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  1. That was the plan, however that is now where the MGM Cast Services bulding is now (well, on part of the ear-marked land anyways). Otherwise, it's just parking lot behind Epic. Cool. Glad to see my memory isn't faulty! I don't even remember who I talked to about that, but I always wondered if it wasn't just a personal fantasy of mine.
  2. That's cool. I just hope (wish) he'd put in a true river rapids ride. The Storm Surge ride didn't do that much for me. It was more like spinning in a tea cup ride than being on a rapids ride. A log flume would be nice too. I know, I was just be facetious. Not really... I mean much of the park is already taken up. (Shoot, about 1/3 of it is being used for parking!!) He's probably got 10-20 acres left, if that much. Now, if he works that deal with the city to tear up Helena Road boarding the parking lot he could merge the main lot with the overflow and then move the main entrance out some more. That'd give him lots of new space. Well, we will see how it goes. Beuschler has done a marvelous job so far, so my faith is in him to do what's best.
  3. Have you ever seen the Indy Jones show at Disney-MGM? That's probably the best show I've ever seen... The rule about wearing deoderant made me think of one: * If you're a woman and haven't shaved your pits in a few days, don't go around in a tank top pointing up at everything. Ugh! Another one came to me when I went to the newly reopened animal area of Cypress Gardens... * If a new area has just opened and is obviously still in progress, don't go around complaining aloud that "it sucks." Be thankful it is open at all!
  4. Epic (what the cast members call the Indy Jones show) is the best show in the park. They really should keep it. Maybe update it though. I remember rumors from back in 1990-1 that they were going to put an Indiana Jones ride behind Epic somehow. I'm sure they could do that if they wanted to.
  5. Holy cow... 500 ft? What's the tallest coaster right now? What if you just put the drop on the side of a mountain that was 5,000 ft up or something? Would that count as being the tallest?
  6. Cypress Gardens last Saturday (July 9.) I go probably every 2 weeks since it's right around the corner from me.
  7. Nope. How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
  8. The first time I saw the castle was from a video over at the Wonders of Life attraction at EPCOT. They have (or had) these exercise bikes where you'd watch a video while peddling. One of the videos was a tour of Disneyland. My jaw dropped when I saw how tiny the castle was! Especially since I'm used to the Magic Kingdom's castle, which is at least twice the size! :shock:
  9. Just saw a story on TOT on Travel Channel. Man, I hate that ride. Hope the girl will be okay...
  10. Not to disparage your source or anything (they could very well be right about this) they originally said the Galaxy Spin was going into the field next to the concert area, but now it's going next to the arcade. (Surely things changed once the Starliner was acquired.) Sounds cool, but it'll be another tight fit I think. (See my rendition below.) I don't imagine they'll be putting in too many rides (if any) along that narrow strip of land between the parking lot and the lake. (It's even more narrow than my drawing shows.) The Starliner would look good there though. That's going to be very tough. Wild Adventures has nearly unlimited space whereas CG has very little land left to work with. Some "adult" rides might be cool, although I'm not the biggest fan of the brain-crushing monster rides. 3 or 4 giant rides in that little area might be asking a bit much... It'll be interesting to see where this goes in the future. I'd hope they leave the original parts of the park alone or they'll be risking the wrath of the geriatrics! This is the current satellite view obtained from Google Maps before the park was refurbished. Is where the Starliner and the new rides are going to go in?
  11. I think it's your standard Zamperla Spinning Mouse. I'm excited about it since I've never been on one before.
  12. Just visited the park again yesterday... I was dismayed to not see any progress on the Galaxy Spin... Until I got to the Storm Surge ride! Seems they ARE NOT installing it in that field after all! It's going in next to the arcade and behind Storm Surge! Maybe they will finish it by the end of the month? Not much progress (that I can tell) on Splash Island at all. :-/ I discovered that the animals are much more active when it's cloudy outside. Got some amazing close-up shots! Lots more new photos too!
  13. Well that's interesting. I knew there was a reason I bought a camera with a firewire port. Just never used it.
  14. It probably can, there are several programs that can do it, but you still need a video capture card to hook the camera to.
  15. You need a video capture card and software to go with it. The ATI All-in-Wonder is a popular card. It has the capture hardware built-in. You can also buy a separate card (cheaper) that just does video capture. Some have a TV tuner built-in too. I myself have an older Hauupauge card with the WinTV software that I use to capture. I just hook up the camera to the card's video input port and sound ports and hit "record."
  16. I hear a lot of rumblings about Vekoma being the worst... Who is the best?
  17. Excellent write up! Glad you liked the park! I really like Cypress Gardens too. Here's a bunch of photos. (BTW, it's a Banyan tree, not a Banana tree.) The thing is probably 100 years old. :shock: Here's a shot of the Galaxy Spin parts. More photos of it can be found here. BTW, which was the gardens you didn't think were so great? Are you talking about Plantation Gardens?
  18. It just amazes me how they've transformed the place so quickly! All in due time. I noticed that too. And I rode Swampthing CG 4 times today. That's awesome. Just yesterday I was wondering what happened to that coaster at B&B so I looked it up on rcdb.com and found out it had been moved and renamed. Glad it didn't get thrown in a rubbage heap.
  19. Well, I went to the park today and got some new shots of the Galaxy Spin construction. You can view them here. I've also added some new shots of the Splash Island construction and some other general shots were added to the site. Here's a good one of the Galaxy Spin parts. Funny, I never see anyone actually working on it... Maybe they're doing it all at night?
  20. That's interesting. I wouldn't be surprised. The Starliner is over 2,600 feet long, while the existing Triple Hurricane at CG is just over 1,300 feet. There really isn't enough space to put in a 2,600 ft. long coaster at CG. I'm guessing they'll have to shorten the Starliner somehow...
  21. ^^ Yeah, I tend to avoid the entire area when there's a big concert going on. CG have to pay police to come traffic the area it gets so bad. (And it becomes a problem for people who live nearby -- they can't get to their homes!) I read some rumblings about Winter Haven and CG working out a deal to change the public road that borders the main lot. That hopefully means they can pave the overflow parking and make it all one big lot. That should help with the parking situation (no more people walking accross that road. Splat!)
  22. I think it'll be a good fit for CG. It's not meant to be a mega-coaster park anyway (there isn't enough real-estate IMO.) Plus there's that aura of history about it. CG being the oldest theme park in FL and the Starliner being the oldest woodie in FL... A match made in heaven! Sweet! Thanks! Can't wait to ride this thing next year!
  23. Just wondering if you've been on the Miracle Strip Starliner that was bought by Kent Beuschuler and is being moved to CG? Is it rough? Smooth? Fast? Boring? What's your opinions on it?
  24. I'm about 5 minutes away from Cypress Gardens. So I go there regularly and take photos. Winter Haven is about 45-60 minutes away from Disney World and the other Orlando area parks. On the other end of I-4, I'm about 60 minutes away from Busch Gardens Tampa. Not a bad place to live if you like theme parks.
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