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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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If you think it's going to be a great ride, then why are you bitching about it? Who cares if it could have been longer? The parts they cut out where basically dead spaces in the original ride and they probably couldn't do anything innovative with the structure that those elements utilized. Personally, I'm amazed they were able to take this 1970's layout, and turn into something that is very modern and innovative. The same goes with Wicked Cyclone.


I'm only responding because you asked me a question, so I'll answer it. I care. And if you think I'm the only one who's pointed this out then you haven't been reading very carefully. There was a lot of dead space in the track they DID utilize, nothing about the track getting bulldozed would've made it harder to use.


I find it interesting that this thread for a long time has been the most concentrated source of Six Flags bashing on the entire forum. Now we're seeing a project with obvious squandered potential and, for some reason, most people seem to be willing to give them a pass. It is in fact possible to like what you're getting and be happy, AND recognize that it could've been so much more. It's not an either/or.


EDIT: Although most people are also being very pessimistic about the operations of this ride. I guess that's where the SF bashing comes back in.


I think most people can separate a great ride from a company with a great track record from a lousy park


Imo, this is the most exciting ride SFMM has added since X. We all get that it could have been longer, but the awesomeness by far outweighs the nitpicking. That's why you're not getting much support.


It's the same comments we got when Outlaw Run and El Toro were announced in regards to length vs height. And we can see how that turned out.


Colossus is closed for good. This is a brand new ride. The original stats are no more. Time to move forward.

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I find it interesting and sad really that no matter what people get, it is never enough. Yes this could have been longer, but it won't be and it will still be amazing. Obvious squandered potential? Perhaps, but who cares (well apparently somebody lets it bother them). I almost wish this ride was just turned into a parking lot so these people, who could never be pleased because 'everything is never enough' for them, would be happy. Oh wait, that's right, YOU are the engineer that designed this ride so you know everything about it and why, which means you would also know why DEAD PARTS had to be removed to make it awesome...... being the engineer that designed this ride, you know all that stuff. Oh wait, that's right, you're not.


Doesn't matter how good or cool or amazing something is, somebody will always nit-pick it to death.


Gotta love the internet.

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People thought El Toro was short? When did that happen?


Oh yeah. You have to remember that El Toro was new the same year that The Voyage was new. People saw 6,400 vs 4,400 and wondered about the total length of the ride, espcially when El Toro was taller and faster.


Twisted Colossus doesn't need to be identical in layout (double oval) or length for it to be a fantastic ride. It's part of the reason why I dislike calling Iron Horse projects as "renovations" when they are in reality closer to brand new projects.

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People thought El Toro was short? When did that happen?


Oh yeah. You have to remember that El Toro was new the same year that The Voyage was new. People saw 6,400 vs 4,400 and wondered about the total length of the ride, espcially when El Toro was taller and faster.


What's funny is...I absolutely think Toro is short. There are five ejector hills. All five are gonzo-insane, but there are five.


The coasters I have above Toro, T Express and Voyage, each have like...15 ejector hills? I don't even think they're in the same category as Toro.

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There is no NDA.


And "this dude" obeys the Six Flags policy of no cell phones while on the clock. It's automatic termination. The track is also in an area you can't really see unless you looked to the left while on Scream's brake run.


But there is track on site, so be excited!


Jesus F Christ, automatic termination? That seems a bit harsh. At Whole Foods, you just get written up.

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I would need so many sets of hands to count the number of times I've seen some ride op on their cellphone at SFMM.


Seriously. I remember one trip to the Mountain, we had delays in getting dispatched on several rides because someone was going through their phone at every other ride. Cant say an auto-termination is extreme considering we are putting our safety in these employees hands. One time on Ninja, a girl forgot to check my restraints because she got a text and pulled her phone out, turned around to read it and put her thumb up. I had to get her attention and remind her to do her job.

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The cell phone policy is supposedly chain wide although I believe it's up to specific parks as to the severity of how they enforce it.


