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  1. I took a trip through the south and SFOG was a big part of it, and I'm happy to say the park was even better than I remembered from childhood. No surprise, with the multiple world-class coasters that weren't there 25 years ago, like Goliath and Superman UF, and I loved Twisted Cyclone too. Even the repeats and clones were satisfying, especially Mindbender. But I have one big question: why does Georgia Scorcher exist, and is it possible to ride it without feeling like you just squatted 400 pounds while straddling a fence pole? My quadriceps were fucked up for days.
  2. Those are standard passes. In the past few years (perhaps even longer, I'm pretty sure they did it when I was a kid too) they've had an option that allows you to enter your ZIP code and get a much reduced price from what's listed there if you live outside of a certain distance away from the park. They were called "AARC" (not AARP, ha) passes. I was never able to figure out what it stood for.
  3. Unless I'm just not seeing them on the website, it seems that the discounted Gold passes for people who live farther than (x) from SFOT are gone. That's a fine how do you do.
  4. The park was basically perfect from 4-close yesterday. If you're thinking about heading out today, I'd do it. And who really gives half a good goddamn about the Six Flags shirts? They enter my consciousness for about 20 seconds of every visit. I'd never be caught dead actually WEARING one. (Okay, maybe if I just lost my home in a natural disaster, and the shirt was a Red Cross donation or what have you.)
  5. For the record, that's one of the wildest old-school tilt a whirls I've ever been on. And been on, and been on, and been on...
  6. If you live near here and have never been, it's a must. Charming little park. I just don't go (much) because I spent 8,000 hours of my childhood there and it's old hat.
  7. Will you be using 35 from Dallas to OKC or vice versa? There's a little place in Davis (OK) not far off exit 51 called Smokin' Joe's and it's some of the best in the state. In OKC, Leo's (NE 36th and Kelley) is well-known and does terrific chopped/chunked brisket, and ribs with a great peppery rub. Bedlam (NE 50th and Lincoln) is pretty good too. There's a little tucked-away place called George's Happy Hog near OU Med Center, but make sure you ask them to leave both sides of the bark on the brisket. The only Earl's worth your time is the original at NW 63rd and Western; Earl's has the best (and only always-on-the-menu) pulled pork in the city. Somebody already mentioned JT's in Del City and it's legit too. Avoid Back Door BBQ on NW 23rd, it's overpriced yuppie cue. Iron Starr (NW 36th and Walker) is where to go if you want yuppie cue.
  8. Unless you absolutely must ride together, use the single rider line on Vibora, Pandemonium, and STOP. Maybe Justice League too. I did it for the first time last week and would not have waited in the full line, which was the longest in the park by a decent margin, but then again I wasn't with a family. Batman is once again a weekday walk-on (and ride as many times as you can stand by switching seats) now that Backwards is gone.
  9. Giant's crew was *killing* it yesterday. I rode 6 times in about 30 minutes, which I've never had the privilege of doing on Giant. (It had an effect not unlike certain stimulant drugs. But I still don't see how people do real ERT.) If I get another email survey, they will get massive raves. Justice League was amusing enough but I wouldn't have waited in the regular line for it. Also please note if you have prescription sunglasses, bring your regulars for JLBFM, as the 3D glasses on top of sunglasses will put you in sheer darkness.
  10. I haven't been able to get on SkyScreamer a second time. That thing did the job on me. I was impressed. Not quite as impressed as I was by the people I saw on my last trip intentionally twisting the cars around almost 360 degrees. Insanity. The twisting is the scariest part to me.
  11. I'm sure it will be great, but if I'm being honest, I'm most excited about its potential to shorten lines elsewhere in the park, and I probably won't ride it until next year. Maybe once if my buddy's kid insists on one of our trips, but I'm usually childless at the park.
  12. I don't know if all the Fridays before daily operations will be like this, but the park was just about perfect today. I got there around 3 as the field trips were slowly departing; all the signs said 10-8 so maybe it was open to the public all day, but the website said 2-8. Anyway, preferred parking was open and Flash Pass was closed. Titan didn't even have a person watching for go-arounds. Everything was virtually a walk-on turning into re-rides as the day got longer. Except for NTAG, where they were taking their sweet time, unfortunately. Oh well, I can hardly complain about one thing, and I think I'm going to make the first Friday in May a yearly occasion.
