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  1. Schwarzkopf was German, it was already ruled out that it was German engineered.
  2. Flylo is one of the best producers out there, especially live. If anyone in LA wants to have a good time, go catch him at the Music Box on June 23rd. I'll see you there.
  3. Nice TR, I love the look of Boys Noize current set up.
  4. A track produced by my good friend, who I am currently promoting. The vocal sample was recorded on my iPhone and captures one of my friends speaking. Kind of a joke track, but it is all in good fun. Support! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P72DV_1WdgA
  5. Wow, vast improvement! Work on some foliage and this could be something very nice.
  6. Liquid Stranger has some nice mixes (Mechanoid Mixdown!), but he is not even close to the best. I caught Excision a month or two ago and was a bit let down, but it happens. When I have some spare time, I am going to post a ton of youtube videos of some nice tracks in this thread. And Skrillex is literally the WORST thing to happen to EDM in the past five years. He is honestly so awful and an overall douche. His set are already recorded and he just presses play on it at every show then proceeds to turn knobs, smoke American Spirits, and chat with his totally awesome friends! Never in my years of attending shows (been to over 70) have I been so unhappy as the time I saw Skrillex. My rant for the day...
  7. Thank god man, you are the first person on TPR to listen to music that I actually enjoy. Just so you know, the SebastiAn and Foster the People records have been leaked for a week or two now. I have a funny story about Toro y Moi (who are blowing up right now). I saw Toro for the first time last year opening for Nosaj Thing and before the show, I started talking to this nice "hip" African American man while my friend was in the bathroom and when my friend came out, he immediately recognized the man as the lead singer of Toro y Moi! We continued talking and this show and the show before were supposedly his first few shows performing with a full band, not just him at a table with his MIDI controllers. Also, Cut Copy has been unbelievable on the tour for their new record, I caught them in NYC and at Coachella and they were unbelievably fun. And Panda Bear's sophomore effort, Tomboy is INSANELY good. Like good enough to drive me to catch an Animal Collective set (not a fan) which was hilarious because in the 8 song festival set, they played like 6 new songs. All the drugged out kids around me weren't having such a great time. Hit me up on Facebook if you want to chat music, I have a lot to say haha Edit: oof just saw that you mentioned the SebastiAn leak, my bad.
  8. I don't know why you say no one has heard of The Temper Trap. I myself have seen them at least three times and I consider them to be one of the most overplayed bands on any radio station in the past two years. Anyways: Ponytail- DES A BODA
  9. I am going to be in Europe which is a burn, but it is 18+ anyways so I didn't really have a chance anyways. Hopefully High Contrast is there so everyone can relive the magic he gave me at Coachella last week. Love this video, you can see me going insane towards the front. Ever since I have gotten into EDM 4 or 5 years back, High Contrast has been one of my favorite producers and when I finally got to see him, my mind was blown.
  10. 936- Peaking Lights. Really nice listen before I head out for the night. Anyways, here is my top ten records of 2011 thus far: 1. no color- the dodos 2. the english riviera- metronomy 3. shapeshifting- young galaxy 4. underneath the pine- toro y moi 5. the branches- long arm 6. principe valiente- principe valiente 7. coral- monster rally 8. mosaik- siriusmo 9. native speaker- braids 10. zonoscope- cut copy Been a decent year for music so far, nothing outstanding, but quality work all around.
  11. Looks great, but when I press the "Login in to post/ edit your review" button, it brings me to the login screen as expected, but it starts me off at the very bottom of the screen.
  12. Giving the new leaked Metronomy record a listen. Night's Out was one of my favorites of 2008 so I am pretty excited. I will probably listen to the new one from The Dodo's afterward because it kicks ass.
  13. I would like to enter the contest because I want to have something to talk about to Big Mike at WCB!
  14. I cannot agree with this statement. The polo fields are an absolutely beautiful place to have a concert. I am going the weekend before for Coachella and the grass is always very lush, even before the end of the festival. Also, the venue is very large and you could hang out towards the back and not be right in the thick of things. I went to several punk rock shows when I was your son's age and even though I got pushed around a bit, I am pleased that I went to those shows. It will be very possible just to hang out in the back, still hear the music, and take it easy. Just my two cents. That is the grass on the Polo Fields.
  15. Gonna pick up some tickets for Bath+Starslinger next month when I get the money. I never thought I would be at a point where I need to gather money for a $12 Troubadour show! I need to go to less shows.
  16. You went to school with Earl Sweatshirt? Oi vey. OFWGKTA is getting huge!
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