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  1. Hey, I like CG! As BB4Ever said, there's more to theme parks than vomit-inducing thrill rides. They aren't interesting to me at all, nor are they interesting to my 2 year old. There's plenty of fun stuff to do at CG, and it caters to EVERYONE. Exciting news about the Starliner! I drove past the park yesterday and saw them assembling the Galaxy Spin coaster. It's going to be put in right behind the bleachers of Star Haven Park (the concert area.)
  2. Well, I drove past CG today and I noticed there was a huge crane out behind the bleachers of the concert area. Sure enough, through the fence I saw the tracks for the Galaxy Spin on the ground. Finally we know for sure where it is going. Edit: Well, looks like it's not going in the field after all!
  3. ^^ After a post like that, you wonder why people don't like gays?
  4. WARNING: This ride may cause you to act stupid or choke your boyfriend. :shock:
  5. You are talking about Scorpion at BGT right? That and Python are two of my favs. Short but sweet. (I do like Scorpion a bit better tho.)
  6. What the frick? Did this happen INSIDE the park? Don't they have metal detectors?
  7. I guess we'll know the answer in a few days. I'm with Mulchpuppy on this one. Probably guilty, but he probably won't be convicted or get any punishment (like pretty much all famous people.)
  8. I like the "idea" of wooden coasters, but I'll take a steel one anyday. Especially if I have any inclination of avoiding the chiropractor.
  9. Can't say I've really ever hated anyone I've worked with... There were certainly people who I worked around that I have avoided. Actually, the worst people to work with are the know-it-all kiss-butts. I usually just sit back and watch when it eventually blows up in their faces.
  10. Usually when I'm bored at work, I find something to do. Usually it's hunting for tools that would make my life easier and convincing the boss man to buy them for me.
  11. There are demos for both programs. Why not download them both and see which one you like best?
  12. Funny, I just happened to notice this website on a billboard today as I drove to Orlando to pick a friend at the airport. http://www.gaydays.com/
  13. I just saw a show the other day that featured Hulk...
  14. Ok, I've posted these to the Cypress Gardens photos and POV of their woodie thread, but I felt a new thread was in order. Anyway, CG is more of a laid back park, so I thought using one of the entertainer's songs would be appropriate. Plus, the guy at the end is a hoot. Ride video 1. Some other videos. I'm just getting my feet wet with this theme park video stuff, so hopefully there will be more later.
  15. I like the queues for E.T., Star Tours (& Body Wars), Space Mt., Thunder Mt., & Spider-Man myself. Any queue in the hot sun gets a thumbsdown from me.
  16. Straight here too. I used to work at Disney-MGM and there were a LOT of gay people working there. I'd hear rumblings that 15-25% of the cast are gay. *IF* those numbers are even close to being true, can you imagine the backlash Disney would get if they didn't allow it? And does Disney actually promote it, or is it just something the gay folks do on their own?
  17. Shoot, I don't think I've even been ON ten coasters! Sadly, I think my favorite is Big Thunder Mt. Railroad at Disney World. I find it to be exhilarating rather that gut-wrenching like the mega-coasters are. Plus it has a cool theme and some neat looking underground areas. A fun ride for all. Space Mt. is okay, but I always feel like I'm about to be decapitated. Rockin Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM is pretty cool. I've only been on that once though. Didn't like Kumba. Didn't like Montu. Didn't like Queasy... er Kwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa. I do like the two smaller coasters, Scorpion & Python though. Dueling Dragons wasn't too bad. But it was right on the cusp of being a stomach turner for me though. What else... I just rode the Swampthing at Wild Adventures, GA. That was pretty fun. It's a bit smoother than the identical ride at Cypress Gardens. I like the Okachobee Rampage and Triple Hurricane at CG. Tame rides to most of you I'm sure, but again, I don't like the gut-wrenchers.
  18. Seems the consensus is that slide at Blizzard? Ugh. That's the one that got me too. I swear it felt like I was going to get thrown out the side. I'll never ride one like that again...
  19. I always wanted to ride a coaster that was completely under ground or enclosed in a fake mountain with a "cave" theme. I guess Space Mt. & Rockin' Roller Coaster do this... Anyway, when I was young and silly, I had an idea for a coaster that I called "Magna Crystal Caverns." It had three different tracks that you randomly get so that three trains could be running at once. Also, the tracks used magnetism to get the trains to run faster. Ah, it was fun to dream once, before I got old...
  20. ^^ Here, I'll put it on my server for you... Here it is. It's an old server, so don't expect speed demon download times. Anyway, nice video! The back row part made me a bit quesy though. One of these days I'll have the courage to run my cam on a few coasters too.
  21. I caught that show... I thought it was cool they mentioned Vekoma and I actually knew who/what they are from this site.
  22. LOL... Most of the ride names look they should be on a menu... http://www.bonfantegardens.com/rides/list.html Artichoke Dip? Bananna Split? Garlic Twirl? Mushroom Swing? Strawberry Sundae? Mmm... Sundae...
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