's sunglasses drift to the ground from the upside down position hammered home just how high up it was. The flip/reverse launch thing was fun‚ÄĒespecially in the back seat (I'm sure that element has a name that I'm unaware of‚ÄĒinverted camel-toe or something.) Cresting the hill and the subsequent drop didn't do much for me though. I sat in the back and hoped there'd be some air there but there was really nothing‚ÄĒjust a tilt forward into the brakes. I could see why those uncomfortable shin protector things were in place for that part though. The launch was surprisingly tame as well I found, but the overall ride was really enjoyable. The music in the queue was unfortunate though.


Skipped Tatsu and X as I really don't care much for either (unless they're a walk-on). Anyhow, a few pictures:



YOLO loop


YOLO hill


Superman‚ÄĒit was going pretty high up the tower as well. The last time I rode it, it wasn't going that high at all.


On the way up . . .


Pause . . .


And back down.






This is how unbalanced it was‚ÄĒthis is a car on the lift hill.


Yeah, no thanks.


Call an ambulance?




Riddler, crawling through its loops.




Reverse Inverted Gooseneck Turn


Inverse Snout Roll


Himalayan Cobra Dive


I swear, Tatsu looks like it's doing about 20mph through most of the track. Of course it's not, but you know what I mean.


YOLO again


And again


Stupid sun in the way


Some hairtime, I think




. . .


. . . it's a pretty photogenic coaster.


Not a fan of the flyer concept, but these folks seem to like it.


As do these folks


The classic, and still one of my personal favorites.


Yeah. It does nothing for me.


I rode this when it opened. Still kind of dislike it to this day.


Looks cool, though.


Best part of the ride?


Keep off the track.


Watch your backs


. . .


Makes for a great skyline though.

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