Honestly, I understand the policy and why it's implemented. I remember a few years back when we used to post photos on this very thread of various employees using their cell phones at work. It was a huge problem. I don't necessarily agree that it should be no cell phones at all, (I think they could be used sparingly backstage out of sight of guests) but I understand that for most people it's all or nothing. Give an employee an inch, they'll go 5 miles. So in order to squash something that has been a huge problem in the past, Six Flags went zero tolerance with no leeway, and I applaud them for that.


Anyone have any construction photo updates?


There really isn't anything to photograph right now without breaking rules.

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Photo Update from Sunday 8/31/14


For being the middle of a holiday weekend, the park was not crowded at all, at least in the morning. We got there a couple mins early, and I have to say, the finger scanners are doing much better! I processed my pass that I got online at the gate and the process took no more than 30 seconds! People just scanning their pass for entry were in in less than 10 seconds!


First, we headed up to Tatsu. They were not open yet, but they were letting people into the queue. Five minutes later, they are open and we are on the second train of the day.


Next we head up the hill to Log Jammer, where even with one train we walked right onto the front row. A much different ride without all the trees. (Did I say Log Jammer? Oops, meant Ninja!)


Then we walked onto Superman, left side only open, no wait. Both sides were open later in the day, as were both stations on Tatsu.


After Superman, we headed over to Apocalypse. It was running amazingly! We rode on Train 1 twice in a row and it felt almost as smooth as when it opened! It was super pleasant, better than it has been in a couple years!


Then we walked onto Riddler and Batman, both with no wait. Batman still has SFOT's trains is is super quiet and smooth with them!


Next, I headed down Back Alley for some Colossus construction photos and to catch a ride on Scream! The ride was experiencing a delay so I didn't ride, but it was back open later!


I headed up to LLDOD (10 min wait) and then Goliath (20 min wait). Hit up Throttle after this with only a 25 min wait, not even under the canopy! Then headed up to Revolution for a quick ride, running pretty smooth! Then waited 10 min for Viper and it was terrible! A worse ride than usual!


Now it was time to ride X2. The wait could be seen from the entrance but it still only took 45 min thanks to the amazing crews! By the time I left the wait was down to 20 min. or so.


Solid day at the park! But enough with the words, onto the pictures!


Welcome to Six Flags Magic Mountain... In case you forgot where you were at! This update is brought to you by my iPhone 5s. Didn't have my other camera with me.


Now to Colossus... THE TRACK IS GONEEEEE! You can kind of make it out in this photo, but the track ends right before the brake run and is completely gone all the way through the station!


This was in the middle of the day, like 1:30 PM! With no Colossus nobody comes down here! Back Alley here we come!


Something that can't be seen in New Jersey! Thanks, State of California, at least you did SOMETHING right!


Looks like a spill near Center Ring Games... Six Flags' Solution!


Up on Samurai Summit there are some crates with stuff for the Willoughby's Garden of Darkness Fright Fest Maze!


The A/C was freezing and there was no line! Awesome!


Also no line for Riddler!


The "Colossus County Fair" Restrooms are apparently closed for renovations. No signs or anything. I just needed to go to the restroom and as I was walking in I ran into this... Haha


The right side track is also all gone all the way to the lift! Supports and all! It was impossible to get a picture of the rest but you could see it from Goliath. The track on the lift is also cut into segments so it can easily be removed this week.


Short line for YOLO! Awesome!!!!


Throttle again! Why? Cuz YOLO! Thanks for reading this update and let me know if you have any questions! Let me know if you want anymore updates soon!


Chupacabra maze being worked on early! Hopefully there are some new surprises here this year!


Over at X2 Plaza there are some lights being set up for Fright Fest!


The Boxtrolls so they are called were out for pictures with people all day in front of the Golden Bear!


I felt uncomfortable around them! Interesting movie choice...


Seriously, these things CREEP me out!

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Something that can't be seen in New Jersey! Thanks, State of California, at least you did SOMETHING right!


If Lex Luthor happened to be (somehow) built on the front side of the Superman tower, we would probably be sharing the same problems as Zumanjaro. So, don't give California that much credit.

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