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  1. Hmm... I guess Lost and Battlestar Galactica are the only two non-reality shows I like to watch. I still try to watch Smallville, but those storylines are downright dumb with the whole Lana thing. As for Lost, it's cool, but it reminds me a lot of that original Star Trek episode where the crew visit that vacation planet. With Lost I expect it all to be some huge Dr. Moreau experiment island or something.
  2. Here's another SI link with photos for when my site isn't working.
  3. No, I don't think it's the traffic... Stupid internet connection hasn't been working reliably all week. They just called and said it was "fixed" now, so we'll see how long it lasts. Try again. :shock:
  4. Opening day photos of Splash Island here! My internet connection has been intermittently down for the past four days. And since my web server is here at home sitting next to me, there's no way to tell if that link will work. It's working for the moment, but who knows if it'll work in an hour. Anyway, it was amazing the amount of work they did in a week! Piles of dirt were now covered with sod, concrete, or landscaping. There was a fairly large fence "covering" all of the incomplete areas. Only about 1/2 the park was open and it looks like several old buildings will be utilized too. The park looks like it extends allt the way to the lake (which makes sense if they plan to ferry people over.) A couple of things I hope they do is: 1. Make the lake and beach accessable. I know there are gators and all, but a section can be roped off to prevent them from coming in. It'd be nice to have a "real beach" there. 2. Add some variety to the lazy river. Some water squirters and caves would make it more interesting. 3. Add some misters around the park (and in the main park for that matter.) Since there isn't a lot of shade, the misters could help keep people cool. 4. Cover up those annoying pipes along the lazy river. Just put a Gilligan's Island type house over them or something. Looking at giant pipes hurts the "experience." 5. Add some creativity to the wave pool. I've seen photos of the completed pool over at Wild Adventures. It's nothing but a dull blue background. How about a murel or something? All in all, it's looking great.
  5. Well, I had to get out of the house today, so I thought I'd take my camera by CG. I couldn't get a shot from my normal location (there was too much traffic!) so I thought... "Why not try the other side of the lake!" There's a boat ramp area and a parking lot that provides a very nice view! So I got three new shots. Just go to the Splash Island section. There's a shot of the Paddle Boat docked right next to some private person's dock... (That must be a joy for them I'm sure.) And some shots of SI construction. I counted at least 13 people working... The most I've seen at one time so far! I'm hoping to go tomorrow to get some shots inside of the soft opening.
  6. I only live about 5 minutes away from CG and will also be going regularly to take photos. I could probably save you a few trips.
  7. That's cool. There are none of those parks in Florida, so I wouldn't know. Around here water parks are a totally separate animal from the main parks. No free admission to Blizzard Beach with a paid admission to the MK, that's for sure.
  8. Well, the good thing about CG's Splash Island is that it is included in the park admission, and not a separate charge like at most other water parks. In fact, are there any other parks that do this (not counting Beuschler's own Wild Adventures, of course) ?
  9. Here's the press release: http://cypressgardens.com/concerts.asp?load=69 I bet this guy will be there too...
  10. Cool! He must have rode the drop tower to get those. No way in he// I'd be doing that! Looks like the parts are over in an open area of Splash Island right now. I was also there on the 24th and got some shots of SI. Jeez, had I known the Starliner was right there I would have photographed it too! I think I inadvertantly did get a shot of the parts in this photo. Starliner parts on the right... I think...
  11. An unexpected trip to the park yielded some cool new information! The "soft" opening of Splash Island will be July 29! I got some new photos and it looks like much of the lazy river is done, but there still is a LOT of paving to do. I might have to go to the preview next week.
  12. Looks like Splash Island is nearly done! http://www.polkonline.com/stories/072105/communitynews_cypress.shtml (Here's the story text since you do have to register, but there is a good photo of one of the slides that I don't want to "steal.")
  13. Would that be Ken Love? He posted a lot over at AtariAge.com when the Activision Anthology was being ported to the GBA. So you work in a shared office building? Weird. I guess I'm used to the days when Atari ruled the whole valley and if you worked in one of their buildings you actually worked FOR Atari. Ah, the good old days. 8)
  14. Well, since my newest system is my PC and Dreamcast, I play all my classics on the real thing. Here's probably the coolest video game device ever made. That's awesome. RF is pretty cool. Kinda goofy, but cool.
  15. As long as people don't voice their opinions on politics & religion, 99% of flame wars won't happen. I've seen good boards go down the tubes when those topics pop up. Avoid at all costs.
  16. Well, my website is Atari based, so quite a few. Far too many to list here. :shock: BTW Rob, did you know Blaster was originally written on the Atari 5200 then ported to the arcade?
  17. I think of HP as being more fantasy than witchcraft. I'm sure real-life wiccans watch (or read) these stories and constantly point out the flaws.
  18. Just saw this story about the fireworks show getting approved. Took my niece & nephew to the park today. We went on the Pharoah's Fury ride and this guy in front of me just kept screaming his head off! It was hilarious! Aieeeee!!!! (silence) Aieeeee!!!! (silence) Aieeeee!!!! (silence) It was too funny!
  19. I'll wait for the movie. And even then I'll just download it. :?
  20. They're not all rough... The Swamp Thing at Cypress Gardens is rough as hell. I had a bruise on my arm as big around as a baseball after riding it 4 times in a row (gave two go rounds per ride.) *BUT* the Swamp Thing at Wild Adventures is incredibly smooth. And I know that one is more that a year old. So, hopefully the CG one will smooth out over time, but I'm not holding out too much hope.
  21. Only been to three major league parks, and only 2 of them were actually having games. Tropicana Field where the Devil Ray play and then Pro Player-whatever-they're-calling-it-now-in-Miami where the Marlins play. The other park is on it's last legs... It going to be demolished at the end of this year and I never even got to see a game, but I took the stadium tour. That's Busch Stadium in St. Louis. I'm sure the new Busch Stadium they're building will become my favorite. Bye bye Busch Stadium II... (The last of the cookie cutters.)
  22. That ought to be a written rule. If you think you're above everyone else who is waiting in line, don't ride.
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