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  1. ^^ Haha that is the best line. Good movie to. But I'm happy that my arthroscopic knee surgery went well!!
  2. Awesome photo trip report Reed! I haven't been on any cruises yet, but I would love to one day soon. Why can't you bring KT on the cruise Elissa? Thats not cool...I haven't even been to Kennedy Space Station yet, but its on my trips to do list!
  3. Awesome updates guys! It does look creepy with the park being deserted like that. It's nice to see Blackpool getting things set for the season. I like off season pictures a lot. But it makes me want to ride even more! Thanks for the updates!
  4. I've only ridden Alpine Bobsled. But sadly enough, I actually like it so it has my vote.
  5. You can ride tea cups or Dumbo! But seriously, coasters are awesome! Don't be afraid!
  6. I'm lucky to find a girl who likes coasters, and beer. Hehe....but Elissa don't be mad a Kidtums for not letting you ride. Blame Robb for letting satan grow inside you!
  7. After watching that for a few minutes I think I just developed epilepsy hehe. That is very random though...
  8. No. I was a good child, still am.... Do you watch Top Chef?
  9. Wow, I haven't been to a park that empty before. I love when parks are empty and rides are walk ons. But thanks for the pics! I hope someone gets pictures of the demolition, that would be sweet!
  10. Discovery zone haha. I miss that place too. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Makes me want to take a trip down memory lane. I have to see if I can the pictures we took when I was little. If I can find them, I will share with you guys.
  11. My knee surgery is on Tuesday and this almost three month hell is almost over! Just the road of recovery now...wish me luck guys!
  12. This is definately good news for the Mall of America. Looks like I have to get there and get my credits in the near future!
  13. Chiller is one of my favorite rides at the park so I hope the zero g rolls are just getting reprofiled. I hope that chiller can run great this season.
  14. Accepted. 8/10 Pretty good movie with some funny parts to it. I wish I can make my own college and get it accredited!
  15. Awesome trip report and pictures! I haven't been to Disneyland Paris, but I've been to Disney World and I love it. I so need to hit up Disney soon! But thanks for the trip report I enjoed it!
  16. No I haven't been to Cedar Point. This year though! Do you like vanilla ice cream?
  17. Thanks for the pictures! Looks like an interesting event. It's to bad I live in Ct and have to miss it. Looks like fun though!
  18. LMAO. Thats really gross....people shouldn't dress like that. It's really disturbing when I see fat chicks that wear tight clothes! Reminds me of when I was at Six Flags New England and these fat chicks wore tight clothes and you could see there fat just hanging out. But I think there should be a limit to what people can wear in school. Seeing guys who sag there pants is just gross as well. No one wants to see your @$$ so they should do something about that. I swear if my kid ever dresses like that, I'll have a fit. Why do parents let there kids dress like that?
  19. Yea there was. I remember it....I just didn't like it. But classic Nick.....anyone remember Legends of the Hidden Temple?? 100th POST!!!!!
  20. Man I can't wait to ride Maverick! It looks awesome! It's been a weird winter, but it has helped construction.
  21. That looks sick! I don't know if I'd ride it though lol....looping waterslide? I may get stuck in it.
  22. Thanks for the pictures! It's looking awesome. I went on Sheikra, and I loved it. I can't wait until Griffon!
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