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  1. That fair doesn't seem legal, but MONKEYS RIDING DOGS! Great TR, terrible fair.
  2. Just voted for a third time. I kinda wish this could be moved to the main forum so more people can see it and get this car the votes it deserves.
  3. I totally saw them in April on the same tour. They were absolutely phenomenal live. This weekend was pretty much the holy grail of concerts for me. I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival at Exposition Park on Friday and WOW. Words cannot describe my experience. It was totally surreal and absolutely amazing. The artists were fantastic, the art exhibits blew my mind, and just everything was perfect. Afrojack threw down as well as Savoy, Swedish House Mafia, and Deadmau5. It was an amazing night, something that I will never ever forget. And then yesterday, I headed out to Ska in the Park in Pomona. Big D and the Kids Table were amazing as usual, along with Mustard Plug, See Spot, Two Tone Lizard Kings, and The Mayors of Sexytown. Overall this was a weekend I will never ever forget and I can't wait for my next rave! ---Brent Ughhhh. I didn't end up going. I was so bummed. Heard it was awesome.
  4. That's exactly what they are doing. One in three trams were going in so everyone has glasses regardless. They are still trying to get the flow worked out and it is still having difficulties. The guide didn't know we were going in until she got the okay right before we entered. People getting of the tram after us were given glasses and didn't end up going through. It's all luck until July 1st. The tram in front of us didn't go in, but we did.
  5. Literally sitting on the tram, fresh out of kong. And wow! That was incredible. They aren't letting alot of trams go in right now, so I got really lucky. There are a few news stations filming. I don't want to spoil it too much, but you really feel like the tram is moving incredibly fast and there are a few surpise effects that are awesome! Basically, be patient if you go before July 1st, it is worth it! Edit: I'm bored so I am gonna write a little more. We initially passed by the Kong building and went into the New York street. We wrapped around to a cross street right in front of the Kong building and stopped for a few minutes. The guide was talking to some sort of higher up after she put on random universal music. We waited for Another tram to go up the hill and then we followed them. They went passed the building and I thought we would do the same, but to my surprise, we made a VERY hard right turn into the building. There were a few people filming the tram for universal and some news stations. The screens are massive. When I get home, I'll upload my pictures and write more. Sorry if any of this didn't make sense. Second edit: I was watching ABC news right when I got home, and to my surprise, I saw myself waving from the tram going into the building. Can you say epic?
  6. I was totally there. I was at the middle left hand side. That was a great show.
  7. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Movie0082_ygeq[/coastertube] This needs to get made!
  8. Dear Mighty Title Fairy, I have never had my title changed in all of my years on TPR, please change it to something you find fitting. Thank you glorious title fairy.
  9. Can someone post a picture for us non-RCTers?
  10. Agreed. I'd LOVE to get over and see Orbital (among many, many, many others) live at the Glastonbury Festival, but that's never gonna happen. As least they were kind enough to release a live cd/dvd from there. I caught Orbital in April. It was INCREDIBLE!
  11. Of course. This might happen, I'd love to see Dirty South again. Do you have a facebook or AIM so that it is easier to coordinate this and we don't have to continue to hijack this thread?
  12. Oh Pendulum. From what I have heard, that is gonna be a CRAZY show. I think they were at the Nokia last year, but I didn't go because I couldn't afford a ticket. Scott "still trying to find a way into EDC" Thompson
  13. Hmmm. I'm cool with my 64 year old stepdad being there, but I don't think he wants to be there for twelve hours. He went to see Orbital with me at Coachella and he wasn't feeling it, but he was loving Infected Mushroom. We shall see what happens.
  14. All you need to do is be smart and you will have a great time! Hope I can make it to EDC even though it is 16+ this year. Bah.
  15. ^^^ I totally agree with you. I feel safer going to Coachella or to any other HARD event than many other places I frequent in LA. EDIT: Oh, and get ready for the new Mau5 setup. He premiered it at Coachella and it blew my mind.
  16. I guess you could say Coachella last weekend. It was really fun, even though it was a bit crowded. Some highlights: - Dirty South killed it - Rusko was insane and my mind is still blown from that set - Hot chip sounded great - La Roux was really fun, even though a girl passed out literally in front of me towards the beginning - Camped out an hour and a half for Gorillaz and was about five feet from the rail - Deadma5's helmet was pretty cool and he dropped Strobe in its entirety - Orbital. That's all that needs to be said Hopefully, there is more staff next year and the traffic flow is more thought out. I missed Ra Ra Riot because of these problems . Took some of my friends up to four hours to leave the parking lots every night! No matter what, I will definitely be attending next year!
  17. That was the single most incredible TR I have ever seen. Epic.
  18. I'm excited to see how this turns out. I have to wonder what these "never before seen" elements are...
  19. Hi Big Mike, me and my friend still talk about meeting you at SFMM a while back and that still remains to be a cool story. I would really like of these surely awesome Christmas cards! I will use option 2 as my reason, but honestly this is my most looked at thread (it was my homepage for a brief period of time!). Happy Holidays Big Man!
  20. Ahhh, I have done this in New Zealand. It is really fun. Hope these plans turn out!
  21. Great pictures and hilarious captions. Can't wait to see the rest!
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