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  1. . getting down at Coachella (I am on the left)
  2. These are the acts I have seen since like September: -Rancid -Airborne Toxic Event -Arcade Fire x3 -Mumford & Sons/King Charles -Ra Ra Riot/Givers -Nosaj Thing/Toro Y Moi -Stars -Snoop Dogg at a Sweet 16 -Like 8 bands at Acoustic Christmas (Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Brandon Flowers, The Black Keys, The Temper Trap, Neon Trees, Florence & the Machine, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Broken Bells) -Sunset Music Fest at the end of the summer (Kid Cudi, Smashing Pumpkins, Slash, and a few others) -Some hip-hop show I didn't really care for (Like Chris Brown, the "Like a g-6" people, and a ton of other acts) Coming up in the next couple of months is: -Cut Copy/Holy Ghost! -Gold Panda -Radio Dept. -Toro y Moi -The Concretes -Local Natives -Baths -Swans (if I decided to live with the hearing loss) -Then I will finish it up with COACHELLA in April And yeah, I do spend all of my money on shows.
  3. High Contrast's Essential mix from 2007 in celebration of High Contrast being at Coachella! Finally seeing some DnB come April.
  4. ^ Saw them last month, which I think I already told you. Check out Alex Ebert's (Lead singer) single off his solo record. Hit me up on Facebook for a download link atem.
  5. Superman is gonna be too awesome, but this might mean crazy crowds on SFMM day at WCB. Eh, I guess that's why there are Q-Bots
  6. I already guessed that. And I am now completely stumped. bah.
  7. Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Tokyo The broken record = the Big thunder Mountain at Disneyland in California broke and killed a few people Obi Won= Star Tours, which has to do with Star Wars, is at the same park International= Japan is international Empty Queue= The Japanese cloaking devices that have been featured in so many of TPR's trip reports Mine car= Very similar to trains of BTM
  8. The new racing/dueling GCI in China? -Has a new element (high five) which breaks a record - Also the record is from a website that has China in the name - don't know Obi Won - China is International - The empty queue has to do with the cloaking devices in China
  9. The only problem I could see with the tagline is that the new members would have a hard time catching up on the donkey meme. Their titles saying "I guess donkeys are okay.." would be kinda lost on them. Especially since the forum title rarely has "Donkeys" in it anymore. But it should be okay, noobs need to learn somehow!
  10. It looks pretty good. Maybe if you made the yellow border a tad darker, it would be a it more pleasing to the eyes. I like it though!
  11. No, but something tells me you have. Have you ever traveled over 200 miles just to visit an amusement park?
  12. You have never been to SFMM? Sorry typo -- first visit of 2011. I guess I'm still upset about the parking issue. No problem man, I was just a little confused
  13. Thanks Robb, I got really lucky because the person in front of me pulled the ball out enough that it sat on top of the other balls.
  14. I have heard that SSLYBY are stellar live. Currently listening to the Sasha+Richie Hawtin Essential Mix from earlier this year. Richie is amazing and Plastikman at Coachella was glorious.
  15. I haven't cared about Deadmau5 since 2008 and his Hollywood Palladium show and I still don't care about him, but I was here and it was pretty sweet; especially since it was his first set with the cube and no one really knew what was gonna happen. Anyways, I am currently listening to: Talamak- Toro y Moi Saw him open up for Nosaj Thing (BTW sick night) in November and, to my surprise, Toro brought out a full live band. My friend and I chatted with the lead singer for a few minutes before the show started and he was a nice, down to earth guy.
  16. Join Club TPR, it is the best deal you can get anywhere. You can buy it online and print it at home/hotel/hostel. The many other benefits of Club TPR are just a bonus.
  17. Parthenon- There is a Parthenon Ave. in Nashville, the city that Opryland was located in.
  18. Mall- Opryland was converted into a mall after it was shut down. Aerosmith- They had a ride named Rock 'N' Rollercoaster there which is the name of the Aerosmith themed roller coaster in orlando Closed- Opryland was closed Boomerang- Vekoma made the boomerang model coasters and they made Chaos Mickey- Rock 'N' ROller coaster is located in WDW and Opryland had a coaster named the same thing when it was open
  19. Boomerang: Coast to Coaster at Darien Lake Clue #1 Time- Coast to Coast has a time difference of three hours. Clue #2 Expired- Five other models of the same coaster at other Six Flags locations and they all had their original color schemes expired. The coaster at Darien Lake has retained its original colors. Clue #3 Houdini- Houdini escaped from boxes often set in lakes. Darien Lake is next to a lake. Clue #4 Athens- Located in Greece, the Greek flag is the same colors as the roller coaster (Aquamarine/blue and white) Clue #5 Aerosmith- Formed in Boston, rivals with the Yankees from New York. Clue #6: Mickey- Mickey Mantle played for the Yankees in New York, location of Darien Lake. Clue #7: Boomerang- Model of roller coaster that Coast to Coast is. Clue #8: Parthenon-? Clue #9: Enclosed- ? Clue #10: Closed- The park is now closed for the season because it is snowing in New York. Clue #11: Mall- ? Still working on 8, 9, and 11.
  20. Rock 'n" Roller Coaster at WDW. Clue #1 Time- Tower of Terror is in the same park, which deals with the Twilight ZOne which warps time. Clue #2 Expired- The name of the park used to be Disney MGM Studios and is now Disney's Hollywood Studios. Clue #3 Houdini- He first lived in the US in Appleton, Wisconsin. Wisconsin is also known as Orlando on TPR. Orlando is where WDW is located. Clue #4 Athens- Vekoma, creators of RNR, was founded in the Netherlands and the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands hosted the Olympics, which was created in Athens, in 1928, the same year Mickey Mouse was created. Clue #5 Aerosmith- Theme of RNR. The music plays throughout the ride Clue #6: Mickey- Mickey is the reason WDW was made and he was created in 1928, same year as the Olympics in Amsterdam . Clue #7: Boomerang- Vekoma made boomerangs and the made RNR
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