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  1. rool:: Nice pictures! The offseason needs to hurry and be over already! All this warm weather we have had makes me wanna ride.
  2. I love that game Robb! I never worked at an amusement park, but it looks like something I can get into.
  3. Looks interesting, but I agree let coaster technology slow down a wee bit.
  4. Great pictures Robb! I want to book my party at the funhouse! But that park looked fun and Im never going to get to go, so sad...
  5. About time! I cant wait until my anticipated trip to the Mountain! I just don't know when just yet.
  6. Looks pretty sick! I'd do it, as long as it was free however. Hopefully my broken body wouldn't break even more though....
  7. LOL Great video Ryan. I always enjoy watching your videos lol...keep them coming!
  8. I have mixed feelings on this. I personally love IOA the way it is. The Lost Continent is very well themed, it could boost up the park, but lets hope they don't ruin that section. I haven't been there since I was in the 8th grade, but maybe it won't be as bad.
  9. Depends on my mood. So yes. Have you ever eaten squid?
  10. Im sick of paying 65 dollars for a gym. I can't go now anyway considering I just had knee surgery on Tuesday.
  11. Great photo! I wish we had snow like that, looks beautiful.
  12. While I like Big Bens at Six Flags New England, I love La Cocina at Great Advanture. The Qusadillas, yummmm....
  13. I want Ferret Beer! But I want the snow globes more. Where did you get the snow globes Derek?
  14. Happy Birthday Jahan! I hope you get everything you want!
  15. I don't know how I feel about this. When I went on Sheikra, I thought it was awesome. Now they are changing the train...will there be a difference in riding experience? I read somewhere that Sheikra was intially suppose to have floorless trains. Any truth to that?
  16. I want to lose about 20 or more, just in time for parks! I need to look good ya know!
  17. Great pictures guys! Its awesome seeing a coaster being saved. But Lou does looks like the train crashed and she's liking it lol.
  18. I want to loose a few pounds....but I'm not really sure how to. Ive tried a few times, and failed.
  19. Nice trip report! I still have to go to Astroland and get my Cylone credit. But thanks for the offseason update!
  20. I'm sticking with XP. I love XP so I don't any reason to upgrade to Vista just yet.
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