  13. I haven't been on Wild Thing, but from watching POVs it looks almost identical to Mamba, which I have always found pretty average. (Not awful, just average, and I quite like WOF as a whole.) It doesn't compare favorably to XL200 from 10 years earlier, Titan from the same year, or any number of hypers built since. I'm not sure why it would have been on a TV show.
  14. They may not be slammed, but I wouldn't count on it being slow by any means. Fort Worth and Dallas are in school, but Arlington and a whole handful of other suburban districts are still out. You win this time, realist! (It was pretty crowded. I didn't bother with any of the signature rides. Oh well.)
  15. I noticed the park is open 10-10 this Friday, which is Good Friday. Is it a school holiday? Any guesses at crowd levels?
  16. I rode it once and hated it. And I can ride Batman Normal 5+ times in a row on a slow day.
  17. It scared the bejesus out of me. Really got me in the ol' reflexive terror, lizard brain part of my head. I was very impressed/slightly ashamed, especially when little kids were rushing by me and begging to go again. I don't think any coaster could even give me pause anymore (maybe TTD/KK) but this overgrown swing set nailed me.
  18. Reeeeealllly. I could have sworn they were arriving faster than seemed possible with two. I stand corrected.
  19. I was very, very pleased by the improvements in ride operations I saw yesterday during my first visit for the year. A decidedly moderate crowd for Spring Break definitely helped, but things were moving fast and smoothly all over the park. We got in by 11:05 and found Giant running all three trains and virtually a walk-on, so jumped right on it before it turned into its usual self, but had no problem riding whatever we wanted with little delay all day--with the exceptions of Vibora (duh, haven't done non-singles in years), Runaway Mountain (its usual self), the Freeze/Batman combo which our kid companion was too short to ride, and SkyScreamer, which kid and adults alike agreed was a no-go. I might get the nerve back next time, but I'm still recovering from my first time on it being at night with winds just slow enough to run the ride.
  20. Yup. Just confirming what I said in the Six Flags Development thread about how Six Flags has spoiled the concept of amusement parks in the public's mind and how new developers have to fight against it. It's all about providing an all-around wholesome and worthwhile experience, not sucker punching guests with hidden costs and making no effort to actually help people have fun. I'm so glad they're modeling themselves after HFEC properties instead of going for the low-hanging fruit. I think you're over-reading. Six Flags has positioned themselves as a place to ride rides and maybe do a few other things. That's the differentiation Galland is trying to make. For what it's worth, SDC and etc are attempting to make inroads in the opposite direction too--I'm one of the people they're after, who wouldn't even consider SDC or Dollywood unless they up the thrill quotient. The Flags circlejerk here is exhausting sometimes.
  21. Every major ride has either bins or curtained cubes you can place it in. But be aware there are more than a few water fountains at SFOT and the concession stands are obligated to give you free water cups. Specific ride situations: Titan and NTAG have curtained cubes on the platform and zipper pockets in the cars for smallest items (phone, wallet, keys). Shock Wave, Batman, Vibora, and Mine Train have just the cubes. Mr. Freeze has a sliding platform with little bins and no one can access your items while riding. Superman and Sky Screamer have bins. Most flats have cubes, if I recall, though not many of them will pitch your items anyway. Runaway Mountain exits at a slightly different spot than it boards, so they won't let you leave items (IIRC).
  22. Parking is a huge gouge at SF parks--$15 (scratch scratch) $20 at SFOT to park in a decrepit, cracked, shadeless lot. It's one of the perks on the "Gold" pass, though, and obviously worth it.
  23. I know the extra money looks to be well-invested, but Cedar Fair as a whole seems to be more expensive than SF (please resist the urge to class-trash the average SF visitor). I don't live in CF country and WOF is the only CF park I've been to, and when I got curious about how much a chain-wide season pass would be, my jaw dropped. Current 2015 sale offers for CF Platinum passes are $180, while the teaser "standard" price for SF Gold 2015 is $115 (on sale at $65-85). And virtually no one will pay that $115 price. Plus CF does not appear to offer a discount for passholders who live at distance from CF parks--this year I got SF Gold passes for a standard price of $75, didn't even have to pounce on it in the offseason for a good sale, because I live more than x miles from any SF park.
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